costume hunting

foy's in fairborn is our favorite costume shopping haunt. and it's a tradition to visit a few times a year (it's open year round...a whole block of costume shops and a diner and a 5 and dime!)

we went there last night to start hunting max's costume for halloween this year.
without fail, every year he changes his mind about a million far this time around there have been talks of a robot to justin "beaver" (a beaver in a purple sweat jacket and cockeyed hat?) to an army guy.

i tried talking him into the abraham lincoln costume last night but he just kept holding up the bloody and terrible zombie garbage truck driver costume.
i clearly don't know much about 8 year old boys...haha

luckily, we settled on him being a jailbird...

happy happy weekend, friends.

happy happy halloweeeeen!

our halloween party saturday night was a real hoot!
matt and i went as a creepy ventriloquist and his dapper doll!
needless to say, we both looked pretty disgusting. haha.
i'm usually not the kind of gal to wear overtly sexy costumes ( i learned my lesson when i was 18...i wore a school girl uniform to a party and hit a deer with my car on the way home. i had to wait for my dad on the side of the road in the middle of the night dressed like a tart. never again, halloween!)...but this year, this year...i was oozing with sensuality. haha. i think it was the plaid boy pants.

we karaoked and danced and jigged the night away. amy and nate made the finest cleopatra and mark antony!
i have more incriminating photos on my facebook...they truly are terrible. and i think it's safe to say matt has never looked better.

i hope all of you had a wonderful hallows eve weekend!
and happy happy halloween!

 halloween spooks- lambert, hendricks & ross

my favorite halloween haunt in town is in downtown fairborn. the whole street is lined with costume stores and halloween goodies. it's open year round, which is a treat, but it really comes alive around this time of year...spooky scary music playing over loud speakers...ghosts and goblins flying on the rooftops. 
oh, it's the best!
 tonight is tricks and treats!
and i have a little ninja to get ready. 

happy halloween, loves!

growth, change, and more root beer

our guy finished up his last day of kindergarten...and my goodness does it taste semi-sweet.
it's such an amazing gift to get to watch your little one grow up and take on the world, but the mama in me has a little bit of a selfish ache for the everydays spent at home with my tiny friend...sweet baby max belly-scooting around on the floor like a little sea turtle...eating paper and rolling up in the chunkiest ball when you chugged his cheeks. 
the road from eating paper to reading and writing on it went a little too fast for my liking. 

i'm sure i've said this before, but as much as i miss those days with him, the good news is that the stuff 6 and 7 year max is made of is just as sweet and wonderful yet beautifully different in all the ways that change is refreshing and needed. 

and i guess i say all of that to say this new and simple truth about myself: i'm not done being a mama.
i want more babies someday and to see my guy be the biggest big brother.
there was a time when i couldn't see any of that..but life keeps nudging and dissolving the absolutes we set around ourselves.
 good change brings about even better change.
 and that's that.
so in the meantime, we're celebrating the present.
trying to live wholeheartedly in what is right now and all the fullness and contentment that can be in it.
and for us, that's living it up with our one and only kindergarten graduate...taking him out for greasy diner food and shopping at the costume store (which is a tradition we started last year)
...drinking, yet another round, of root beer floats 
(i need to be stopped)
and enjoying our little company of 3.