to market to market

late summer saturdays just might be my favorite...warm sun and breezy air, always something to do or get yourself into. today was for hiding out with ears of sweet corn and peppers and whoopie pies, lemonade and bottled soda. i had my two little bobbins in tow, making it all the nicer. we've been all over town today with no desire to go home...
i can hardly believe this is the last weekend before school starts wednesday. this summer has flown right by!
we have a few more warm weather tricks up our sleeves, county fairs and a quick trip north to the beach next weekend, but there is definitely a hurried feeling in the air.

hoping your weekend is going swell! 

peach plum pear

saturday morning matt and i found some time to sneak away together and hunt for fresh fruits and local honey (perfect for those seasonal allergies)
this time of year is the best for visiting all the little roadside shops...and makes running normal errands feel like a bit of a date. matt and i are taking what we can get these days!

if i weren't 9 months pregnant and craving hamburgers and deep fried anythings on a daily, i could live off of all of these local peaches and plums and pears!


buckets of berries

it's the beginning of strawberry season and there is nothing better this time of year than freshly picked berries straight out of the sun. there is a sweetness that is all but forgotten during the winter that i was reminded of this morning as my sister amy and i stopped for quarts and quarts to take home.

each one is a sweet little reminder that summer is coming not too far...

to market

there's a farmer's market in our neighborhood that i finally took myself to this morning.
it was a little bit sad, with just a handful of venders, but the few that were there were sweet and attentive and kind.
it's nice to spend a saturday with those kinds of people.
and i made it home with some lettuce for salads tonight, granola, and fresh bread.

another summer perk! 
hoping your saturday has been a laid back one.