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It's been forever and a day since I've been here...I almost forgot how to log in. haha. Ack! 
I hope this finds you all well and if you're reading this, thank you for sticking with me! I didn't intend on being away so long but here we are. 

I got an email from Gabrielle over at Design Mom a few weeks ago to see if I would like to contribute to her Living With Kids feature and I couldn't pass it up. 

I shared pictures of our house these days and some thoughts on love and divorce, living in a rougher neighborhood, steering clear of blogging and social media, and of course, living and decorating with kids.


Phoebe's big girl room

Happy happy New Year, friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We've been spending the last few weeks hunkering down together, soaking up the holidays and time with each other. The kids are back to school now and wheels are spinning trying to get back into the swing of things.

Sis got a big girl bed just after Christmas and a whole new sense of self along with it! Lots of shutting the door to be alone in her room...tucking everyone from babies to dada under her covers and tons of pretend sleeping (and not a whole lot of real sleeping). It's been funny and sweet to watch her take pride in a space for herself. Official big girl stuff around here!

phoebe and her room

sis is flitting around all over the house these days. we are officially crawling and cruising and bumbling into everything! it does my heart the most good to see her playing in her room alone...discovering new toys and hiding things under the rug and forever trying to eat dust bunnies from under the crib. 
and even though the room isn't all pulled together yet (frames need filled and walls need a bit more paint) feels pretty complete with her in it...

At home at ABM

happy monday, friends!
i'm over at A Beautiful Mess today sharing one of my favorite spots at home...go take a peek! and thanks again and again to elsie and the girls for having me!

tonight is max's first basketball practice with matt as his coach. matt had me go out and buy a whistle for him to wear around his neck...the whole thing makes me swoon. haha. after practice, bee and i have big plans of making donkey and elephant shaped cookies for election night tomorrow night. 
happy voting to all! and three cheers for the end of political ads on the tv!


snips and snails and flea market finds

happy happy friday! 
it's been a busy week...and i've hit a new and funny stage of pregnancy that i like to call "weepy panic". my poor boys!  but i've found that a good cure all for the weepies is getting out of the house and hiding out in thrift stores.  i had much luck finding things this week!

as much fun as it's been planning a girl's room, i love finding little boy treasures for bub and his space.
old desk lamps, maps, books, stacks of old graph paper, and charlie harper match game cards (which came from anthropologie...but oh how my heart swoons for charlie harper)...lots of bright and happy new boy things to scatter around. 

i hope you all have the best kind of weekend!
max's first baseball game is tomorrow...i'm so thrilled for him (my little guy loves loves baseball!).
i wonder if he would be embarrassed if i brought a pennant with his name on it to wave around?


peony paint

i parted ways with the peony wallpaper for the baby's room and matt and i decided to just do what we do and paint the pattern on the wall ourselves...making the peonies the size and color we really wanted! paint is certainly a lot less scary than wallpaper....

i don't know if anything could melt me faster then waking up in the middle of night to find matt sketching flowers on the wall for his baby girl's room...she's already one lucky gal to have him for sure!

so far i think the peony wall is going to be lovely...and i can't wait to start throwing some neutrals in the room and put a baby in that crib!

punch drunk

things are moving and shaking around projects for days, sis is a 25 week along rutabaga, and my nesting has reached full effect!
the wallpaper for a wall in baby girl's room came in today and we've been sitting on the floor all morning long, that paper and i, just staring at each other.

the colors in person are so much darker and intense than the swatch online...and my pregnancy brain, the one that let me eat 12 cupcakes yesterday and forget max's name, has me terrified of making a decision. but one thing's for certain...i see punchy colors with this little lady! corals and reds and anything in between!
 and maybe some yellow...turquoise? definitely a little bit of grey....

who needs a cupcake?
peony wallpaper- urban outfitters// girl with bow print- etsy// polka dot dress- old navy ( the most beautiful gift from naomi!)// coral dress- h&m

p.s. i'm over at with two cats today dishing on blogging and mothering and a few of my favorite things...
thank you, lauren, much and much for having me!

making a house a home

thank you again to cassie from the veda house for having our little home over this week.
here are a few more photos for you...(our bedroom and baby's room are still underway...or i guess the whole house is really..haha...but who wants to see an empty room, an unmade bed, and our dirty clothes all strewn about?) hopefully someday i'll have a full house tour to show!

a few of you asked for some house tips, and while i'm certainly not an expert, i do have a few keys to live by....
we don't live on the nicest street or in the best neighborhood. we're surrounded by double-wides and foreclosures and a crazy cat lady house...but that hasn't stopped us from seeing potential and beauty and a sense of humor in our home.  things are respected but nothing is too precious to dance or play toys on...and almost everything can be thrown in the wash or tossed out with minor heartache. things move, walls get painted and painted some more, dogs shed and hamsters roam and there are little boy toys on almost every shelf in every room. 
a house is personal...and making it yours, and his, and theirs, is so important to making it a home.

whether you're renting, have an apartment, or one room to call your own while living with your and your space deserve a little love and personality...a place to deep breathe in and inspire. 
 even if you are just passing through.

that's the idea anyway...tell that to our bedroom!
now to go and try to scrub the little boy crud off the playroom couch...

happy wednesday, friends!

in their home tour

 happy happy monday!
our little house, finished and unfinished, is over at the veda house today and tomorrow for her "in their home" feature!
cassie's blog is one of my favorite places to swoon over beautiful design and get peeks into amazing homes...
go take a look!

i hope everyone's weekend was a good one! today is for last minute valentining, a trip to the post office (goodby kinfolk vol 4 paintings!), and a mexican lunch date with one of my loveliest gals.


