Design Mom Feature

It's been forever and a day since I've been here...I almost forgot how to log in. haha. Ack! 
I hope this finds you all well and if you're reading this, thank you for sticking with me! I didn't intend on being away so long but here we are. 

I got an email from Gabrielle over at Design Mom a few weeks ago to see if I would like to contribute to her Living With Kids feature and I couldn't pass it up. 

I shared pictures of our house these days and some thoughts on love and divorce, living in a rougher neighborhood, steering clear of blogging and social media, and of course, living and decorating with kids.


Phoebe's big girl room

Happy happy New Year, friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We've been spending the last few weeks hunkering down together, soaking up the holidays and time with each other. The kids are back to school now and wheels are spinning trying to get back into the swing of things.

Sis got a big girl bed just after Christmas and a whole new sense of self along with it! Lots of shutting the door to be alone in her room...tucking everyone from babies to dada under her covers and tons of pretend sleeping (and not a whole lot of real sleeping). It's been funny and sweet to watch her take pride in a space for herself. Official big girl stuff around here!

here and there

a few snaps from the past month...warmer days and a cluttered house and lots of time spent out together. this coming saturday was supposed to be our wedding day. we decided a few months ago that the timing wasn't right and postponed things for a bit. matt and i get the dundie award for "world's longest engagement". haha. ack! i finally just packed away my dress in a trash bag in the back of my closet, and what i thought might feel depressing felt like a little bit of a relief. these are busy time to be wedding frazzled! 

i hope you all had a beautiful mother's day celebrating the women in your life. matt and the kids got me boat loads of flowers and a new bike. for the past 7 or 8 years i've been riding a perfectly rusty malibu cruiser that we found in the trash...haha...and it wasn't until they gave me my shiny new one that i realized i've never had a brand new bike before! it was a good day...and one that left me feeling full on gratitude and love and heaps of admiration for all of the amazing mothers and examples of mothers i have in my life. plus, i got to take a nap, so...

p.s. how is it nearly the middle of may already? 

phoebe and her room

sis is flitting around all over the house these days. we are officially crawling and cruising and bumbling into everything! it does my heart the most good to see her playing in her room alone...discovering new toys and hiding things under the rug and forever trying to eat dust bunnies from under the crib. 
and even though the room isn't all pulled together yet (frames need filled and walls need a bit more paint) feels pretty complete with her in it...


i can hardly believe it's the end of january! it's been a quiet month here...and at home. and it's funny how even a seemingly slow month can fly by. january is odd like that. this week has been spent at home...dodging rain and fending off colds...reading lots of books and taming week-long-pony tail hair...pinning wedding whatnots left and right and trying to get phoebe's nursery done already! (i'm a little embarrassed how long i've put it off. although the timing is alright...she's just now starting to spend time in there playing and rolling around).

i'm excited for all the things february brings...renewed senses, new work projects, lots of lovin', and hopes of a closer and closer spring.

sending you all lots of goodness this week. i hope it's been sweet to you.

winter berry

i don't know that i've known a prettier january day than today. bright shining and cheery...lending light to dust bunny discoveries every which way you look while making room for the perfect spot on the couch with a good book that i'll never get to.

today has been spent field tripping with max and lunch dates in the kitchen with matt...napping baby toes and ignoring the mounting list of things to do to pop in and say hello. hello!

hoping you are having a wonderful week!

be light

this week has been one of a hectic kind of sorts...pulling us every which way but calm. it's been a cluttered house, hole in your stockings, fast food dinner kind of week.
 good thing peppermint abounds and burl ives cures all crying baby-ails...the season has a way of keeping things sweet and light.

At home at ABM

happy monday, friends!
i'm over at A Beautiful Mess today sharing one of my favorite spots at home...go take a peek! and thanks again and again to elsie and the girls for having me!

tonight is max's first basketball practice with matt as his coach. matt had me go out and buy a whistle for him to wear around his neck...the whole thing makes me swoon. haha. after practice, bee and i have big plans of making donkey and elephant shaped cookies for election night tomorrow night. 
happy voting to all! and three cheers for the end of political ads on the tv!


thursday bits

today we celebrated a bit of indian summer...driving around country roads looking for front porch pumpkins and mums with the air conditioner on...watching little bare-toed boys put on an after-school puppet show...squealing over sis's new found ability to roll over or stick her whole fist in her mouth.
there are leaves to be pressed, apples to be crunched, and 2 little bobbins of mine whose cheeks need pinched and smooched without a care. 

these are the best kinds of days...

saturday house

1. saturday kitchen  2. "P" is for phoebe 3. baby hook /mama hook 4. lofty view 5. missing my max today 6. dusty record player 7. baby toes in the sun 8. joke teeth 9. sewing and mending during nap time 10. window sill 11. sweater weather 12. morning baby bath 13. itty bitty sweater weather

a quiet and still saturday house.
sweeping bare floors and rolling up sweater sleeves and kissing on chubby baby girl cheeks.
wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

traveler by proxy

what is it about changing seasons or changes in life that make me want to hop a plane somewhere? not to escape really, but just to go have an experience! it's almost as if all the goodness and excitement of change demand it in the scenery as well. it's much too much to keep bottled. anyway, it happens to me almost every end of summer...and now that baby bee is here it's a stronger urge than ever.

and while hitting the road/skies/seas somewhere far off has never really been a realistic option, it's a nice thought. 
and so i get lost and taken away in the little things...spinning the old school globe or digging through stamps. i ordered new ones, and a few other goods, from one of my favorite european companies, present and correct. just seeing the box in the mail from the UK was enough to make me feel accomplished. world traveler by proxy!

it's enough to tide me over at least through september...


snips and snails and flea market finds

happy happy friday! 
it's been a busy week...and i've hit a new and funny stage of pregnancy that i like to call "weepy panic". my poor boys!  but i've found that a good cure all for the weepies is getting out of the house and hiding out in thrift stores.  i had much luck finding things this week!

as much fun as it's been planning a girl's room, i love finding little boy treasures for bub and his space.
old desk lamps, maps, books, stacks of old graph paper, and charlie harper match game cards (which came from anthropologie...but oh how my heart swoons for charlie harper)...lots of bright and happy new boy things to scatter around. 

i hope you all have the best kind of weekend!
max's first baseball game is tomorrow...i'm so thrilled for him (my little guy loves loves baseball!).
i wonder if he would be embarrassed if i brought a pennant with his name on it to wave around?