seed to start to food

it's garden planting time! we skipped tending one last year while i was very pregnant and i couldn't wait to get back into the swing of things this time around. we've been spending our days gathering up seeds and starts and forever trying to get dirty hands clean. bee has the most eager little trouble fingers...ripping away at lettuce leaves and raking up dirt to mouth. max is a sweet teacher to her..."this is a pumpkin seed, bee"...and "aaahhh...don't eat that!".

gardening has always been a bit of a "cross your fingers/here's hoping" kind of hobby for us. but every year a little something catches and grows. max calls it magic when seeds sprout and vegetables are plucked and food is washed and ready for dinner. i think he's right on the money...

happy monday, friends!

greenhouse heart

bee and i have been hiding away in the quiet greenhouse these snowy and rainy days. i not-so-secretly stick my fingers down into the dirt and run my palms across greenest greens. it does wonders for a soul already looking forward to springtime. we leave with frizziest humidity hair and sacks of plants and reminders from the people working that its okay for me to poke at the plants. it's a thing. apparently i'm not the only one needing a little winter healing...
senses today-- pinching succulent leaves // smelling the last bits of our winter candles // tasting leftovers from a homemade dinner with friends // listening to max spin wild tales of his school day // reading walt whitman's song of the open road over and over again...

weeding and elbow grease

a bit of normalcy has finally headed back home and is settling in around here. newness is wearing and blending in with the old. it's a happy place to be.
max is home and crazy as ever...days are devoted to cleaning and laundry and i finally got back outside in my element...pulling weeds and digging in dirt. 
(something i haven't been able to do since being pregnant...3 cheers for a napping baby and being able to bend over again!)

it's amazing what a little weeding and elbow grease can do for a girl's sense of self...

signs of summer

summer is bursting at the seams...with our summer baby bee finally here...a garden full of tiny tomatoes... a vase of freshly cut purple weeds on the table because no other flower has survived the heat. max smells of forever sunscreen and pool and matt has developed a green thumb during his time off of work.

the days are running together in the best kind of way and even though we haven't done much with our summer yet, this has to be my most favorite one yet. things are simple...and happy.
if ever there were a time to own a hammock and a shade tree it would be now...


today has been filled with lots of funny and happy things...matt surprising me with him having the afternoon off // lots of orange // slow dancing and doing the frug to old ludacris // his and her outdoor work (and finally planting the collection of roses i discovered matt buying in the middle of the night off of QVC...catching him on the phone whispering with a QVC operator will forever be one of my favorite memories of him ) // bbq dinner out // ornery max and mimi // open window bedtime

hoping your thursday was a fine one! 

buckets of berries

it's the beginning of strawberry season and there is nothing better this time of year than freshly picked berries straight out of the sun. there is a sweetness that is all but forgotten during the winter that i was reminded of this morning as my sister amy and i stopped for quarts and quarts to take home.

each one is a sweet little reminder that summer is coming not too far...

flowers and stones

i love this time of year with all of her yellow and wish-and-blow dandelions...whirly birds twirling down from tall trees and seedling starting to put on a show. 

it calls for a day of dirty hands and funny over-sized garden hats i think...weed pulling and snack breaks in the shade...


p.s. i can't thank you all enough for the sweetness about the peony wall in sis's room! 

it's funny, before i posted the pictures i had an itch to paint over the whole thing and do something a little less bold. i'm clearly in no position to be making decisions in all my pregnant state. haha. 
so i thank you again and again for allowing me to see the wall fresh and new through your eyes!


how does your garden grow

i'm daydreaming over my garden today...itching to get my bare hands in the dirt and seeing what pops up!
i've found a sweet kind of therapy in sowing seeds and pulling weeds. this year's garden will be a good soulful place for me to find some peace while we wait for our own little sweet pea sis to pop up come july!
we're hoping for lettuce and radish and squash and cucumber this year...and i'm already looking forward to being barefoot and pregnant and filthy.
there's just something about garden soil under the nails that can take a gal to the heavens!

california-part 2 huntington botanicals

we all agreed that the gardens at the huntington would be the most ideal place for a blanket, a book, and a snack. it was definitely a place i wished i could have packed away and taken home with me. we only planned on stopping in for a bit but ended up staying half the day...walking through the gardens, sitting under shade trees, laying in the grass.
and now that i'm home, i've got my memories of the sun and the gardens there stowed away to save for a cold and snowy ohio day.

carrot top

our poor little garden didn't fare so well this year...too many critters and hot sun and vacation days away without watering. but last night we discovered that our carrots are alive and well and busting at the seams! i've spent the better part of the rainy afternoon here in ohio digging up the perfect carrot recipes...cookies and cakes and tortes and soup.
it all has me dreaming up all sorts of fall baking projects for me and max. 
i can hardly believe it's right around the corner.

how does your garden grow...

our little garden is thriving and growing and is a real beauty!
max was right. it's just like magic. 
today i clipped some lettuce and we had our first sun-kissed summer garden lunch. 
and my goodness, did it taste just that much sweeter knowing we've taken care of it all along the way.

although, i think we may have planted a bit too much. 
dear local friends and family, expect little bundles of vegetable gifts wrapped in a bow on your porches this fall. 


garden party

the rain stepped aside just long enough last night for me and max to finally get our vegetable garden planted.
 i was bursting all weekend for him to get home to me and our seed packets and starts.
we're growing lettuce, asparagus, peas, corn, tomatoes, peppers, squash, herbs, pumpkins and a sunflower this year. or rather, that's what we planted. i've learned that there are no guarantees when it comes to my gardening skills.

gardening together has become a tradition for me and max and it's one of the greatest joys of my life.
(see tiny max with our first garden here)
there's something about watching buddy and his little fingers poke and pat at the soil...really caring for and nurturing something.

he still sees seeds growing into plants growing into vegetables as magic and i have my fingers crossed that that never changes. 
i kind of see it that way too. or anyways, he reminds me of that.
 so even though there was crying over spilled seeds and we may have a little bit of everything growing in each square...if he's learned anything from his old ma it's that deformed carrot pants and chaotic gardens may be even more magical than the ones that actually predictably yield something.

it's getting your hands dirty that really counts.


the may sun and breeze have stolen my heart. 
i am sun burnt and filthy and never have been happier about it in my life.

i've been out all morning attempting to spray paint cabana stripes on a $10 outdoor rug for the back patio.
my hunt for a store bought one ended when i saw dollar signs in the hundreds. ack! 
so far as i can tell, making my own is going to be a real disaster.
i'm a mess of tape and paint over here...with no guarantees.
but the skies are clear, the sun is out, 
and at the very least i get a funny story and one ugly rug out of the deal.
p.s. how is it wednesday already?

awake my soul

i woke up this morning with a stiff back and dirt still under my nails.
i definitely did not have a breakfast in bed kind of mother's day, but purely by choice.
i did spend some time to myself in the morning, writing and thinking and taking stock.
but my guys built me a garden box and gave me the most beautiful flowers for my day, so the rest of it was devoted to ripping up sod and having church in the soil.
..playing football and digging up grubs and worms and smooching on my little man, feeling extra thankful for being his mama.

it was my kind of day.
and this warm weather we're having is right up my alley. 

happy monday, friends!
i hope everyone's mother's day was spent with lots of love