basketball mama

max and matt finished up their basketball season last night! and while it didn't end pretty, and max asked me to turn both the queen and the pink (?) song off the radio on the way home because they reminded him of losing, it was a real treat of a season! (and watching matt coach a gaggle of sweet little boys was the cutest thing ever)

coming from a gal who's biggest athletic accomplishment was 4th grade soccer and a sympathy spot on the 7th grade volleyball team (which i ended up turning down. i'm still afraid of volleyballs..haha), i love every minute of watching my boy's talents unfold. our max loves him some sports! and i'm one proud mama.

the boys all got metals around their necks after the game...max slept in his and hasn't taken it off yet. and while there has been a little rain cloud over his head, there is one silver lining perk to the season being over...he finally gets to wear his basketball shoes to school!

or anyways, that's the only way i could get him out of bed this morning...

peanuts and cracker jacks

sunday we tried to soak up as much time together as we could as a little family before we sent max off for some summer adventuring with his dad this week.
matt and i asked max what he wanted to do and the answer was baseball...the answer is almost always baseball! he's a true blue fan, my guy is! 

and so we hot dogged and sno-coned and clapped and cheered for our dayton team. max forever tried to remind me of the rules and kept me up on what was really happening during the game...matt marveled at all the little old men eating peanuts. 
it was a good day with my boys...

and so my max is away now and i'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself while he's gone. i usually am. although it almost always flies by and i'm sure with sis being so close my time alone will involve cold sweets and elevated feet. 
 (matt has asked for no spicy food or walking on this last week of work for him in hopes to hold baby girl in...he promised me indian for lunch and dinner and long long walks everyday next week though...i'm ready to meet this gal already! 
any labor kick start tricks you have to share?)

happy tuesday, loves!
p.s. dear max, come home soon, why not?

quiet fleetings

another quiet week...trying to strike a balance between being completely present and going inward a bit in preparation for things to come.
....being a good summer mama to my little boy (carpooling to play dates, buttoning on that baseball pin, rainy day video game playing) and trying to get this house in order. i'm in a forever sea of laundry and a winter coat shedding dog.

but these are happiest, hectic, most fleeting kinds of days.
each one a good one.

today i'm finishing up last minute sweet things for the men in our lives for father's day tomorrow! between my dad, matt, and max's papa, we're some of the luckiest friends, max and me.

it's a blessing to be surrounded by such men.

have the happiest weekend, loves!


these two guys and their bond send me straight to the moon.
they understand each other. they've been through much of the same things. and there are little things that they know that only they can know, without having to say a how matt will never replace max's dad and would never try. how max doesn't ever have to choose. that there's room.
it's a forever blessing...a sweet reminder that life is meant for loving deeply...for being open to experience love in all sorts of new ways. for making room.

cloud gazing

our busiest week is almost over. little max spent his last summer week away with his pops and tonight he will be home with oh my do i miss those cheeks!
tomorrow we leave for one last summer hurrah...a family trip to the ocean...before school begins. i'm packing along some paper and paints for the beach...i've always wanted to hide out in the sand and paint the waves. i'm beside myself for this last bit of quiet time with my boys...but i shake my fists at shark week! why oh why did we watch every night when we were planning on visiting the ocean?

i hope everyone's thursday has been a happy one! the weather here in ohio smells like fall when the wind blows. it is good...oh so good...for the soul. 

and hey! hey!
the winner of the shabby apple feather necklace is.....
congratulations, leila!
email me ( with your information!

glory days

we toasted to summer yesterday with a picnic and baseball game at an abandoned park.
it was so alone and quiet that it felt like we were the only 3 on the planet for a few hours...that we had staked a claim on this little piece of summer for our own...rusty old baseball field and all.
i packed along matt's favorite salad (spring mix lettuce, goat cheese, pine nuts, dried cranberries, fresh red peppers, and champagne vinaigrette dressing) and grocery store cream puffs and lemon cake. the perfect summer lunch!
(and can i tell you there is something pretty thrilling than buying the pastries from behind the glass at the grocery store! or maybe not..haha...but i guess it's always been something i thought would be just the most when i was little...and it was!)
max dressed himself in the funniest baseball uniform of pleated black dress pants stuffed into tube socks and dirty old sneakers. 
it was pretty good.
i fall for that little guy every single time.

add matt, new summer, a park of our own, and cream puffs and i'm done in.

the luckiest

i hope all of you had a wonderful father's day with the guys in your life.
ours has been the fullest and happiest yet.
and i can't help but sit here and think about my max today and the uncertainty of our lives 2 year ago. 
i look at where we're at, where he's at, and it's enough to bring me to my knees. 
he's the luckiest boy in town. 
what could have been a detriment has become his ace up the sleeve.
he is surrounded by a constant flow of love and guidance from two very different men.
but to him, they are both dad.

(p.s. i'm still working on writing about my divorce. i've been writing every week since that april post and delete every bit of it every time. i've come to the conclusion that there is no perfect way of speaking painful truths...that i might have to just go off the cuff. thank you for your patience. xoxo)