Design Mom Feature

It's been forever and a day since I've been here...I almost forgot how to log in. haha. Ack! 
I hope this finds you all well and if you're reading this, thank you for sticking with me! I didn't intend on being away so long but here we are. 

I got an email from Gabrielle over at Design Mom a few weeks ago to see if I would like to contribute to her Living With Kids feature and I couldn't pass it up. 

I shared pictures of our house these days and some thoughts on love and divorce, living in a rougher neighborhood, steering clear of blogging and social media, and of course, living and decorating with kids.


smelling the roses

hi friends! sending love and love to you all. i've been spending some time with my family...finishing up work projects...and dreaming a bit. bee learned how to smell (and not eat) flowers last week...and there was just something so breathtakingly beautiful about it and her and those tiny little heavy breaths in. anyways, it made me realize in my own small way how an'ache i was for a genuine, authentic life...filled with smelling life's roses (and maybe sometime eating them too). little ones have a way of reminding us of that..

we're leaving for the ocean on friday. a week away with the loves of my life..time to paint...time to rest...time to collect way too many seashells. (while i'm away you can see peeks of our trip on instagram: @katiespencilbox)

p.s. the summer issue of anthology magazine is coming out and me and matt...our bobbins and our house are all featured inside. here is the trailer and bits from our photo shoot!

Issue No. 12 Trailer from Anthology Magazine on Vimeo.

a studio tour

hi hi friends! april is turning out to be one busy and hectic month...but i suppose those things go hand in hand with warmer and longer days. regardless, i can't wait to have a quiet block of time alone to sit and catch up with all of you!

i've gotten settled into my studio space and am sharing it and some of the details with elsie and the girls over at a beautiful mess today!

read more here! hope you all are having a wonderful week. 

here and there

happy happy april, friends! i tried pulling a fool on max yesterday but it turns out i'm the worst at keeping a poker face...and coming up with viable sneaky stories. (it involved some terrible story about taking him to a kid factory and making him work 12 hour days during spring break. he didn't buy it. and i think he felt a little bit sorry for me...haha.)--- maybe i should keep my sights set on pranks or gag gifts next april fools day...

anyways, buddy is on spring break this week and we've been lazing around and working on our dollhouse and soaking up good time together. i thought i would pop in tonight to let you know i'm over at FRANKIE magazine this month for their "postcard series" where i gush about ohio and living in dayton and taking pictures of all of it.

i also contributed to Emma Magazine 's april issue! (pg. 12 and viewable online! click here to read)

oh and p.s. i did an interview about max and bee and being their mama for little hip squeaks a couple of months ago that i never shared! go take a peek!

hoping you all had the loveliest tuesday.

At home at ABM

happy monday, friends!
i'm over at A Beautiful Mess today sharing one of my favorite spots at home...go take a peek! and thanks again and again to elsie and the girls for having me!

tonight is max's first basketball practice with matt as his coach. matt had me go out and buy a whistle for him to wear around his neck...the whole thing makes me swoon. haha. after practice, bee and i have big plans of making donkey and elephant shaped cookies for election night tomorrow night. 
happy voting to all! and three cheers for the end of political ads on the tv!


worn in

i apologize for such a quiet week around here!
it's been a funny one...i've been in the same clothes for 3 days straight with work deadlines and a quick hospital stay (they forced me into a wheelchair yelling "she's in labor" but it turned out to be a silly kidney issue...good grief!)
on the bright side, my hair is washed...i've got the night to myself...and my baby shower is this weekend! all good reasons to take these stretchy pants off already! 

p.s. i'm making my rounds on the internet this week...

N.E.E.T. magazine asked me to contribute to their summer issue out today! go take a peek!

and over at Country Living Magazine online i shared one of my favorite spots in dayton!


happy happy first day of june!

in their home tour

 happy happy monday!
our little house, finished and unfinished, is over at the veda house today and tomorrow for her "in their home" feature!
cassie's blog is one of my favorite places to swoon over beautiful design and get peeks into amazing homes...
go take a look!

i hope everyone's weekend was a good one! today is for last minute valentining, a trip to the post office (goodby kinfolk vol 4 paintings!), and a mexican lunch date with one of my loveliest gals.


february photo a day friday

the days pass so quickly's almost impossible to slow them down.
this week we celebrated my amazing dad on his birthday, baby turned into the size of a bell pepper, and max started making his birthday invitations (his birthday is in july). 

i hope you all have a wonderful valentine's weekend! 
if you're up for a quick story of romance and hot dogs, hop over to a handful of peanuts. i shared a bit me and matt's story with her readers for her month of love feature.

p.s. thank you all much and much for the sweet modcloth lovin! it's been pretty amazing to see the opportunities that this little blog has been given over the past year.