Things made new

Easter/Spring 2015

And just like that we've fallen into our springtime rhythm...greens and blossoms and dirt under the nails as if it never snowed and we never lost our breath from the cold. Phoebe girl plants bare toes onto rainy grass and takes off like a caged being on the lam. Muddy wellies and hooded things replace heavy coats and scarves and we take in gulps of fresh air feeling forever grateful for all things made new again.

easter bunnies

this holiday weekend was as wild and sweet and hectic and filling as any other easter yet. having tiny little phoebe bunny baby here this year made the whole holiday seem anew. max was forever thrilled to show her the ways of the easter bunny and hiding eggs and waking up before sunrise to find easter spoils.

i'm proud to say bee kept her bonnet on her head most of the day and max made it another year believing in the easter bunny and i only ate a million and a half jelly beans. not too shabby if you don't take into account the dozens of boiled eggs for deviling i ruined (and the one i crushed with my bare hands during a private temper tantrum..haha. ack!) i shake my fists at you boiled eggs...oh how peeling you without ripping you to shreds confounds me!!!
hoping you all had a lovely and sunshiny and tantrum-free easter! 

*baby bonnet from etsy// vintage bunny bag from magic cabin // bunny illustration from the book "runaway bunny"// pretty flower picture from the rifle notebooks (now at target!)

eggs in a basket

today is sunshiny and busy busy preparing for easter this weekend. lots of egg boiling and painting and practicing keeping phoebe's bonnet on her head. i'm convinced that there isn't much better than an easter bunny baby wearing a hat. phoebe is convinced otherwise..haha.

it's all just part of the long standing easter tradition of stratton girls being stuffed in uncomfortable clothes against their will. (scratchy lace collars and jellies with socks, anyone?)

jelly belly

yesterday was such a lovely day filled with lots of sweets, church and good singing, a easter bunny boy in a fedora and forever untucked shirt, egg hunts and 4 easter baskets and lots of cackling and shrieking with sisters.
it's always a hoot having the family together...getting to all be together at the house we grew up in...running around after our little ones in the yard. 
easter is good to us like that...

hoping everyone had a beautiful weekend!

there is much and much to be thankful for...minus the easter candy stomachaches. 

happy monday!

easter parade

thank you all so so much for the good and healing comments! 
today i feel most like myself and back to my old tricks...and we've been easter egg coloring and carrot cake whoopie pie baking to our heart's content!
i love this time of year...with all of it's beautiful colors and traditions. it would have been a shame to miss it!

max and i tried our hand at natural-dyed eggs this year. despite some odd smells (i'm looking at you two, turmeric and vinegar) max thought it was a real hoot getting to use odds and ends from the kitchen to color our eggs. 
and i think they turned out really lovely. 

(we used instructions to make the dye found here)

max is with his dad this weekend so the easter bunny made a special stop at the house this morning!
i'm forever grateful that my little guy still believes in all the good stuff. i don't know what i'll do when the day comes where i won't be crouched on his bedroom floor at 2 in the morning laying a trail of eggs from his bed to his easter basket.

happy easter, sweet friends!
 here's hoping it's filled with lots of wonderful food and family and memories of horrible scratchy easter dresses, bonnets, and jellies.


p.s. me and my droid have joined the instagraming world! huzzah!
you can find me @ katiespencilbox!
i have 11 pictures and there's no turning back....haha