life is a BREEZE {and a giveaway}

you guys know i usually don't do giveaways or sponsored posts (and not because i have any moral or ethical objection to them...i just haven't gone down that road yet)....but i was so excited when 4moms invited me and bee to participate with other mamas in a blog tour for their new playard....and the chance to give one away to you too!

matt and i never registered for a playard because i've always had a little bit of hate for them. i remember pinched fingers and a lot of sweating trying to put my nephew's together...

but when max and i watched the video of the breeze we were instantly hooked.
 "we need that", max said. haha. if only for being able to push the button. and when 4moms sent ours to us in the mail, to be able to sleep in the box (which he did).

 i could blabber on about all the things i like about the breeze but the biggest perk is that it's easy. tired-one free handed mama/overwhelmed dad/eager big brother fool proof easy! and i need easy right now ( i'm typing this post with my left hand while feeding phoebe )

one push down on the center button pops it open and a pull up on the blue tab will close it.  
it seems pretty perfect for grandparents/aunts uncles/friends who want to help but aren't used to newfangled baby gear.

 and attaching the bassinet to the top for tiny babies was just as easy...

phoebe approves!
 and i'm so happy to be able to offer a BREEZE to one of you lucky mamas/grandmas/aunts/friends

 here's how:
US residents only 

     1. Go scoot around the 4moms website and check out the BREEZE and their other products. (i want that mamaROO!!)
     2. Leave a comment here (make sure to include your email address so i can get a hold of you!)
     3. For an extra chance, go "like" 4moms on facebook or follow on twitter @4moms!

 A winner will be randomly selected Thursday, August 30th!
 for all others, you can pre-order your own BREEZE now!


p.s. thank you all so much for the well-wishing for max yesterday (and all the sweet talk on his outfit)! i couldn't wait to tell him all your sweet comments when he got home from school. but you should know, he took the cardigan off before we got into the car yesterday morning. he told me he looked nice but maybe too much like a store mannequin. haha.


comments closed.
the winner of the BREEZE is:

Jackie Wieczorek

thank you so much everyone for entering! and congratulations, jackie!

1 month with bee

we've made it through our first month with baby bee!
admittedly, i wasn't sure we would make it. oh my did i ever forget how hard these beginning days are...but also how rewarding it is to be on the other side, no worse for wear and completely over the moon for this little one.

our girl is a fine one and funny as can be....from making the loudest grown man noises to rolling her eyes at us and staring, glaring, completely unamused. it's my favorite!
at 1 month, phoebe likes banjo music and quiet time to herself...sturdy pats to the back and long car rides with papa. she'll take rain sounds at night and max's tours through the house, with a side forever eating and grabbing at matt's beard. 
but oh does she ever have a sweetness and an ease about her that really is a gift. 

we've seen tons of poo, loads of kisses, late nights into early mornings and life fill you up and spill over with goodness and purpose and happy things to come. 

my oh my has it been a month...

mama bee

life is flying around here...i can hardly believe the month is almost through. 
phoebe is 3 weeks old today and i'm happy to say we're starting to develop a bit of a routine...a tiny tiny one which consists of nursing, nursing, cat nap sleeps, more nursing. it's been trying and exhausting and wonderful but doesn't make for very interesting blogging content (sorry for the long lapses in posts around here!)

it's a balancing act of soaking up this stage of her life, trying to not let is pass too quickly, (because it most certainly does) and day dreaming of more stable days...days of feeling 100%...of clothes fitting properly again, days with more rest and confidence and picking out wee baby halloween costumes.

it's a funny thing how babies have a way of making you ache and long for time to stand still and hurry up all at the same time. 

anyway, max is back home from another week with his dad...matt is back to work (ugh)...and i'm hoping to start up our summer again. swimming and ice cream cones and rainy afternoons painting barefoot by the window...all with a side of sweet baby smooching and a little more nursing.

phoebe makes 4

baby girl made it safely here monday night! 
after two days of being in labor, i was finally able to have the natural birth experience i was hoping for...and sis came just 8 years and 26 hours after her brother. early july is my lucky baby month!

our phoebe sue is the spitting image of her papa and the funniest little friend many faces and noises. we're all head over heels for this gal, especially max! he is in love and has been an amazing big brother already. we're blessed and blessed. 
and i'm not holding my breath, but we think we see some red on that head of hair!

so here we are. finally home...low on sleep but filled to the brim from the goodness of our girl.
it was been the wildest of rides...being pregnant again and growing our little family. and it's been such a treat getting to share it all with you. 
thank you so much for all of the love and sweetness and encouragement you've give me along the way!

we had a baby, friends!