15 weeks and nesting

i'm 15 weeks and baby is the size of an apple now!
we're getting into the swing of things, my apple and i...despite the clumsiness. no more feeling like the pits and there is lots more energy to be had. 

it's come at the perfect time too! this time of year i always start getting a nesting/spring cleaning/paint a wall black itch. i'm dusting off my old domino magazines and hunkering down for inspiration.

there is so much good energy and excitement in the house and with our friends and family...i'm trying to soak it all up and enjoy these months, although it's hard not to rush. 
5 more months to go!

max's christmas room

i love helping max get his room ready for christmas...digging out old christmas books and finding treasure troves of preschool hand print wreaths and cotton ball snowmen.
we have all sorts of odds and ends this year...homemade snow globes, an old plastic christmas village with hot wheels parked in the driveways, plastic snow every which way you look, and a nativity scene with the main players missing. 
(really only the sheep and a camel and a wise man are left. max confessed to taking baby jesus outside to play during the summer and threw him over the fence. mary has no hair and now lives at max's playmobile grocery store..hmph!)

p.s. i only seem to pin things around holidays or parties...but some of the things in max's christmas room came from inspiration on my christmas pinterest board.
p.s.s. the ho ho ho banner and merry christmas tree are from target!

hope your tuesday was a happy one!

triming the tree

last night we finally found a quiet spot in our week to get to decorate the tree together.
and it was the perfect night for it...we got our first snow dusting just as the tree was being lit! it was such a beautiful surprise. 
while cleaning up dinner barefoot in the kitchen, matt scooped me up and carried me outside to catch the new snow in our hair. max and mimi pranced and rolled and covered themselves. there is nothing quite like that first snow!

inside we dug through boxes and bits of christmas. matt's mama stopped by and gave us an extra hand.
i love the feeling of unwrapping the paper around secret ornaments...discovering old and fragile, handmade and glittery, silly and plastic. each one a little gift. 

and of course we sugared ourselves up with plenty of hot chocolate somewhere just after bath time and right before bed.
p.s. gingerbread marshmallows. i'm obsessed!

happy last day of november! it's been such a swell month. 
let the advent begin!

christmas lyrics glitter banner tutorial

a few of you have asked for some ideas on how to recreate the banner i made for christmas this year!
i thought i would offer up a quick little step by step and a print out for you if you want to make your own at home!

you'll need a couple of things:
1. a favorite christmas song. mine is "have yourself a merry little christmas". the judy garland version is the makes me itch to watch meet me in st. louis every single time! "let your heart be light" is from one of the first lines in the song, and oh it gets me every time!

2.some supplies: heavy card stock or poster board, a printer, scissors, glue or modpodge, a paintbrush, glitter, tape/string/sticky tack

- i picked a font called "creampuff" for the lettering and laid each letter or group of letters out on photoshop. i made sure to print them backwards on heavy card stock so that the printer ink would be on the back side/not showing through the glitter side. and make sure you pick a color of card stock or poster board that will go well with the shade of glitter you pick! i used gold for mine!
(p.s. the files i have for you to print are already facing backwards...just print them onto card stock and cut out and flip them over..they're good to go!)
- cut out the letters or group of letters from the card stock. if you're planning on hanging them from string go ahead and string them up (the string taped to the backside) before you start to add the glitter.
- after cutting each letter or group of letters out, i put on a thin layer of modpodge with a paintbrush and covered the them completely with a mixture of gold and silver glitter 
(mixed together in a bowl beforehand)
- allow a few minutes to dry!

 now they're ready to hang!
i used sticky tack on the backs of my letters and words instead of string..i have plaster walls and it seems to be holding just fine!

so that's it!
i hope this made sense..haha. i'm known for winging things a lot and doing things a bit scatterbrained.
tweak it however you like and i would love to see pictures if any of you decide to try your own!

to download, save, or print the banner letters from my photobucket
click here

(just click on each image separately, make sure it's sized 100%,  right click if you're a pc, and print!)

p.s. beware of being covered in glitter for days.

days off

oh how i love a good lazy day off.
today has been laying in bed watching gone with the wind, morning bike rides with max to get donuts, football in the backyard, digging through christmas boxes and really starting to deck these halls, plenty of baking for tomorrow, lots of mimi scratches and lovin, watching charlie brown thanksgiving while charlie brown christmas music is playing in the office.
the house is bustling and cluttered and i wouldn't have it any other way.
i'll be back tomorrow for one last thankful thursday post...but for those of you off to celebrate with family i'll say a very very happy thanksgiving from my little family to yours!

i'm so very thankful for all of you...for this tiny space on the internet...for the wonderful sense of community we have and share together.
really and truly!