Hearing- Bee cooing from her crib // Herb Alpert on the record player
Touching- Messy bedhead and cold branches brought indoors
Seeing- The winter volume of Kinfolk // dust bunnies under the couch
Tasting- Hot chocolate from scratch and too many pieces of buttered toast
Smelling- Pine sap and baby oil

rainy day read

october has brought lots of clouds and rain along...making for mornings in, sweeping dirt and leaves from wood floors and sneaking quiet bits of sitting and reflecting for myself. 
(and also time for a bowl of cereal and the steve harvey show, if i'm being honest..haha. i don't know...don't even ask...)
the fall volume of kinfolk came out yesterday! it's been keeping me company with its beautiful photos and stories and recipes of good things to make and share. there is something so amazing about this magazine that always inspires me to want to do and be...doubly so around this time of year.
you can see some more of my work too...there are 3 of my paintings inside that i made for this issue. 
here's to rainy wednesdays with clean floors, good reads, and terrible tv!


swim in the sun

"in summer the landscape opens up and draws us in, coming alive with mysteries....there are whispers of adventure afoot"

 nothing says summer quite like river rock adventuring...skipping stones and sinking toes in cool ohio mud and floating weightless with a steady summer current....throwing caution to a warm wind and jumping into the water dressed for it...ready or not.

 today we soaked up and celebrated the new beginnings of july...and perfect timing with the summer issue of kinfolk coming out today! 

happy happy july, friends!

max and me and kinfolk

the third volume/spring issue of kinfolk is available today! 
i've been sinking into my copy with left over lemon cupcakes and a bit of quiet this afternoon.
i'm not quite sure how it's possible, but every new issue gets more and more beautiful than the last...

 i was lucky enough to get to contribute a few new simple paintings and a illustration for this issue...and got the chance to write a small essay about time spent baking and making messes, just me and my max. 
it's a fun read, knowing now that the katie who wrote those words had no idea she would soon have another little set of hands eager to help in the kitchen...

these are a few extra photos from our shoot for the issue...oh how i cherish them.
p.s. did i ever tell you that kinfolk is carried in anthropologie stores? good grief, it's a bit of a dream to go into your favorite store and see your name and work on a product on a shelf!

now that calls for another cupcake!
happy happy tuesday!

embracing winter

winter finally peeked in for a us a tiny taste of bitter cold air and the thinnest sheets of snow with blades of grass still poking up. you can tell we've been deprived of our snow this year when max can be found outside trying to make snow angels in the snowy grass and bringing in bowls of ice with mud and grass in it for snow ice cream. 

our little guy went back to school today...leaving me to a quiet house with my morning (afternoon and evening) sickness, knitting, snowy walks, and kinfolk volume 2. i couldn't wait to finally get a copy...and when it came to my door it took my breath away. and still is. each feature is an embrace of the season. my, oh my.

(some of you have asked to see my paintings from this volume...the flower paintings above are little peeks at 2 of them...and when you order a copy you can find them and the others as the transition pages inside!)

i hope all of you are having a lovely wednesday!
if it's snowing great bits of snow where you are, make a decent snow angel for max and me...

thankful thursday november

i love november and its promise of holidays near and turning weather!
its the sneaking up of a closing year and a chance to count up put words to thankful thoughts.    

today i'm thankful for the quiet rain and falling leaves, busy hands and a clear mind. for matt finding plastic mistletoe and following me around the house with it.
i'm thankful for my max slipping into bed with me this morning...for the moment when he asked me to tuck his shirt in extra tight before school...for that one last glance he gave me as he walked into his classroom.
i'm thankful for the tiny, good, and happy moments that can define a day. a month. a year. 

they are many and many. 

come join me for thankful thursdays this month!
and be sure to add a link to your list or thoughts or stories so i can read along!

p.s. the picture above is from a little photo shoot max and i did for the next volume of kinfolk!
i'll share more about it in the coming weeks...but for now...i'm pleased as punch to be contributing!