easter bunnies

this holiday weekend was as wild and sweet and hectic and filling as any other easter yet. having tiny little phoebe bunny baby here this year made the whole holiday seem anew. max was forever thrilled to show her the ways of the easter bunny and hiding eggs and waking up before sunrise to find easter spoils.

i'm proud to say bee kept her bonnet on her head most of the day and max made it another year believing in the easter bunny and i only ate a million and a half jelly beans. not too shabby if you don't take into account the dozens of boiled eggs for deviling i ruined (and the one i crushed with my bare hands during a private temper tantrum..haha. ack!) i shake my fists at you boiled eggs...oh how peeling you without ripping you to shreds confounds me!!!
hoping you all had a lovely and sunshiny and tantrum-free easter! 

*baby bonnet from etsy// vintage bunny bag from magic cabin // bunny illustration from the book "runaway bunny"// pretty flower picture from the rifle notebooks (now at target!)

trick and treats

we had a doozey of a halloween this year...rain and cold and two sick boys with a baby who pooed up the back of her white costume before we even got started. (she had it out for that french clown costume the minute the ruffle collar went on...)
but it's the funny and hectic moments like that that make you glad your little family is a team...that papa doesn't mind changing disastrous diapers while mama tails after her jailbird boy to snap some pictures.
divide and conquer!

so it wasn't the perfect tricks and treats, but max brought home a pillowcase full of riches and sweets and there was something really fantastic about being out and about and breathing in the first bits of cold wintery air.

is it possible for a baby to acknowledge demeaning situations? haha
because i'm convinced sis is well aware...

hoping you all had a wonderful halloween and hopefully you fared a little bit better than we did trick or treating!

4th of july mini pies

oh how i love the 4th of july!
the best colors and food and really i'll take anything that ends in late summer night fireworks.

to celebrate we're snacking on mini mason jar pies around here...apple and cherry and blueberry, respectively. they're the perfect little servings and loads of fun to make (which has been a happy distraction while waiting on this baby already)

you can find the recipe here...


cinco de mayo for one

happy cinco de mayo!
i love this day and all of its celebrating and happy colors and good food. i look forward to it every year...

La Bamba by Mariachi Vargas on Grooveshark 

 i'm getting festive today with frozen limeade and party poppers (that seem to give mimi the dog a terrible fright) and mariachi music for one. alone time well spent!
max is usually my main cinco de mayo party friend...but he's away with his dad this weekend. i packed him a little box filled with odds and ends and the tiniest pinata you'll ever see stuffed with small sweets. if only i could have found a small bat to go along with it.

 hoping your weekend is going swell! 
¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


jelly belly

yesterday was such a lovely day filled with lots of sweets, church and good singing, a easter bunny boy in a fedora and forever untucked shirt, egg hunts and 4 easter baskets and lots of cackling and shrieking with sisters.
it's always a hoot having the family together...getting to all be together at the house we grew up in...running around after our little ones in the yard. 
easter is good to us like that...

hoping everyone had a beautiful weekend!

there is much and much to be thankful for...minus the easter candy stomachaches. 

happy monday!

easter parade

thank you all so so much for the good and healing comments! 
today i feel most like myself and back to my old tricks...and we've been easter egg coloring and carrot cake whoopie pie baking to our heart's content!
i love this time of year...with all of it's beautiful colors and traditions. it would have been a shame to miss it!

max and i tried our hand at natural-dyed eggs this year. despite some odd smells (i'm looking at you two, turmeric and vinegar) max thought it was a real hoot getting to use odds and ends from the kitchen to color our eggs. 
and i think they turned out really lovely. 

