still summer sun

happy happy summer solstice, friends! those words together have such a snappy ring to them, don't they? or anyways, this day always makes me want to cover the house in flowers and plant myself flat on the ground...time to be still with a bluest blue sky view. summer is such a romantic time of year!

here's to a wonderful about a little summer music to get things hoppin'!

ice cream summer by katie stratton on Grooveshark

love day songs

hello february...goodbye sad winter doldrums! (or anyways, at least that's the hope). valentines has a knack for stirring in all sorts of goodness and color into the winter pot.

tonight it's just baby and me. we're feeling a little under the weather...but are keeping spirits up by painting and peekabooing and dancing to gushy songs. la la love!

valentime by katie stratton on Grooveshark

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graveyard boogie

today is tops on my list of favorite holidays...we didn't celebrate it growing up so as an adult i guess i'm making up for lost time...and sweets.
we're spending the day listening to spooky music and finishing up last minute costuming for bee. tonight we take the little ones out for tricks and treats, despite the rain and cold.
it's going to be such a treat having our new little pumpkin baby sis along for the ride this year...

happy happy halloween, friends!

(some music to keep things festive...)

splish splash

max's messy paint party was a real splash! lots of washable paint and silly string and water balloons being hurled about.
it's not everyday you're allowed to make a big mess...max was in his glory!

party details
for decorations we just hung up an old sheet and splattered it with paint and water...added more oh happy day dot garland...and laid out goggles and paint cans and sweets and towels.

i bought large containers of washable paint (dumped into spray bottles with water and metal paint buckets) and hung a 10x12 white drop cloth from the clothes line for the little ones to splatter. after they were covered in paint we pulled out the slip n slide and more water balloons so they could clean off the dried paint.


oh how i love throwing funny parties for my little guy...only he's becoming not so little these days.
i wonder if he'll still let me do these things when he's 16?

Splish Splash by Bobby Darin on Grooveshark

cherry without a stone

we're back into the swing of things around here...lots of summer projects and folding baby clothes and spitting cherry pits in the shade. sis is coming fast (she's due july 10th!) and instead of panic i'm left with a bit of peace and come-what-may feelings. it's a bit of a surprise...and a true gift for my mind and my body as they prepare for the big day...but not so much of a gift to the unfinished baby things yet to do.

c'est la vie...pass the cherries!

p.s. remembering doc today...

The Riddle Song by Doc Watson on Grooveshark 

happy wednesday, loves!

odd days and artichokes

i couldn't sleep this morning. i suppose my body has all sorts of nervous energy these days. by 5:30 i was up and in the car driving around...hoping to be able to catch the sunrise or some inspiration...but instead ended up home an hour later with one lone artichoke from the grocery store and a wings song stuck in my head.

i counted the minutes by the tens until it was time to wake max up...i put on a dress and killed some time by searching the internet for funny pictures of cowboy cats and animals in people clothes to stuff in max's lunch and book bag. i hummed along to the song in my head.

odd early mornings and inexplicable vegetable purchases like these seem to be the recipe for a really wonderful and inspirational thursday...or anyways, at least i have something new to throw in for dinner tonight.

Let 'Em In by PMcCartneyWings on Grooveshark



currently loving---springtime in dayton, colorful stamps and pretty cards, the smell of freshly cut plywood (we started laying our family room floor this weekend!), wedge heels that make me feel me a tad bit taller and a little less of a waddler, max's obsession with tv personality tom bergeron (max sings songs about tom living in our hearts and under the moonlight...also, he makes me call him tom bergeron sometimes and, in turn, he calls me tom's wife, michelle...this is normal mother/son stuff, right?), my butternut squash-sized baby girl and all of her dancing about (hello, 3rd trimester!), kelly ann's music monday this week...i love discovering new music through her!

The Bird Song by Alessi's Ark on Grooveshark 

hoping your week is going so so fine!