Hi friends! Happy summer! We celebrated Max and Phoebe this weekend as they turned 12 and 4 on Friday and Saturday. My July babies. It's always a bit of a whirlwind and I was thankful that Max just wanted to go play paint ball with friends this year. He's truly 12...dubstep music and cat videos and perfecting the art of wearing socks with sandals. He's such a light-hearted blessing of a guy and we're going to soak up this last year of him being just a kid. No teenagers yet!

Phoebe girl was all about birthdaying this year. She knew back in February that she wanted a Rainbow Sparkle Unicorn birthday and didn't budge until the day before her birthday when she decided she wanted to scrap the whole thing and just have a balloon party. We did both. Everyone came over Saturday and we ate food and listened to funny music and doted on our girl. And there were ponies. Ponies! It's one of those things I've always wanted to try for a party and it ended up being hilarious and awkward and totally making the kid's day.

Phoebe at 4 is sugar and spice with a disdain for underwear and a flair for the dramatic. She sings with conviction and wears heels and a purse before leaving the house. She's confident and funny with a preternatural love for horses and marshmallows and lemonade. She's kind and giving and tells me that we're best friends and I know it to be true.

I hope you all are having a nice and simple summer. My heart is heavy with the world right now. It's been good to hunker down with my family and show them love and take these moments to teach our little ones about hope and goodness and action. Everyday action.


Most decorations were found at Sweet Lulu, Fawne Shoppe, boxes and tablecloth from IKEA, Unicorn head from Target, Phoebe's dress is from Alice and Ames. Unicorn birthday invitations at Bonjour Berry, organic cotton candy found here, the pink punch flavor is so good!!


max and bee had a birthday this week. we've been whooping and hollering and cheering and celebrating, with an extra side of cupcaking, everyday since their party sunday! i'm a firm believer in making a fuss over good people, and these two take the cake.

they are wild and funny and ornery as can be. they scrap and dance and nuzzle together like the truest of friends. max at 10 is witty and handsome--sensitive and stubborn and smart as a whip. he teaches me how to throw fast balls, has given his heart to a girl, dreams up all sorts of cockamamie hypotheticals on a daily, and still belly laughs at the best/worst kind of jokes. he has the best sense of humor in town. he's at that beautiful age where the world is your oyster and potential is boundless. being first baseman for the reds or becoming a youtube gamer celebrity is a possible as anything...and my goodness is it the best to remember what that feels like!

phoebe bee at 2 is funny and determined, independent and guarded and wise. she's still our old soul with the weirdest and best of quirks---like fake sneezing when she's excited...or asking to make eggs every 20 minutes (but never eating them). she's a true lady with her purses and her polish, but won't think twice about ripping your face off or rolling in the mud. she lives to nurture and care for her boys and her sing with eyes-closed-conviction into anything go off adventuring on her own, but checking back every once in a while to see if "muk" is back yet (this gal is still on the boob...i'm officially the worst at weaning!). she is our darling and cherished girl...getting the hang of life and forging a bit of her own phoebe-shaped path.
together these two make life rich and full and hilarious. they are a gift through and through!

hoping your summer is going swimmingly, friends. birthday party pictures coming soon!

camp max

saturday we all gathered up together in the rain to celebrate max and his birthday...summer camp-style. we made a nice fire and lit up lanterns while the little ones ran wild in the woods. food was grilled and sweets were had and i couldn't think of a better way to ring in max's 9th year. 

today is max's official day! this time last year we were celebrating him in between my contractions with phoebe. she's never one to miss a party! 
happy happy birthday, my boy. mama loves you wide as the widest moon. you're my favorite friend and forever're my max. 

shopping list:  post card and notepads from sideshow press // ice cream cups bought here locally but you can find some here // A-frame tents made following a little bit of these instructions ( i used 9x12 painters dropcloth to cover them...and painted the yellow stripe) // birch paper straws bought here // large craft paper food trays from here // s'more cupcakes and merit badge instructions from MARTHA (i designed my own badges)  // invitations and canvas bags and camp t-shirts are homemade ( iron on's for the t-shirts)  // much thanks to max's 2nd mama sara for some of the photos!

last day of school

today is max's last day of 2nd grade! bee and i are so excited to have him home and begin our summer shenanigans together. our "last day of school surprise balloon wake up" was a total bust...what with me getting caught by max at 4:30 this morning standing over him with a bag of balloons (i told him he was just having a nightmare and slowly back-peddled out of the room) and then coming to realize that angsty almost 9 year old boy's don't get sent to the moon by a bed covered in balloons (he surely is not my son. haha)

regardless, here's to summer!
oh my. wish me luck.

basketball mama

max and matt finished up their basketball season last night! and while it didn't end pretty, and max asked me to turn both the queen and the pink (?) song off the radio on the way home because they reminded him of losing, it was a real treat of a season! (and watching matt coach a gaggle of sweet little boys was the cutest thing ever)

coming from a gal who's biggest athletic accomplishment was 4th grade soccer and a sympathy spot on the 7th grade volleyball team (which i ended up turning down. i'm still afraid of volleyballs..haha), i love every minute of watching my boy's talents unfold. our max loves him some sports! and i'm one proud mama.

the boys all got metals around their necks after the game...max slept in his and hasn't taken it off yet. and while there has been a little rain cloud over his head, there is one silver lining perk to the season being over...he finally gets to wear his basketball shoes to school!

or anyways, that's the only way i could get him out of bed this morning...