(we used instructions to make the dye found here)

max is with his dad this weekend so the easter bunny made a special stop at the house this morning!
i'm forever grateful that my little guy still believes in all the good stuff. i don't know what i'll do when the day comes where i won't be crouched on his bedroom floor at 2 in the morning laying a trail of eggs from his bed to his easter basket.

happy easter, sweet friends!
 here's hoping it's filled with lots of wonderful food and family and memories of horrible scratchy easter dresses, bonnets, and jellies.


p.s. me and my droid have joined the instagraming world! huzzah!
you can find me @ katiespencilbox!
i have 11 pictures and there's no turning back....haha


happy st. patrick's day! 
we've been getting into the spirit today with green pancakes and rainbow sprinkles and leprechaun mustaches...colorful ribbon and celtic pub music and max painting pots of gold.

he also has been river dancing a little bit this afternoon in nothing but his socks and underwear. and that's as good as gold to me..haha.

it's bound to be a lucky day!

purple people

we had a lovely time adventuring together yesterday!
the weather was so beautiful and warm, despite a few showers here and there. we started walking the purple people bridge (a pedestrian bridge over the ohio river connecting to kentucky) in the rain and ended on the kentucky side with the warmest sunshine and frizziest hair.

max oohed and ahhed over the river water and traveling boats...the cincinnati skyline and the grilled cheese at lunch.
i couldn't think of a finer way to spend the extra day we got this year then gallivanting around with my guys! (even if they did have to leave me behind a time or two because of my slow pregnant waddle)


leap leap

happy leap day!
we're spending this extra day playing hookey from school and work to spent the day together doing silly things...bonus day every four years type things...like early morning swing dancing, balloon on nose balancing tournaments, bubble gum blowing, and ice cream sunday breakfasts out.
max has declared this day the "stay in your underwear day" (although he did put on pants to go out for breakfast)

I Love To Singa by Al Jolson on Grooveshark

today is a no regrets kind of day...live it up-style. curl your hair and get bubble gum stuck on your face! 
we're headed south for lunch to cincinnati to go walk across the bridge from ohio to kentucky...because that's the sorts of things you do on leap day!

i hope you can take the time to do something odd and wonderful today!

light up the sky

we spent our 4th of july evening at my amy's house for a family cookout and fireworks in her backyard.
we smored it and trampolined and pulled out all the yard game stops.
come to find out i'm meanly competitive at bean bags.
i shoved matt while playing. 
and smack talked.
 i lost both games.
and through all that sass i didn't know i had lipstick on my teeth and face and the top of my dress had fallen down around my waist.
(it was a 4th of july miracle that i chose to wear a blouse underneath that dress...haha)
independence day karma.
 oh how i love my family!
and god bless that little belly up there.

stars and stripes and hot dogs

i hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
ours was full of celebrating and getting festive and feeling oh so thankful.
there was also a lot of color coordinating going on and a straight diet of hot dogs and lemonade and neil diamond.

sunday night we met my sister and friends downtown for dayton's fireworks by the river. i don't know if it's me getting older or if i'm just genuinely sappy these days...but fireworks get me every time. they make me hold my hands in a pre-clap position and forget to breathe. i'm a real sucker for them.

more pictures tomorrow!

happy happy happy monday, my friends!


happy independence day!
the 4th of july is one of my favorite holidays...it's all apple pie and fireworks and forcing my family to get festive and shamelessly wear red, white, and blue with me. 
there's nothing like it.
we're lucky lucky folks...


raise your joys

we spent the day with family yesterday, and soaking up the easter miracle of getting to have max for a few hours from his dad's. 
it was something we originally weren't expecting and made my day! deep down, regardless of the celebrating early, i was crushed at the thought of eastering without my guy.

after that i didn't even notice all the rain or subsequently, my frizzy wet hair.
everything was laughter and good food and butter cookies and that sense of feeling complete in all ways. full belly and stuffed heart.
my mom pulled out a handful of my grandma's old aprons, and i watched my all of my sisters scoot around the kitchen, laughing and making lunch together. it just might be my favorite new memory.
 (although picking max up from his dad's yesterday morning with wild bed head, church clothes on, and chocolate smeared all over his face is up there too)
 it was a real swell easter sunday.

and here's a little something extra for you...
happy monday, friends!
i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. 
and a extra special thank you again to all you sweet new friends for leaving me such love and kindness. 
you guys are really really something...