do over

my goodness, the silence this week! some of it was spent with sweet and simple uninterrupted time with my family, while the rest was 7 days of stripey pajama pants and being on hold with mean insurance ladies...not all bad, but definitely nothing to write home about.

the truth is sometimes life has a way of sucking the air out of a week...and then a 7 month old comes in after that and refuses to go more than a hour and a half without nursing at night. and all that to say...i'm spent. but the beauty of a slow burn down is the preternatural ability to hold onto small hopes...relish in tiny victories...and cry like a big joyful crybaby at 5 in the morning after realizing you accidentally got 4 straight hours of sleep. it's the little things that keep us afloat, no?

so 3 cheers for bowlfuls of blueberries and paintings you could take with you into every room...3 cheers for stripey pajama pants and the afternoon sunshine and the way getting to be a mama to my max and bee makes it all worthwhile. 

and 3 cheers to a happy happy weekend, friends!
let's have a do over next week...


this week has been for living in matt's woolens and warm sweaters...our tiny house smelling of evergreen and hot chocolate...dreaming of cranberry sauce and a new baby nephew (coming oh so soon!)...checking  for faulty christmas bulbs and woefully embracing my new balding head (i'm losing hair left and right over here...ack.)
 we've been record spinning, chapter book reading, floor sweeping, grilled cheese making, basketballing, open window cleaning, baby cheering, thankful thinking.
 happy tuesday!

warm cookies and cloud gazing

i cherish these quiet moments with my guy...baking up sweet things in the oven and finding elephants and sea horse and bikes floating by in the sky. the summer storms that have been rolling through lately have made for some really great cloud gazing. max can't stop asking for my camera to snap photos of them in all their various shapes and colors and ways of moving around. 
add cookies to the mix and there is pure bliss to be found...

tomorrow max is off for one last week away with his dad, then it's time to start planning for school!
 i can just smell the new school shoes and pencils and paper now...

bits and bits

we've fell into a summer pace around here...meeting together lots of goings on's with laid back feet up bits. 
the heat is starting to wear on me but today was one of the good rides and picture dates with max and before bed fireworks in the backyard.

lazy hazy days of summer...

wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

quiet fleetings

another quiet week...trying to strike a balance between being completely present and going inward a bit in preparation for things to come.
....being a good summer mama to my little boy (carpooling to play dates, buttoning on that baseball pin, rainy day video game playing) and trying to get this house in order. i'm in a forever sea of laundry and a winter coat shedding dog.

but these are happiest, hectic, most fleeting kinds of days.
each one a good one.

today i'm finishing up last minute sweet things for the men in our lives for father's day tomorrow! between my dad, matt, and max's papa, we're some of the luckiest friends, max and me.

it's a blessing to be surrounded by such men.

have the happiest weekend, loves!


today has been filled with lots of funny and happy things...matt surprising me with him having the afternoon off // lots of orange // slow dancing and doing the frug to old ludacris // his and her outdoor work (and finally planting the collection of roses i discovered matt buying in the middle of the night off of QVC...catching him on the phone whispering with a QVC operator will forever be one of my favorite memories of him ) // bbq dinner out // ornery max and mimi // open window bedtime

hoping your thursday was a fine one! 


happiness is: the first day of may//lemons and new candles and good smells//back from the dead roses blooming in the garden//yellow and sunshine for days//10 more weeks to go, sis//max singing our nightly ritual song, "dream a little dream of me", this morning knowing it makes me swoon...he's my mama cass//new packs of paper and tape//dairy queen

Dream a Little Dream of Me by Mama Cass on Grooveshark

happy may day, loves!


currently loving---springtime in dayton, colorful stamps and pretty cards, the smell of freshly cut plywood (we started laying our family room floor this weekend!), wedge heels that make me feel me a tad bit taller and a little less of a waddler, max's obsession with tv personality tom bergeron (max sings songs about tom living in our hearts and under the moonlight...also, he makes me call him tom bergeron sometimes and, in turn, he calls me tom's wife, michelle...this is normal mother/son stuff, right?), my butternut squash-sized baby girl and all of her dancing about (hello, 3rd trimester!), kelly ann's music monday this week...i love discovering new music through her!

The Bird Song by Alessi's Ark on Grooveshark 

hoping your week is going so so fine! 

daily bits

happiest friday!!
this week has been baseballing with bubb, crib assembling (huzzah!), lots of painting and thrifting, ice cream sandwiches and sweaters and trying not to have too many meltdowns as we start checking things off of our baby to do list!

i laid in bed early this morning with a brain that wouldn't shut off...
it traveled from thinking about our birth plan to mapping out a obstacle course in the backyard for max's early birthday party come june...from wishing i had guacamole at that very moment to the logistics of breastfeeding to wondering what i would have done if i was on the titanic. all in a 5 minute span...oh dear.

things are getting wacky around here. 
wacky and full and filled with lots of good and happy things.

here's to a happy happy weekend, friends! 

sway me like the sea

max was right. tuesdays are the kind of day that will love you back!
today has been warm sunshine and a spring-colored lunch/business meeting for one at my dining room table....sketching out to-do's and ideas and what-if's on a craft paper tablecloth. 

i love how the changing seasons can leave a girl feeling refreshed and motivated.
p.s. thank you so for the good words about my baby pains! they lifted me and lifted me all day yesterday! 
sis's progress email today said she can feel me dancing now...we've been swaying like the sea all morning and afternoon long. it's almost as good for the aches as smashing fruit. 


sunny sunny

i'm celebrating the last day of the month with open windows and shaved legs (well, the bottom half anyway..haha). no time for mourning the lack of snow to sled and snowman and angel with. today is for sun baths and dusting off shelves...taking pale legs out for a spin and flirting with this faux-spring a bit.

happy things today: i'm 17 weeks! baby is a turnip now...and i swear i feel a little squirm when i reach over or bend down // getting the best hug from max this morning...and getting pulled back into bed by matt for 5 extra minutes with my face tucked in his neck//  potential root beer floats and some lady time with a dear friend // wearing lots of red to match lots of sun...and finding old lady skirts at the goodwill that make space for my belly perfectly! //

happy last day of january! 

p.s. i've been loving seeing everyone's beautiful january photos from fat mum slim's photo a day challenge...i'm going to join for february! it kicks off tomorrow. 

good grief i can't believe how quickly the month went.

happy monday things

//listening to max sing made up songs while he gets ready for school//finding a $20 couch at the salvation army and making it mine (now if i could only convince everyone that it isn't infested with fleas)//hearing baby's heartbeat that's a swoony sound! (p.s. i accidentally flashed an old man in the parking lot after my appointment when a gust of wind met my was a sad sight)//making up with mimi the dog...we broke up for a few weeks after i caught her doing something terrible in the living room. oh dear//dinner plans with my mama and has been so sick and i haven't been able to be around her for weeks now. oh how i'm aching for a hug!

i hope your monday has been a pleasant one!
and if it hasn't been so much, at least you didn't subject a little old man to your wool tights pulled all the way up over a pregnant belly.
things are looking up!
happy monday!

color story

i hid myself away in the art store today. there's something about cloudy grey skies and the best kind of chilly air that make a girl's fingers itch for new rubber erasers ( i have an unhealthy addiction to hoarding erasers...and biting them, but that's another story). i let 7 year old katie fill my basket...and spoiled myself with some new brushes and paints and a box of charcoals. it was a little like christmas.
work has been especially exciting and inspiring lately. so many wonderful adventures on the horizon. i love how seasons overlap and change and bring about fresh ideas and new motivations...and plenty of erasers to stuff in my pockets.