last day of school

today is max's last day of 2nd grade! bee and i are so excited to have him home and begin our summer shenanigans together. our "last day of school surprise balloon wake up" was a total bust...what with me getting caught by max at 4:30 this morning standing over him with a bag of balloons (i told him he was just having a nightmare and slowly back-peddled out of the room) and then coming to realize that angsty almost 9 year old boy's don't get sent to the moon by a bed covered in balloons (he surely is not my son. haha)

regardless, here's to summer!
oh my. wish me luck.

back to school

our guy is off to 2nd grade today, friends!
he was up bright and early, dressed and waiting by the front door before any of us. this is his second year at montessori school, which he loves and loves. this morning was such a change from the past few that ended up in a ball of nerves and a little bit of tears or accosting the principle. this morning was easy and max was confident.

and so we celebrated...we listened to elvis and brushed and messed and re-brushed hair. phoebe left a grumpy note in max's lunch (and i finally got to use jordan's funny fruit stickers!)

we're back into the swing of things...
happy happy back to school time!
...back to steadiness, routine...packed lunches and quiet afternoons.

i can't wait to see what this year has in store for my max!