Phoebe talks about "Mingos" (Flamingos) at least twice a day, everyday. We're not sure where or how she got so attached to them, but I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that they're very very pink. I spruced up a store-bought flamingo costume with lots of scalloped fabric and hot glue and we met my sister Amy and nephew Juju for tricks and treats.

Maxy decided he has officially reached spoilsport-age and is too old to dress up. And I'm sorry to say I've been taking the news like a real sad sack! Change is always strange, but especially so when traditions or stuffing your kids into funny costumes is involved. 

Nevertheless, it was a hilarious night with these two little ones. It turns out flamingo Phoebe is a candy mooch who, when left to her own devices, refused to leave a porch without a second or third helping...and poor Juju at one point was found banging himself up against a tree in some sort of robot, short-circuited, candy stupor. It was wild and funny and stressful in the kind of endearing way that only 3 year old's can get away with. Just as it should be.

Happy happy Halloween, friends!

tricks and treats

Hoping you all had a Halloween as wonderfully sugared up and strange as ours was. Ours almost didn't come to be, with Max declaring himself too old to dress up this year and Phoebe panicking at the sight of the 50 lb Minnie Mouse ears and hat I was making for her. But it all shook out in the end (runny noses and weather be damned!) and just might turn out being our favorite tricks and treats yet! It's amazing what little/no expectations can do. haha. And never underestimate the power of a fixed-expression JFK mask to make any situation hilarious (or terrifying, depending if you ask Bee)... 
 Happy happy November, friends!

tricks and treats

our tricks and treats was a little bit patched together this year but still one of my favorite nights. bee wore the same bumblebee costume max wore when he was 1...it did my heart so much good to see that little stinger buzzing around again. max went as minecraft steve and i can't even begin to tell you the shenanigans that came along with that square head (silent shirtless dancing steve, creeping up and staring at you in the dark steve, "stop that please, you're scaring your sister" steve).

the night ended with a dance party at home and pillowcase candy with lots of sticky fingers and chicken tacos before bed. a fine way to send off our halloween.

trick and treats

we had a doozey of a halloween this year...rain and cold and two sick boys with a baby who pooed up the back of her white costume before we even got started. (she had it out for that french clown costume the minute the ruffle collar went on...)
but it's the funny and hectic moments like that that make you glad your little family is a team...that papa doesn't mind changing disastrous diapers while mama tails after her jailbird boy to snap some pictures.
divide and conquer!

so it wasn't the perfect tricks and treats, but max brought home a pillowcase full of riches and sweets and there was something really fantastic about being out and about and breathing in the first bits of cold wintery air.

is it possible for a baby to acknowledge demeaning situations? haha
because i'm convinced sis is well aware...

hoping you all had a wonderful halloween and hopefully you fared a little bit better than we did trick or treating!

graveyard boogie

today is tops on my list of favorite holidays...we didn't celebrate it growing up so as an adult i guess i'm making up for lost time...and sweets.
we're spending the day listening to spooky music and finishing up last minute costuming for bee. tonight we take the little ones out for tricks and treats, despite the rain and cold.
it's going to be such a treat having our new little pumpkin baby sis along for the ride this year...

happy happy halloween, friends!

(some music to keep things festive...)

costume hunting

foy's in fairborn is our favorite costume shopping haunt. and it's a tradition to visit a few times a year (it's open year round...a whole block of costume shops and a diner and a 5 and dime!)

we went there last night to start hunting max's costume for halloween this year.
without fail, every year he changes his mind about a million times..so far this time around there have been talks of a robot to justin "beaver" (a beaver in a purple sweat jacket and cockeyed hat?) to an army guy.

i tried talking him into the abraham lincoln costume last night but he just kept holding up the bloody and terrible zombie garbage truck driver costume.
i clearly don't know much about 8 year old boys...haha

luckily, we settled on him being a jailbird...

happy happy weekend, friends.

