november tune

finding inspiration in late season goods today...persimmon and pomegranate...nuts and winter greens.
i don't think i've stopped much to notice how really lovely this time of the year is...i'm always rushing it along. but really there is a sweet quietness about it...a calm before holidays rush.
i've started a smidgen of decorating for christmas...and have been listening to more than a smidgen of christmas music. (which i swore to myself, and matt, that i wouldn't do so early this year). i blame the frosty mornings for all of that...

signs of summer

it's officially feeling like summer around here.
colorful ice pops and cold soda...little boys and dogs drinking from the same watering hose...lightning bugs in a jar by the bed at night for a night all makes me so happy!

today was max's last day of school and we have a few more lazy hazy weeks left until baby comes.
i'm so excited to have him home with me...we have plenty of mama-son summer adventuring to get in!

cherry without a stone

we're back into the swing of things around here...lots of summer projects and folding baby clothes and spitting cherry pits in the shade. sis is coming fast (she's due july 10th!) and instead of panic i'm left with a bit of peace and come-what-may feelings. it's a bit of a surprise...and a true gift for my mind and my body as they prepare for the big day...but not so much of a gift to the unfinished baby things yet to do.

c'est la vie...pass the cherries!

p.s. remembering doc today...

The Riddle Song by Doc Watson on Grooveshark 

happy wednesday, loves!


today has been filled with lots of funny and happy things...matt surprising me with him having the afternoon off // lots of orange // slow dancing and doing the frug to old ludacris // his and her outdoor work (and finally planting the collection of roses i discovered matt buying in the middle of the night off of QVC...catching him on the phone whispering with a QVC operator will forever be one of my favorite memories of him ) // bbq dinner out // ornery max and mimi // open window bedtime

hoping your thursday was a fine one! 

cinco de mayo for one

happy cinco de mayo!
i love this day and all of its celebrating and happy colors and good food. i look forward to it every year...

La Bamba by Mariachi Vargas on Grooveshark 

 i'm getting festive today with frozen limeade and party poppers (that seem to give mimi the dog a terrible fright) and mariachi music for one. alone time well spent!
max is usually my main cinco de mayo party friend...but he's away with his dad this weekend. i packed him a little box filled with odds and ends and the tiniest pinata you'll ever see stuffed with small sweets. if only i could have found a small bat to go along with it.

 hoping your weekend is going swell! 
¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


planted firmly on the ground

no matter how many times i try to set up a traditional work space for myself i always end up using the floor!
there's just something about the ability to sprawl out and sit cross-legged, or lay on my back and stare at the ceiling when stuck, that has always got my mind going and ready to work. i'm a cheap paint//loud music//bum on the floor kind of painter!
(although my baby bump has definitely made reaching forward and getting up off said floor a funny task...there may be some rocking to gain momentum involved.)

today i'm working on some rifle-inspired flowers for baby shower invitations!
there are so many little boys in our family, it's a real treat to get to be having a girly and sweets and gobs of color...i can't wait!

happy monday and last day of april! 
good grief, where is the time going?


currently loving---springtime in dayton, colorful stamps and pretty cards, the smell of freshly cut plywood (we started laying our family room floor this weekend!), wedge heels that make me feel me a tad bit taller and a little less of a waddler, max's obsession with tv personality tom bergeron (max sings songs about tom living in our hearts and under the moonlight...also, he makes me call him tom bergeron sometimes and, in turn, he calls me tom's wife, michelle...this is normal mother/son stuff, right?), my butternut squash-sized baby girl and all of her dancing about (hello, 3rd trimester!), kelly ann's music monday this week...i love discovering new music through her!

The Bird Song by Alessi's Ark on Grooveshark 

hoping your week is going so so fine! 

punch drunk

things are moving and shaking around projects for days, sis is a 25 week along rutabaga, and my nesting has reached full effect!
the wallpaper for a wall in baby girl's room came in today and we've been sitting on the floor all morning long, that paper and i, just staring at each other.

the colors in person are so much darker and intense than the swatch online...and my pregnancy brain, the one that let me eat 12 cupcakes yesterday and forget max's name, has me terrified of making a decision. but one thing's for certain...i see punchy colors with this little lady! corals and reds and anything in between!
 and maybe some yellow...turquoise? definitely a little bit of grey....

who needs a cupcake?
peony wallpaper- urban outfitters// girl with bow print- etsy// polka dot dress- old navy ( the most beautiful gift from naomi!)// coral dress- h&m

p.s. i'm over at with two cats today dishing on blogging and mothering and a few of my favorite things...
thank you, lauren, much and much for having me!


happy st. patrick's day! 
we've been getting into the spirit today with green pancakes and rainbow sprinkles and leprechaun mustaches...colorful ribbon and celtic pub music and max painting pots of gold.

he also has been river dancing a little bit this afternoon in nothing but his socks and underwear. and that's as good as gold to me..haha.

it's bound to be a lucky day!

up, up, and away

there are exactly 3 things that have moved me beyond words in my life. 
you know the feeling when at that very moment you feel altered in some wonderful way...where something just did something to you...your soul feels a tad bit lighter...and that's as eloquent as you can describe it?

my first was seeing andy warhol's silver cloud room in made me lay on the ground and never want to get back up. the second is the wind turbines along interstate 70 in indiana. i hold my breath for each one.
the third happened saturday when my boys took me to see air balloons.

there's a festival each year outside of dayton where dozens of hot air balloons launch and compete.
we got there a few hours early to hula hoop and hunt down cotton candy and feel all nervous by the lack of hot air balloons. truly, not a one to be seen.
but then the sun started to set and before we knew it the sky was filled with baskets and the loveliest colors just floating away and becoming hazy little polka dots.

it was a real sight...i've never seen so many air balloons that closely before.
 and my goodness, did it do something to me.

i think this calls for some louis armstrong...

louis armstrong- la vie en rose
if i could tether one of andy's silver clouds and take it on an air balloon trip to indiana to see the wind turbines i might spontaneously combust.
i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
happy monday.

outside the lines

today was a day for laying low. 
...for hiding out in a teepee fort with nothing but your skivvies and coloring books and some funny conversation with mama.
me and max hid ourselves away up in this room for the better part of the day...escaping the heat and the dishes and work and the thought of another week away from each other next week.
those things are for the birds. 

sometimes you just need to color.
and i think we all could use a day in our underwear.


weekend photos

 a weekend full of color...snow cones and breakfast dates at the farmers market....
dear first day of summer, 
everything is slightly more vibrant when you are around. you are cool and calming and radiant and zingy all at the same time. you make everything pop.
 we're taking you out on a picnic lunch today.
i adore you.
yours truly,

p.s. today is my sister angie's birthday! i couldn't think of anything finer than being born on such a day. i could say much and much about her, but really it could all be summed up like this... 
she is like the first day of summer to all of us.