we've got a gaggle of babies going on around here!
my beautiful friend amanda and her 6 week lady clementine and my sister amy and her 3 week jude came over to play today. it was a real hoot to see so many various sizes of baby toes in one room. 
it's been a year full of blessings...watching hearts expand and lives spring up. since friday i've been weighing a heavy heart and finding a balance of hope in it all. hope in goodness...hope in the light. hope in these brand new babies and a fire to make their world a loving place.

love each other. be kind. 
sending our all eastward.

confessions of an advent slacker

first things first: my sweetest baby nephew is here! my sister amy had him early yesterday morning. they call him jude roman and he has the softest golden hair your fingers could ever touch. i'm so proud for them. this has been such a beautiful season for our family...

while amy was laboring away tuesday night, max and i waited not so patiently at home...cutting on paper and ironing bags for our advent calendar this year. i love the idea of this tradition of expectant waiting and preparation for christmas. although admittedly, i'm the worst at keeping these sorts of things going. i usually forget by day 11. (something max reminded me of repeatedly tuesday night..haha. he doubts my advent dedication...maybe i'm more of a paper chain kind of gal?)
 this time around i have my fingers crossed and a mini stash of sweets and toys and notes and envelopes stamped for the north pole ready! since max is gone every other weekend, i thought making these little numbered sacks (from oh happy day and designed by amanda!) this year would be perfect for hiding in his overnight bag...that way he doesn't miss out while he's away.

anyways, i guess regardless of if i'm successful and faithful to the advent this year or not...i'm all for the memory making. 
even if it is of the "mom got lazy/forgetful" variety.

apple tree farm

i'm sure by now you all are a bit tired of me gushing on and on about fall...but will you indulge me one last post? and i promise to not jump into christmas too soon! but i have to be honest...christmas music is already being played on the radio here! 
(which is a dangerous thing for a gal like me with very little holiday self control)
and if i'm being completely honest, i'd have to tell you that i listen to christmas music all year round, especially if i'm feeling down. it's my happy place. 
but this is supposed to be about fall....

my favorite place to visit this time of year is the apple tree farm!
we've been taking the little ones there for years and years...when they were actually little ones! 
matt and i took max and my nephew and niece this past sunday for a bit of last minute fall romping in hay, getting lost in corn mazes, squealing at baby goats, bumpy hayrides, and warm donuts.

it's been such a lovely fall!
and i'm so happy we got to squeeze in one last bit of fall goodness at the farm.

p.s. besides being a mama, is there anything better than getting to be an aunt? especially when they share your reddest red hair!