saturday hideaway

lazy saturdays are for hiding out with family over coffee and sweets and board games and sunny spots in the windows. max's dad and 2nd mama came too making the deal that much sweeter.
it's rare to have these kinds of days where everyone is present and accounted for. phoebe took a cat nap in my arms while max read us his stories and made up scrabble words and i'm aching to do the whole thing over again next weekend. 

happy happy monday to you, friends!

(and a million thank yous for such cheering me on with my new space! if any of you ever find yourself in dayton i except you to come over and paint something with me!)

paint an escape

i hid away at the museum this morning...spending some time alone away from the heat...touching cold marble and holding my breath at my favorite paintings.
i can't wait to bring baby girl here...for max to get to show her how your voice can echo in the large rooms and that there are samurai swords in the basement and a pinochio painting upstairs. 

the best parts of living life together are getting to share the details...

p.s. thank you all much and much for the funny labor stories and recipes! 
i was a week overdue with max and had to be induced...which led to a c-section. it was of course a beautiful experience but i was left feeling like there should be more to it. i'm determined this time to do things the old fashion way. and i'm excited to see my body actually do things on its own this time..i'm hopeful anyways. 

come what may, but next week i'll be stocking up on fresh pineapple and caster oil and ordering pizza while scrubbing the kitchen floors. haha.

peanuts and cracker jacks

sunday we tried to soak up as much time together as we could as a little family before we sent max off for some summer adventuring with his dad this week.
matt and i asked max what he wanted to do and the answer was baseball...the answer is almost always baseball! he's a true blue fan, my guy is! 

and so we hot dogged and sno-coned and clapped and cheered for our dayton team. max forever tried to remind me of the rules and kept me up on what was really happening during the game...matt marveled at all the little old men eating peanuts. 
it was a good day with my boys...

and so my max is away now and i'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself while he's gone. i usually am. although it almost always flies by and i'm sure with sis being so close my time alone will involve cold sweets and elevated feet. 
 (matt has asked for no spicy food or walking on this last week of work for him in hopes to hold baby girl in...he promised me indian for lunch and dinner and long long walks everyday next week though...i'm ready to meet this gal already! 
any labor kick start tricks you have to share?)

happy tuesday, loves!
p.s. dear max, come home soon, why not?

afternoon hideout

sneaking off for afternoon dates with this guy is a highlight of my life...
he swept me up yesterday and saved me from afternoon computer work and we hid out at his favorite place to sit and eat for a bit...

sushi for him and salad for me and lots of loving and doting on each other between the two of us...

it's hard to believe only 13 more weeks until we'll be toting around a little baby bunny to lunch with us.


tough love and pizza in the park

Take Care by Beach House on Grooveshark

we had the park to ourselves last night...just me, max, our kite, and some ducks that were trying to intimidate us out of our dinner.
it was the calm before the storm that has been the past few nights...where my max decides to flex his muscles and become all sassafras and down right mean. it breaks my heart a bit...and has me throwing my hands up in the air.
his life is certainly changing...and there are times when i forget how different our experiences of growing up have been already. there are things we will never be able to understand about each other...but the thing that tethers us together is love. love so mighty and unconditional.

and so we wade through the sharp words and forced punishments and consequences...the hurt and the apologies and the promises that tomorrow is a new day to try again.

and in the meantime, there is always the park and pizza and a chance to let things lie and rest for a bit while we roll through the grass and drag a windless kite along the ground...

 and if that doesn't work...there is always ben and jerry's.

cheers to to happy weekend!

life is but a dreem

today has been so hot...i've been a perpetual shade of red and pink! it's definitely been the kind of day to swoop up your guy from school and go find somewhere special to hide out in the shade. one of the luckiest things about this area are the old highways around town and all of the little time capsule places to eat. they have the best old buildings and signs!
today max and i traveled down dixie with our windows down and the radio on and pretended like we had a sassy convertible...we hung out in the shade under the awning at the dixie dairy dreem and i listened to max spin woeful breakup tales over apricot ice cream and a hot dog. 