candy apples and gum

trick and treats was especially lovely and spooky last night!
matt and i power-walked around town trying to keep up with our ninja and his candy-filled pillowcase. he was a man on a mission! 
we were going to bring mimi along...but i think i depressed her by putting her in a banana costume. she stayed home to sulk.

anyways, it was the perfect night to be out and about. 
chilly air and leaves crunching under foot...hot apple cider and frequent stops to sneak into the candy bag.
we're left this morning with bits of costume strewn all around the house and a huge bowl full of candy hidden on top of the refrigerator. i may or may not have already sneaked a few pieces for breakfast.
here's hoping all of you had a wonderful halloween!

happy happy halloweeeeen!

our halloween party saturday night was a real hoot!
matt and i went as a creepy ventriloquist and his dapper doll!
needless to say, we both looked pretty disgusting. haha.
i'm usually not the kind of gal to wear overtly sexy costumes ( i learned my lesson when i was 18...i wore a school girl uniform to a party and hit a deer with my car on the way home. i had to wait for my dad on the side of the road in the middle of the night dressed like a tart. never again, halloween!)...but this year, this year...i was oozing with sensuality. haha. i think it was the plaid boy pants.

we karaoked and danced and jigged the night away. amy and nate made the finest cleopatra and mark antony!
i have more incriminating photos on my facebook...they truly are terrible. and i think it's safe to say matt has never looked better.

i hope all of you had a wonderful hallows eve weekend!
and happy happy halloween!

 halloween spooks- lambert, hendricks & ross

my favorite halloween haunt in town is in downtown fairborn. the whole street is lined with costume stores and halloween goodies. it's open year round, which is a treat, but it really comes alive around this time of year...spooky scary music playing over loud speakers...ghosts and goblins flying on the rooftops. 
oh, it's the best!
 tonight is tricks and treats!
and i have a little ninja to get ready. 

happy halloween, loves!

5 favorites of fall: small gatherings

hosting small parties, purposeful ones and for no good reason parties, is something i cherish. 
and it's definitely something i look forward to this time of year as the holidays roll around.

tonight matt and max and i are having a small gathering of friends and family over for soup and pumpkin carving...caramel apples and kettle corn and bluegrass records.
there is nothing better than making a fuss over the people you love the most!

happy happy weekend, friends!
tomorrow, matt and i are heading over to my sister amy's house for her and nate's annual halloween party. our costumes are pretty ridiculous this year! 
i'll have lots to share come sunday.

5 favorites of fall: tricks and treats

 dressing my buddy up in funny costumes and toting him around town for candy on halloween night is definitely something i look forward to this time of year! he's been some doosy of some characters...a bumble bee (ssqqquueee! baby max!), a jester, a knight, batman, a skele, a cowboy, and this year....a ninja? boys! i try to make his costumes for tricks and treats but he's bucking the system this year. he found a ninja costume at the store that made his heart skip a beat...dragons and ying yangs and all...and mama couldn't refuse. 
(but between you and me...i'm making him a back up homemade costume anyways..haha)
growing up, we didn't celebrate halloween. and i never particularity felt deprived...my mom would usually take us out for a movie or have a "harvest party" on trick or treat night. but it's always been something i've been fascinated by, always seeming just a little bit forbidden. and something i knew for sure i would want to experience through my little ones when i was an adult!

although a harvest party sounds pretty good too!
so let me live vicariously through all of your childhoods! what was your favorite halloween costume when you were little?

awake my soul

good morning! happy monday!
we made it back from chicago and had a real fine time. max is always a funny guy to go on a road trip with...so much singing and dancing to bad music and odd conversation. i've always been fond of spending time adventuring with him...even if he does turn into a backseat driver or spells and reads signs aloud like a little old man the entire 5 hour trip. 

today we're back into the swing of things. our family is all home and accounted for!
i've been sketching out and planning halloween costumes all morning instead of working and don't feel a bit bad about it! ...maybe a little.
regardless, the sun is out and leaves are falling and life is good. oh so good.