{hospital photos by bella baby photography!}

planted firmly on the ground

no matter how many times i try to set up a traditional work space for myself i always end up using the floor!
there's just something about the ability to sprawl out and sit cross-legged, or lay on my back and stare at the ceiling when stuck, that has always got my mind going and ready to work. i'm a cheap paint//loud music//bum on the floor kind of painter!
(although my baby bump has definitely made reaching forward and getting up off said floor a funny task...there may be some rocking to gain momentum involved.)

today i'm working on some rifle-inspired flowers for baby shower invitations!
there are so many little boys in our family, it's a real treat to get to be having a girly and sweets and gobs of color...i can't wait!

happy monday and last day of april! 
good grief, where is the time going?

happy weekend and cloth diaper swearing

matt and i went and registered for baby things today!
that poor guy...he's such a sensitive soul. i lost him in the baby thermometer isle and found him hiding somewhere between the pacifiers and bottle warmers. i think he was losing a bit of color. miniature things bring out the jimmy legs in him.
did i ever tell you about the time he couldn't quit pacing and swearing in front of the gal at the cloth diaper store?
oh how i get a real kick out of this side of him...the side that makes him break a sweat when i hold up baby tights!

have a wonderful wonderful weekend, sweet friends!


is there anything better than rita's swedish fish ice and custard? 
baby and i aren't so sure! and i'm lucky enough to have boys around me that will take me out for a little bit of sweets and company when i need it the most.

(although i've been known to take myself out alone for rita's too...only i've learned not to park by the doors while eating it in my car. people coming and going will look and gawk and give you the saddest "you dropped custard on your belly" faces)
it's completely worth it though...

happy wednesday, friends!

peony paint

i parted ways with the peony wallpaper for the baby's room and matt and i decided to just do what we do and paint the pattern on the wall ourselves...making the peonies the size and color we really wanted! paint is certainly a lot less scary than wallpaper....

i don't know if anything could melt me faster then waking up in the middle of night to find matt sketching flowers on the wall for his baby girl's room...she's already one lucky gal to have him for sure!

so far i think the peony wall is going to be lovely...and i can't wait to start throwing some neutrals in the room and put a baby in that crib!

afternoon hideout

sneaking off for afternoon dates with this guy is a highlight of my life...
he swept me up yesterday and saved me from afternoon computer work and we hid out at his favorite place to sit and eat for a bit...

sushi for him and salad for me and lots of loving and doting on each other between the two of us...

it's hard to believe only 13 more weeks until we'll be toting around a little baby bunny to lunch with us.


punch drunk

things are moving and shaking around projects for days, sis is a 25 week along rutabaga, and my nesting has reached full effect!
the wallpaper for a wall in baby girl's room came in today and we've been sitting on the floor all morning long, that paper and i, just staring at each other.

the colors in person are so much darker and intense than the swatch online...and my pregnancy brain, the one that let me eat 12 cupcakes yesterday and forget max's name, has me terrified of making a decision. but one thing's for certain...i see punchy colors with this little lady! corals and reds and anything in between!
 and maybe some yellow...turquoise? definitely a little bit of grey....

who needs a cupcake?
peony wallpaper- urban outfitters// girl with bow print- etsy// polka dot dress- old navy ( the most beautiful gift from naomi!)// coral dress- h&m

p.s. i'm over at with two cats today dishing on blogging and mothering and a few of my favorite things...
thank you, lauren, much and much for having me!

