Fall time in Ohio

Bayer's Farm- W 3rd, Dayton, OH. October 2014

The cool hues of summer have turned tide to the warmth of an Ohio autumn...blood moons and burning bright trees and golden field stalks of corn. It's always the best kind of surprise when you wake up one day and realize a season is finally set into place. When a porch is suddenly covered in Phoebe's favorite "punkys" and the sewing box comes out to sew long lost buttons on coats or start off the beginnings of a wonky homemade costume. It's all enough to set off a lit spark inside that keeps good company through the promise of winter and colder days. 

Sending love to you all and your October. 

here and there

a few snaps from the past month...warmer days and a cluttered house and lots of time spent out together. this coming saturday was supposed to be our wedding day. we decided a few months ago that the timing wasn't right and postponed things for a bit. matt and i get the dundie award for "world's longest engagement". haha. ack! i finally just packed away my dress in a trash bag in the back of my closet, and what i thought might feel depressing felt like a little bit of a relief. these are busy days...no time to be wedding frazzled! 

i hope you all had a beautiful mother's day celebrating the women in your life. matt and the kids got me boat loads of flowers and a new bike. for the past 7 or 8 years i've been riding a perfectly rusty malibu cruiser that we found in the trash...haha...and it wasn't until they gave me my shiny new one that i realized i've never had a brand new bike before! it was a good day...and one that left me feeling full on gratitude and love and heaps of admiration for all of the amazing mothers and examples of mothers i have in my life. plus, i got to take a nap, so...

p.s. how is it nearly the middle of may already? 

pumpkin faces in the night

autumn-time traditions...carving up pumpkins to light up the night. it was a whole lot funnier this year with phoebe running around...eating raw pumpkin guts and desperate to get her hands on some sharps. max couldn't stop carving away and ended up with just one large hole of a jack o' lantern. i think it was my favorite yet.

happy happy halloween! frightful weather has pushed off tricks and treats until this weekend...tonight will be for staying in and eating sweets and seeing how long i can get away with talking in a spooky ghost voice before my family puts a stop to it (they already have. hmph!)

road trip chicago

we hit the road thursday for a quick trip to chicago with the little ones. this was our first time traveling as a family of 4 and it was everything i dreamed it would be...or not so much! there was a lot of sass and grump and rain and late night throwing up followed by a bit of 5:30 a.m wake up let's play already...from both kids. hmph! but isn't that what family vacations are all about?

despite it all we had a real time...strolling around the city, doing a bit of shopping, visiting the aquarium and sharing banana pudding next to the beluga whales. we ate good food at rootstock every night and i had the most amazing bath of my life in our little hotel room at PUBLIC. unlimited hot water does wonders for the soul.

i've had such an ache for a change of scenery lately...i think this did the trick. rainy misty chicago is really something beautiful. even if we did all come home with colds.

saturday hideaway

lazy saturdays are for hiding out with family over coffee and sweets and board games and sunny spots in the windows. max's dad and 2nd mama came too making the deal that much sweeter.
it's rare to have these kinds of days where everyone is present and accounted for. phoebe took a cat nap in my arms while max read us his stories and made up scrabble words and i'm aching to do the whole thing over again next weekend. 

happy happy monday to you, friends!

(and a million thank yous for such cheering me on with my new space! if any of you ever find yourself in dayton i except you to come over and paint something with me!)

winter picnic

there's a little place in the woods nearby that i've been aching to go to while the snow is fresh...pack along some firewood and warm food and a blanket...have a winter picnic! it was so nice to stay huddled up and warm together for an afternoon. sis stayed mesmerized by the fire flame light while matt smoked on his pipe and the whole thing made me feel nostalgic for my grandpa. oh, the happiness.

there's so much about this part of year that can bring about blues...it's a comfort to know that all it takes to wake me up on the inside is a couple of good people, cold air to breathe, and some warm soup.

hoping you all had a happy happy weekend!