"stick with love"

Hearing- The floor tremble from max's big time wrestling moves // neighbors pulling in trashcans from the curb
Touching- Warm dish water // toys that are scattered in every room
Seeing- Bee's new teeth // bare walls ready for things to be hung // snowflakes falling and falling (finally!)
Tasting- Nuts and berry lunches // sweet baby cheeks
Smelling- Musty old book pages // orange peels from snacks

i love the slow pace of a monday day off. we've been spending it inside, watching the snow dust around and making more messes then i can count. phoebe has gotten the biggest kick out of having max home today. every piece of her explodes when he walks into the room.

us girls have taken a vote and decided we should do this every monday!

be light

this week has been one of a hectic kind of sorts...pulling us every which way but calm. it's been a cluttered house, hole in your stockings, fast food dinner kind of week.
 good thing peppermint abounds and burl ives cures all crying baby-ails...the season has a way of keeping things sweet and light.

mornings and goodbyes

most mornings look like this. max and sis in cahoots...sweet talking whispering throughout the house. bedhead and tired eyes and smiles for days. 
it's a gift...

it's been a rough few days...our hearts are heavy. 
we lost our mimi early wednesday morning. she was hit by a car during one of her many runaway adventures.
she was such a crazy little thing...and i wasn't always the most patient. but i sit here this morning amazed by how entangled we all became. how she was ours and we were hers. no matter what. and so we celebrate. and i look at my chewed up shoes a little differently.


let yourself be heard

ohio is an exciting place to be today!
i voted bright and early this morning while my family slept. max was so happy to see my sticker when he woke up. he's been so curious about the political process this year--asking loads of questions...watching the debates. we don't talk about where matt and i lean politically this year...not just yet. it's much more fun to see max make up his mind on his own...learning the process before partisanship!
he spent the morning trying to guess who i cast my ballet for-- "did you vote for a boy?"..."is he already president or does he have fancy hair?"

happy happy election day, friends!

trick and treats

we had a doozey of a halloween this year...rain and cold and two sick boys with a baby who pooed up the back of her white costume before we even got started. (she had it out for that french clown costume the minute the ruffle collar went on...)
but it's the funny and hectic moments like that that make you glad your little family is a team...that papa doesn't mind changing disastrous diapers while mama tails after her jailbird boy to snap some pictures.
divide and conquer!

so it wasn't the perfect tricks and treats, but max brought home a pillowcase full of riches and sweets and there was something really fantastic about being out and about and breathing in the first bits of cold wintery air.

is it possible for a baby to acknowledge demeaning situations? haha
because i'm convinced sis is well aware...

hoping you all had a wonderful halloween and hopefully you fared a little bit better than we did trick or treating!


roadside markets are the most beautiful around here...
there is a wonderful one off of 35 west that is the perfect excuse for an afternoon country drive for some tree swinging and pumpkin snatching and trying to take seasonal pictures of your little ones with both of their eyes open or without losing your propped up slumped over baby to a sea of pumpkins (she was not pleased with me).
i get swept away pretty quickly by slow paced, sweet places like these...the boy working said i looked like i was having more fun than max was. 
stacked up hay and blue skies can do that to a girl...

costume hunting

foy's in fairborn is our favorite costume shopping haunt. and it's a tradition to visit a few times a year (it's open year round...a whole block of costume shops and a diner and a 5 and dime!)

we went there last night to start hunting max's costume for halloween this year.
without fail, every year he changes his mind about a million far this time around there have been talks of a robot to justin "beaver" (a beaver in a purple sweat jacket and cockeyed hat?) to an army guy.

i tried talking him into the abraham lincoln costume last night but he just kept holding up the bloody and terrible zombie garbage truck driver costume.
i clearly don't know much about 8 year old boys...haha

luckily, we settled on him being a jailbird...

happy happy weekend, friends.

sick day

bits from our afternoon today...
max has been home from school the past 2 days nursing a tiny touch of a flu bug going around his class. 
nothing too serious, just a low grade temperature and feeling bogged down. he's up and at em today, but stayed home just to be safe. 
so today has been lots of hand washing and dominos and books...movies and raincloud watching and blowing air kisses to baby. max is having the hardest time not being able to smooch on her.

fingers crossed tomorrow will be back to normal!
 the weather is too good to stay cooped up...

hide away

we're celebrating these new-found fall-feeling nights with sweaters and blankets and bare toes out back...hiding away in the teepee that matt and a friend built for us sunday night and listening to max spin the wildest tales about yetis and having a crush on the maid from the movie clue.

i'm pretty sure that our backyard neighbor might think we're a bit crazy...

p.s. thank you guys so much for the thoughtful comments on the vaccine issue. it helped so so much! i know it can be a sticky subject, but i have to say how proud i am of the kindness and consideration and room that was given by everyone to be able to share their thoughts without bringing on judgement. i'm truly thankful for this little village of ours that we share. 

i ordered dr. sears' book today and am really excited to delve into it....especially on the alternative vaccine schedule. our biggest fear with the vaccinations has been the amount given at one time at such an early age. it's such a comfort to know we can set a shot schedule that we feel comfortable with!
i'm also super curious about the homeopathic vaccines as thank you again for broadening my understanding and options with all of this! 
truly, it has meant so much...


now, to follow phoebe and max off to bed...goodnight, goodnight friends!