eat pancakes

pancake mornings with sis makes for a messy kitchen floor covered in floury little hand and foot prints...measuring cups and spoons scattered about...and half eaten strawberries thrown in the mix for good measure. i think it's going to be our monday tradition.

happy happy new week to everyone!

november tune

finding inspiration in late season goods today...persimmon and pomegranate...nuts and winter greens.
i don't think i've stopped much to notice how really lovely this time of the year is...i'm always rushing it along. but really there is a sweet quietness about it...a calm before holidays rush.
i've started a smidgen of decorating for christmas...and have been listening to more than a smidgen of christmas music. (which i swore to myself, and matt, that i wouldn't do so early this year). i blame the frosty mornings for all of that...

tomato soup weather

happy happy friday!
today we have tomato soup and grilled cheese weather outside...cold and chilly and overcast. 
with the first of fall a week away i'd say it's right on time. i read somewhere recently to add cinnamon toast to tomato soup to give it a bit of a warm spice. i'm not that brave, but did try adding ground cinnamon instead and it is pretty great! the smell is fall in a bowl...the color too.

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 
there is a flea market extravaganza this weekend with my name on it. and i tend not to skip things with "extravaganza" in the title...
p.s. thank you so much for such an amazing response on my closet sale! i couldn't believe how fast everything went...and just like the vacuum, my first thought was to hurry and raid my closet of every last great piece to put up so everyone could have something..haha.
i did manage to find some more good stuff that i'm happy to part with and pass along...i'll have them up sometime next week!
(and with fare warning this time so everyone has an equal chance to look around)

you guys are the best! 
(and to those that did snag something, i have them wrapped and ready to ship out this weekend!)


speaking of ice cream...

while we're on the subject...the boys and bee and i stopped off in columbus' short north district to eat some jeni's splendid ice cream while we were in town over the weekend.
you can get small bits of jeni's around dayton, but there is something really special about being in a much color and good flavors and smells (those yellow stools!)!

max fell in love with all the murals and people watching on high street, and really the whole city itself. he's making big plans to live in a big high rise in columbus when he gets a little older...the higher the better so we can watch fireworks and eat jeni's whenever we please, he says. 

i love that adult max wants to get ice cream with me...

sweet corn ice cream

i love september and its mix and mash of seasons...summer heat and fall by day and sprinklers and bike rides til night.
the farmers market down the road is selling off last bits of their ohio sweet's the perfect time to make some ice cream!

i used this recipe for sweet corn ice cream here, blending the kernels in the blender to have less chunks and adding a bit more vanilla! 
 it really is delicious, especially if you toss in some blackberries too...the perfect end of summer treat!

to market to market

late summer saturdays just might be my favorite...warm sun and breezy air, always something to do or get yourself into. today was for hiding out with ears of sweet corn and peppers and whoopie pies, lemonade and bottled soda. i had my two little bobbins in tow, making it all the nicer. we've been all over town today with no desire to go home...
i can hardly believe this is the last weekend before school starts wednesday. this summer has flown right by!
we have a few more warm weather tricks up our sleeves, county fairs and a quick trip north to the beach next weekend, but there is definitely a hurried feeling in the air.

hoping your weekend is going swell! 

warm cookies and cloud gazing

i cherish these quiet moments with my guy...baking up sweet things in the oven and finding elephants and sea horse and bikes floating by in the sky. the summer storms that have been rolling through lately have made for some really great cloud gazing. max can't stop asking for my camera to snap photos of them in all their various shapes and colors and ways of moving around. 
add cookies to the mix and there is pure bliss to be found...

tomorrow max is off for one last week away with his dad, then it's time to start planning for school!
 i can just smell the new school shoes and pencils and paper now...

4th of july mini pies

oh how i love the 4th of july!
the best colors and food and really i'll take anything that ends in late summer night fireworks.

to celebrate we're snacking on mini mason jar pies around and cherry and blueberry, respectively. they're the perfect little servings and loads of fun to make (which has been a happy distraction while waiting on this baby already)

you can find the recipe here...


peach plum pear

saturday morning matt and i found some time to sneak away together and hunt for fresh fruits and local honey (perfect for those seasonal allergies)
this time of year is the best for visiting all the little roadside shops...and makes running normal errands feel like a bit of a date. matt and i are taking what we can get these days!

if i weren't 9 months pregnant and craving hamburgers and deep fried anythings on a daily, i could live off of all of these local peaches and plums and pears!


summer berry macarons

i love a good macaron...especially making them at home! 
(even if mine do always turn out a little lumpy dumpy and funny looking)

 each one tastes special...a bit fancy.
my new favorite is a summer berry macaron...strawberries and raspberries with a whipped lemon curd cream. don't mind if i do!

to make your own follow martha's parisian macaron recipe ( i use a pre-ground bag of almonds from trader joe's baking section ) and skip her filling recommendations.

for the summer berry filling- cut up some strawberries and raspberries. leave some for topping and take a cup or so of the rest and puree them with some confectioners sugar to taste. 

using 2 cups of heavy whipping cream, whip under peaks form and fold in a few spoonfuls of lemon curd (also found at trader joe's). i like lots of lemon so i added a bit more as i went along. 

drop a bit of the lemon cream on a macaron half...add berries...and drizzle with berry puree. top off with other macaron half. 

the perfect summer treat.

splish splash

max's messy paint party was a real splash! lots of washable paint and silly string and water balloons being hurled about.
it's not everyday you're allowed to make a big mess...max was in his glory!

party details
for decorations we just hung up an old sheet and splattered it with paint and water...added more oh happy day dot garland...and laid out goggles and paint cans and sweets and towels.

i bought large containers of washable paint (dumped into spray bottles with water and metal paint buckets) and hung a 10x12 white drop cloth from the clothes line for the little ones to splatter. after they were covered in paint we pulled out the slip n slide and more water balloons so they could clean off the dried paint.


oh how i love throwing funny parties for my little guy...only he's becoming not so little these days.
i wonder if he'll still let me do these things when he's 16?

Splish Splash by Bobby Darin on Grooveshark

signs of summer

it's officially feeling like summer around here.
colorful ice pops and cold soda...little boys and dogs drinking from the same watering hose...lightning bugs in a jar by the bed at night for a night all makes me so happy!

today was max's last day of school and we have a few more lazy hazy weeks left until baby comes.
i'm so excited to have him home with me...we have plenty of mama-son summer adventuring to get in!

cherry without a stone

we're back into the swing of things around here...lots of summer projects and folding baby clothes and spitting cherry pits in the shade. sis is coming fast (she's due july 10th!) and instead of panic i'm left with a bit of peace and come-what-may feelings. it's a bit of a surprise...and a true gift for my mind and my body as they prepare for the big day...but not so much of a gift to the unfinished baby things yet to do.

c'est la vie...pass the cherries!

p.s. remembering doc today...

The Riddle Song by Doc Watson on Grooveshark 

happy wednesday, loves!