November 2015- Country Pines Tree Farm, New Lebanon OH

Feeling grateful for traditions, old and new, and the comfort of funny rituals this time of year--sappy pine fingers and top of your lungs Christmas song singing...praying the tree doesn't fall off the top of the car on the drive home and keeping fingers crossed that these little ones will remember the year we cut down the prickliest tree of ever and how a Mariah Carey Christmas song can always, always save even the lousiest-feeling day.

Sending love to you all, hoping your Thanksgiving was full and your Holidays to come are bright as can be!

merry merry bright

there is such a beautiful anticipation about the days before christmas. today we hold our breath while we tie up bows and tuck special things under the tree...eat way too many cookies for our own good and sing all the christmas songs ever. 

sending love and peace and the lightest hearts from my little family to yours. you are loved and loved. merry christmas, friends! 

christmas tree hunting

we're officially in the throws of christmas around here. tree hunting and trimming and baking and wiping runny noses. a christmas tradition. we cut down our tree a little late this year...what with being sick and opening up my shop but i'm oh so happy we did. the most beautiful snow came this weekend and covered the trees and made for a beautiful and chilly and hilarious tree hunt. there were lots of phoebe tears and missing mittens and perfect trees and sappy fingers. just as it should be...

our christmas card to you

things are warm and bright around here. 
with max on his winter break and a little dusting of snow...all feels right with the world. the house is covered in wrapping paper bits and tape and flour and icing and cookie crumbs. christmas records are spinning and there are no immediate plans to get out of pajamas or matt's socks. we are cluttered and happy. what is it about this time of year that makes me want to wear every color and pattern together at once?

from my little family to yours, wishing you the happiest christmas!
however you plan on spending it, i hope there is peace and joy and lots of sweets.

love and love and love to each of you. 

paint and trim

today has been spent doing a small bit of christmas trimming...trying to finish up cards and beginning to stash surprises under the tree. giving gifts and wrapping them up special is something i love to do. but having a little teething baby has made making homemade gifts almost impossible this christmas...so i've been doing lots of shopping online. but adding a little special homemade touch is important to me...so this year i decided to use fabric and painted canvas paper to wrap things up with.
i tried my hand at recreating the pom pom anthropologie paper i've been pining over (i used white crate paper (to give it a handmade paper feel) and 7mm red pom poms...wrapped the gift up in the crate paper and hot glued the pom poms on).
to make hand-painted paper, i use primed canvas pads and acrylic paint. max and i had a ball painting away last night...and because the sheets are primed they mold really nicely around the gift when it's time to wrap! they're like little pieces of fine art to make the best kind of first impression.

wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
tonight is a date night/hobbit night (eep!) and tomorrow is mad dash finish shopping saturday...

320 sycamore

when i was a little girl i ached for a fancy wooden dollhouse. and i'm sure my mom ached to give me one. but it never was in the cards...and instead we girls made do with homemade shoe box houses and pictures of living room sets ripped out of JC Penney catalogs. and looking back, those ragamuffin dollhouses we made were fine as can be!

now 20 years later, i've been given the most amazing gift of a house from matt's grandma. one that was started but never finished. a beautiful fixer-upper for me and bee (and max!) to work on together. so much of it reminds me of the old granville house in "it's a wonderful life". the abandoned house with the broken windows from wishing rocks...lassoing the moon type wishing rocks.

it came just in time for christmas and 10 year old katie is pleased as punch! 
(and she told me to do a room in catalog pictures just for old time's sake)

be light

this week has been one of a hectic kind of sorts...pulling us every which way but calm. it's been a cluttered house, hole in your stockings, fast food dinner kind of week.
 good thing peppermint abounds and burl ives cures all crying baby-ails...the season has a way of keeping things sweet and light.

confessions of an advent slacker

first things first: my sweetest baby nephew is here! my sister amy had him early yesterday morning. they call him jude roman and he has the softest golden hair your fingers could ever touch. i'm so proud for them. this has been such a beautiful season for our family...

while amy was laboring away tuesday night, max and i waited not so patiently at home...cutting on paper and ironing bags for our advent calendar this year. i love the idea of this tradition of expectant waiting and preparation for christmas. although admittedly, i'm the worst at keeping these sorts of things going. i usually forget by day 11. (something max reminded me of repeatedly tuesday night..haha. he doubts my advent dedication...maybe i'm more of a paper chain kind of gal?)
 this time around i have my fingers crossed and a mini stash of sweets and toys and notes and envelopes stamped for the north pole ready! since max is gone every other weekend, i thought making these little numbered sacks (from oh happy day and designed by amanda!) this year would be perfect for hiding in his overnight bag...that way he doesn't miss out while he's away.

anyways, i guess regardless of if i'm successful and faithful to the advent this year or not...i'm all for the memory making. 
even if it is of the "mom got lazy/forgetful" variety.

tree hunting

thanksgiving came, with lots of family and good food, and went once we started hunting christmas trees and digging through boxes...unearthing glass ornaments wrapped up in paper and funny old christmas cards.

we found a beautiful tree this year (i finally talked the boys into riding the horse-drawn wagon this time around), and couldn't wait to rush it home to sis!
(who stayed home with grandma to nap and dream of sugar plums)

we're all so excited to share this first christmas with her....

happy monday, friends!

november tune

finding inspiration in late season goods today...persimmon and pomegranate...nuts and winter greens.
i don't think i've stopped much to notice how really lovely this time of the year is...i'm always rushing it along. but really there is a sweet quietness about it...a calm before holidays rush.
i've started a smidgen of decorating for christmas...and have been listening to more than a smidgen of christmas music. (which i swore to myself, and matt, that i wouldn't do so early this year). i blame the frosty mornings for all of that...

christmas morning

i can hardly believe how quickly christmas came and went. 
this year's was such a funny one...full of christmas firsts and lots of traditions and one happy little man. 
max woke us up bright and early...squealing that santa had come. (and marking the first time he has ever woke himself up voluntarily on a christmas morning!)
santa brought him all sorts of odds and ends...a joke set, funny socks, a football uniform (which he wore all day long), a drum set...
we spent the rest of the day with family...eating good foods and remembering the truest reason for celebrating.

oh how i love this time of year! but it goes too fast and fast and fast.

merry merry merry

just popping in to say happy happy monday!
i woke up this morning to find our little christmas house covered in bits of wrapping paper and ribbon, scattered toys and sweets and the sounds of a little boy and his first real drum set. these are the good and happiest kinds of messes!
i hope you all had a beautiful christmas day! we didn't get even a flake of snow...but it didn't seem to matter one bit.

i'll be back tomorrow with a few more snippets of our day! today is devoted to cleaning and smooching and soaking up my boys being home all day...

cookies for santa

max and i have been busy christmas bees this afternoon...making messes and baking cookies for santa.
baking with buddy is something i cherish...especially this time of year. i've never known someone to use so much icing...or sprinkles. or to insist on baking in his underwear. he's surely my kind of guy!

this year has been funny with max and christmas believing. 
he's always been a little leery of the idea of a man breaking into our house at night...presents or no presents. he's just never trusted santa. 
(remember this christmas when he wore a ski mask to bed and hid a plastic sword under his pillow? and this one where he stalked santa at the mall?)
this year he is full of belief and trust! he even has justified the improbability of santa delivering presents to the world by theories of worm holes and time freezing. it's been a real hoot! a gift, really. 
i hope all of you celebrating have the happiest happiest christmas! 
sending lots of love and peace and joy to your family from mine.