surprise partying

my guy and sweetest sister pulled off the best surprise birthday party for me this weekend! all i knew was to get gussied up to go out...and after a car ride with my eyes closed we ended up at a warehouse studio space filled with my friends and family...indian food and cheese pizza and millions of cupcakes...and a disco ball for dancing and a pinata and one of my favorite local bands for good measure. it was a real party...and good grief, am i ever thankful for the village of people in my life!

turning 30 has been sweet as can be...

hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!

snowy days and celebrating big news

 we've had an amazing few days...christmasing and tucking ourselves away in a new blanket of snowy weather. we spent the day all together yesterday, celebrating good things and introducing phoebe to all the beauty of our winters. she's a little snow bunny, that girl...not wanting to come inside and scrunching up her little red cold button nose with happiness.

the boys threw snowballs and shoveled driveways and we all forever basked in the goodness of the season...and this season of our lives together.

my matt asked me to marry him christmas morning....he and phoebe together. 
and in a moment the realization came...that something i never thought i needed again was the very thing i needed most. there is redemption and healing in a second chance so profound that it erases the old with only a memory of new. in that moment he saved me and the small bits of my heart i had unknowingly hidden away. 

and i said yes. always and ever yes.

our christmas card to you

things are warm and bright around here. 
with max on his winter break and a little dusting of snow...all feels right with the world. the house is covered in wrapping paper bits and tape and flour and icing and cookie crumbs. christmas records are spinning and there are no immediate plans to get out of pajamas or matt's socks. we are cluttered and happy. what is it about this time of year that makes me want to wear every color and pattern together at once?

from my little family to yours, wishing you the happiest christmas!
however you plan on spending it, i hope there is peace and joy and lots of sweets.

love and love and love to each of you. 

skate away

yesterday was a much needed family day--time for last minute hilarious self-timer family christmas card pictures, ice skating in the rain, and a visit to santa's lap for bee. 
(i tried to get max to sit with her but he told me he wasn't interested in setting on an old man's lap...hmph! i guess i can't argue with that.)

ice skating is much more his cup of tea...and it's one of my most favorite traditions this time of year. now if only i could skate without keeping a death grip on someone's hand...

flea market finds

the past few days have been really something lovely...time spent with family and being outside enjoying the change in the weather.
we spent saturday afternoon at the flea market. there were so many wonderful and funny things to look at and sift through...isles and isles of old things and new things and things re-purposed and given new life.

max found an old metal scooter at one of the first vendors we stopped at...so he scooted around the rest of the market on 2 wheels. we didn't buy much besides that...a wool blanket for me and a pipe holder for matt...but it was more fun to be there for the sight seeing!
and you all would be very proud of me...i haggled my blanket down by $5! although...matt paid $5 more than asking price for his pipe holder because he felt bad for the lady. 
i guess we're not the greatest at bargain hunting just yet...

hoping you all had a wonderful weekend and happy monday!

afternoon in columbus

i hope everyone had a wonderful labor day weekend! 
ours was rainy and overcast...the perfect excuse for a day at a museum. we packed up the little ones and spent the afternoon in columbus at cosi, a children's science center in town.

max decided to wear every bit of green he owns, plus a little red war paint on his face, for the occasion. we ran around and twirled gears and pushed buttons, pulled levers and touched and read and learned all sorts of interesting new things...science-type things...like how amazing i look with my eyes crossed!

happy happy tuesday 
and hello there, september!
i can't believe it's time for you already...

county fair

spending time at the county fair is the best way to start saying goodbye to the summer...it's the perfect mix of warm weather colors and air with a hearty mix of corn stalks and pumpkins wearing ribbons, pies and quilts set out for show...bits and pieces that all remind me of fall.
it's been a tradition of ours to take max to the fair right before school starts to get dusty and dirty and come home with all sorts of silly prizes and a sweet sticky face. and it was a hoot having phoebe along for the ride this year...plus 4 goldfish (2 max named joey) that managed to make it home with us...

tomorrow is our very last day of summer break.
we've got big plans to send it off in style...or at the very least break out the noise makers and get the school year started off right..