my birthday roni

today is our guy's birthday day! (july is the luckiest month for my little family). we're planning on fajitas and a night swim and shooting the works to celebrate him tonight. (and his twin brother todd!) summer birthdays are the best!

happy happy birthday, my the only guy who i would ever let call me his bobby brown "roni". i love you so much i could burst into pieces...then burst into pieces some more.

have a wonderful weekend, friends!

naptime picnic date

today was just one of the prettiest red letter days i can remember--the kind with sunshine and a breeze and a papa home from work with a napping baby in the car. it was a quick picnic date day! (we take what we can get around here). a sandwich wrapped in paper, hold your guy's hand, spread a blanket and lay in the grass, talk about some sweet nothings before phoebe wakes up kind of day.

i'll take two and three of those, please!

peach plum pear

saturday morning matt and i found some time to sneak away together and hunt for fresh fruits and local honey (perfect for those seasonal allergies)
this time of year is the best for visiting all the little roadside shops...and makes running normal errands feel like a bit of a date. matt and i are taking what we can get these days!

if i weren't 9 months pregnant and craving hamburgers and deep fried anythings on a daily, i could live off of all of these local peaches and plums and pears!



today has been filled with lots of funny and happy things...matt surprising me with him having the afternoon off // lots of orange // slow dancing and doing the frug to old ludacris // his and her outdoor work (and finally planting the collection of roses i discovered matt buying in the middle of the night off of QVC...catching him on the phone whispering with a QVC operator will forever be one of my favorite memories of him ) // bbq dinner out // ornery max and mimi // open window bedtime

hoping your thursday was a fine one! 

happy weekend and cloth diaper swearing

matt and i went and registered for baby things today!
that poor guy...he's such a sensitive soul. i lost him in the baby thermometer isle and found him hiding somewhere between the pacifiers and bottle warmers. i think he was losing a bit of color. miniature things bring out the jimmy legs in him.
did i ever tell you about the time he couldn't quit pacing and swearing in front of the gal at the cloth diaper store?
oh how i get a real kick out of this side of him...the side that makes him break a sweat when i hold up baby tights!

have a wonderful wonderful weekend, sweet friends!

afternoon hideout

sneaking off for afternoon dates with this guy is a highlight of my life...
he swept me up yesterday and saved me from afternoon computer work and we hid out at his favorite place to sit and eat for a bit...

sushi for him and salad for me and lots of loving and doting on each other between the two of us...

it's hard to believe only 13 more weeks until we'll be toting around a little baby bunny to lunch with us.


biding my time

my matt is away tattooing in massachusetts for the next few days..
 (if you live near sturbridge, hop over to the convention and give him a squeeze for me!)

it's always the pits when he's gone. i suppose i've taken a liking to him!
but i've been keeping myself company with lots of sun and painting and take out for lunch today. 

i had my fingers crossed to take max kite flying after school but there doesn't seem to be much wind to get them up and going...maybe if we run really fast?

regardless, it's at least going to be a dinner in the park kind of a night.
it's too close to the weekend not to...


yesterday matt and i went out and painted the town to celebrate 2 years of being together. 
it's amazing how so much of my life has been changed...2 years seems like such a small and silly number in comparison. (and matt swears it's been 3 years...although last week he thought it was 5)

it just goes to show when you know you know. and when you finally realize it you hit the ground running and you don't stop to look back. you allow yourself to fall in love and have babies and celebrate the big and small and all the insignificants in between.
and so yesterday we celebrated over spicy food and a open patio...we didn't talk a whole lot about the past or whats to come. i think we were both pretty content where we are...or at least maybe we know the importance of sitting still in the present for a bit.
we spent the day being together and at the end matt surprised me with milkshakes and a carriage ride in the country...sunsets and open fields and a horse named charlie. 
something different and funny to do together that neither of us have even done before...
and then the driver took us down a road full of houses and people coming home from work...slow passing cars and barking dogs and kids gawking and wondering why a horse-drawn carriage was going down a residential street.
it was hilarious and embarrassing and a fitting end to the day. it reminded me a lot of us. 

traditional in the most unconventional way...a little odd...and always something to laugh about.

happy 2...maybe 3...or 5, lover. 

guy or doll

february has us counting the days...on the 21st we get to find out what our little one is!
as much as i love surprises, i'm also very much a peeker...a present shaker. sometimes a surprise is just too great! i'm bursting to find out!
max and i made a paper chain last night to start counting the days away. max has his fingers crossed for a baby brother but i don't get a feeling either way with this baby. (no matter what the little sailor dress at target says...oh how it sings to me. haha)

so, what do you think we're having?

out to lunch- a little video

when matt gets little breaks between clients at work, he'll swoop me up and we'll do it up right for an hour or two.
lunch and coffee, window shopping and listening to bone thugs on the drive home.

my guy is the best afternoon date a girl could ask for.
(especially when he reminds me of a little old man with his dry cleaning tag left on his jacket sleeve)

happy friday...and three cheers for the weekend!
i hope it is a happy one for all of you!

(music on the video by message to bears)

ringing it in

happy happy new year, everyone!
i hope all of your celebrating was safe and happy! 
max was with his dad this weekend, so matt and i got dressed up and went downtown to have dinner with friends...then ducked home early to lay in bed and drink fake champagne and eat cherries out of a bowl and wait for the ball to drop. 
it was my very favorite new years eve (even if i was asleep by 12:05)! 
just me and my guy and our baby bump (and lots of wishing max was there...especially every time one of his favorite bands started playing on dick clark's new years eve show)

this year is off to a good start!

skate away

the weekend was a lovely one spent with my little family. our schedules have been so hectic lately, it was such a treat to finally slow down together.
we did lots of laying in bed watching christmas movies, eating good breakfasts, warm lunches out, lots more bundling up and painting the town. 

saturday we spent the afternoon downtown ice skating. 
dayton has the best outdoor rink right next to the river. it's fun to see how much max grows each year we come here. his progress is really something...and my, oh my, does he love the ice! his little feet move so fast...he definitely leaves me scuttling about in his dust. 
at least matt can keep up with him!
happy monday, friends!

p.s. kinfolk volume 2 came out today! the website is updated will all sorts of beautiful new photos and videos. i got lost there for hours yesterday.
for those of you curious about my work and paintings, i have a few in this newest issue! you can see a peak of one here. but oh, i'm so anxious to get my hands on the printed volume!