sway me like the sea

max was right. tuesdays are the kind of day that will love you back!
today has been warm sunshine and a spring-colored lunch/business meeting for one at my dining room table....sketching out to-do's and ideas and what-if's on a craft paper tablecloth. 

i love how the changing seasons can leave a girl feeling refreshed and motivated.
p.s. thank you so for the good words about my baby pains! they lifted me and lifted me all day yesterday! 
sis's progress email today said she can feel me dancing now...we've been swaying like the sea all morning and afternoon long. it's almost as good for the aches as smashing fruit. 


sweet growing pains

Don't Watch Me Dancing by Little Joy on Grooveshark

weekends zip and fly right by around here!
 more so when you wake up to a gloomy bit of rainy monday and start instant sunny weekend reminiscing. 

my weekend was a funny one. i laid low and touched baby things and tried to keep the grump off of my face. 
i'm forever grateful to be able to carry this little lady, but being pregnant this time around has taken quite a toll. the past few weeks have been constant aches and stretching and bolts of pain...winded trips up and down stairs and forced time outs. being only about halfway along, these slow downs have been a bit discouraging...especially when you're stubborn and like to do things yourself without help.

it's been slowly building...and saturday night i hit a wall. i had had it...and let me tell you, constant discomfort can bring out the hood rat in a gal. i wanted to crack some skulls. haha. 
matt took me around the back of the house in the middle of the night to smash fruit and glass bottles...karate chop styrofoam packing boards and air out some grievances. 
we cracked some skulls, just me and my guy. and i fell that much more in love.

today i'm carrying on with the aches and finding some solace in the little things...colorful ranunculus and cut up citrus...spring-smelling air and the truth of good things to come. i'm forcing myself to slow down, sit down, and find bits of peace and comfort anywhere i can find it...knowing there is always, always fruit to smash!

happy monday, friends!

baby vintage

i can only hope baby girl likes collecting vintage dresses and odds and ends as much as i do...she has quite a collection growing! and i'm a little bit has been such a treat getting to go thrifting once a week and hunting for all sorts of baby treasures. so far finding girl things are much easier to find then boys...

this week i got the sweetest package in the mail from my friend marissa! it was filled to the brim with little vintage dresses and books and a little girl bowl and plate. my oh my! 

so now sis has a closet full of beautiful clothes but no bed to sleep in...haha. things are coming together slowly but surely. if any of you have any real great tips for washing baby clothes, i'm all's been so long since i've been down that road!

happy wednesday, friends!
 tonight is date night...i wonder if i can convince matt that the salvation army and goodwill are romantic places to visit...

p.s. take a peek at marissa's etsy shop filled with all sorts of vintage finds...she's running a 15% off sale right now!

shelf belly

happiest monday! 
we've spent the past few days weekending and birthday partying and sprucing up the house a bit. matt had the weekend off, it was such a treat to have him home and around the house...

this morning i woke up to snow and tulips and piles of laundry...such is a monday!
a funny monday discovery is my baby sis belly is nearly to shelf-status!...making a great kickstand for mugs and a perfect desk surface to jot down notes! 

we've arrived, little lady!

february photo a day friday

what a week! it's amazing how one afternoon can change your world and suddenly your thoughts are knee deep in little lady names and dresses and thoughts of having someone to share anne of green gables with. thank you much and much for all the sweet comments! and my apologies to our little gal for her first picture shown to the world being a leg-spread money shot! haha. 
(a few of you asked...we do have a name for sis but we're waiting to share until we make sure it suits her! max was going to be a milo until i saw his little face...p.s did i ever tell you that max's real name is maddox? i only call him that now when he is getting ornery though...haha)

this week has been bike rides and dress shopping, some painting and thrifting and three sad attempts at playing street hockey with my max...two burnt dinners, boat loads of dark chocolate, late night harry potter marathons with matt, and lots of baby squirm feeling and nursery dreaming and attempts to sit still in the present a bit. it's so hard not to want to rush these weeks along.

happy happy weekend, loves!
this is max's weekend away adventuring with his dad...fingers crossed i can get anything done besides pinning baby things...