Phoebe isn't a real "heart on your sleeve" type person...she's a little timid and guarded and shy with her emotions or with new experiences and people. It's a funny side of her that is made even more beautiful when you see her letting go and giving in and you know it's true joy. Yesterday was her first ballet class...and that girl was all in! Squeals and shrieks and dancing in the street with for real abandon and confidence and happiness.

We signed her up with the Dayton Ballet. It's a treat to get to be downtown and take the gold elevator up with the pro dancers...to be surrounded by so much history and costumes in such a beautiful building like the Victoria. The whole thing makes my heart zing zing! Not to mention little pink leotards and hair wrapped tight in buns. But the icing is our girl...stepping out of her comfort zone in tiny soft pink ballet shoes and finding what makes her heart zing zing on its own.