camp max

saturday we all gathered up together in the rain to celebrate max and his birthday...summer camp-style. we made a nice fire and lit up lanterns while the little ones ran wild in the woods. food was grilled and sweets were had and i couldn't think of a better way to ring in max's 9th year. 

today is max's official day! this time last year we were celebrating him in between my contractions with phoebe. she's never one to miss a party! 
happy happy birthday, my boy. mama loves you wide as the widest moon. you're my favorite friend and forever're my max. 

shopping list:  post card and notepads from sideshow press // ice cream cups bought here locally but you can find some here // A-frame tents made following a little bit of these instructions ( i used 9x12 painters dropcloth to cover them...and painted the yellow stripe) // birch paper straws bought here // large craft paper food trays from here // s'more cupcakes and merit badge instructions from MARTHA (i designed my own badges)  // invitations and canvas bags and camp t-shirts are homemade ( iron on's for the t-shirts)  // much thanks to max's 2nd mama sara for some of the photos!