i'm not sure mondays get any better than that...

here's hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend!

out to lunch- a little video

when matt gets little breaks between clients at work, he'll swoop me up and we'll do it up right for an hour or two.
lunch and coffee, window shopping and listening to bone thugs on the drive home.

my guy is the best afternoon date a girl could ask for.
(especially when he reminds me of a little old man with his dry cleaning tag left on his jacket sleeve)

happy friday...and three cheers for the weekend!
i hope it is a happy one for all of you!

(music on the video by message to bears)

spin spin spin

tonight was family date night...record shopping and mexican food.
i do and do cherish these two guys...especially when the smallest one comes home with his new michael jackson record and does the most sensible side-step dance to smooth criminal. 

he surely knows how to melt me, that one...and make my sides ache a little bit from laughing.

an urban dive

our new favorite lunch spot in town is olive, an urban dive on e. third and wayne.
it's a tiny little downtown place inside the old wympee building. and oh my oh my is it good!

we stopped in before ice skating last weekend to warm up our bellies and instantly fell in love.
the chef in the back whipped up max the world's best grilled cheese...all the music is local...and they have warm cookies and milk.

who's hungry?

i think lunches out are my favorite of all meals out of the house!
especially now that cookies and milk are involved. 


skate away

the weekend was a lovely one spent with my little family. our schedules have been so hectic lately, it was such a treat to finally slow down together.
we did lots of laying in bed watching christmas movies, eating good breakfasts, warm lunches out, lots more bundling up and painting the town. 

saturday we spent the afternoon downtown ice skating. 
dayton has the best outdoor rink right next to the river. it's fun to see how much max grows each year we come here. his progress is really something...and my, oh my, does he love the ice! his little feet move so fast...he definitely leaves me scuttling about in his dust. 
at least matt can keep up with him!
happy monday, friends!

p.s. kinfolk volume 2 came out today! the website is updated will all sorts of beautiful new photos and videos. i got lost there for hours yesterday.
for those of you curious about my work and paintings, i have a few in this newest issue! you can see a peak of one here. but oh, i'm so anxious to get my hands on the printed volume!

happy happy halloweeeeen!

our halloween party saturday night was a real hoot!
matt and i went as a creepy ventriloquist and his dapper doll!
needless to say, we both looked pretty disgusting. haha.
i'm usually not the kind of gal to wear overtly sexy costumes ( i learned my lesson when i was 18...i wore a school girl uniform to a party and hit a deer with my car on the way home. i had to wait for my dad on the side of the road in the middle of the night dressed like a tart. never again, halloween!)...but this year, this year...i was oozing with sensuality. haha. i think it was the plaid boy pants.

we karaoked and danced and jigged the night away. amy and nate made the finest cleopatra and mark antony!
i have more incriminating photos on my facebook...they truly are terrible. and i think it's safe to say matt has never looked better.

i hope all of you had a wonderful hallows eve weekend!
and happy happy halloween!

 halloween spooks- lambert, hendricks & ross

my favorite halloween haunt in town is in downtown fairborn. the whole street is lined with costume stores and halloween goodies. it's open year round, which is a treat, but it really comes alive around this time of year...spooky scary music playing over loud speakers...ghosts and goblins flying on the rooftops. 
oh, it's the best!
 tonight is tricks and treats!
and i have a little ninja to get ready. 

happy halloween, loves!

bicycle gang

matt has trained mimi to run along side him, leashed, during bike rides. it's something she looks forward to every night. and now something we all get a kick out of...riding around our neighborhood, the 4 of us, exploring empty parking lots and making quick stops at the japanese grocery store. i'm sure it's a funny sight to see...our part of town isn't exactly a family bike ride kind of place. but maybe we can change that! one mama, a matt, max and mimi at a time. 
happy weekend, everyone!