weekend snaps

/1/ cattitude- matt's saturday tattoo references /2/ girl time /3/ foraging /4/ stars and stripes, branches and twigs

we had a quiet weekend...max wore army fatigues the entire time--we visited matt at work and foraged for color around the neighborhood. sunday was for an afternoon out with my mom and sisters, the evening for good conversation with friends.

(p.s. i can't thank you all enough for your kindness and uplifting words for our mimi dog. i'm so happy we got to share bits of her life with all of you here.)

happy monday to you all...and a even happier day to our veterans.
(i blow an especially grateful kiss to my dad and my grandpas)


mornings and goodbyes

most mornings look like this. max and sis in cahoots...sweet talking whispering throughout the house. bedhead and tired eyes and smiles for days. 
it's a gift...

it's been a rough few days...our hearts are heavy. 
we lost our mimi early wednesday morning. she was hit by a car during one of her many runaway adventures.
she was such a crazy little thing...and i wasn't always the most patient. but i sit here this morning amazed by how entangled we all became. how she was ours and we were hers. no matter what. and so we celebrate. and i look at my chewed up shoes a little differently.


hide away

we're celebrating these new-found fall-feeling nights with sweaters and blankets and bare toes out back...hiding away in the teepee that matt and a friend built for us sunday night and listening to max spin the wildest tales about yetis and having a crush on the maid from the movie clue.

i'm pretty sure that our backyard neighbor might think we're a bit crazy...

p.s. thank you guys so much for the thoughtful comments on the vaccine issue. it helped so so much! i know it can be a sticky subject, but i have to say how proud i am of the kindness and consideration and room that was given by everyone to be able to share their thoughts without bringing on judgement. i'm truly thankful for this little village of ours that we share. 

i ordered dr. sears' book today and am really excited to delve into it....especially on the alternative vaccine schedule. our biggest fear with the vaccinations has been the amount given at one time at such an early age. it's such a comfort to know we can set a shot schedule that we feel comfortable with!
i'm also super curious about the homeopathic vaccines as well...so thank you again for broadening my understanding and options with all of this! 
truly, it has meant so much...


now, to follow phoebe and max off to bed...goodnight, goodnight friends!


today has been filled with lots of funny and happy things...matt surprising me with him having the afternoon off // lots of orange // slow dancing and doing the frug to old ludacris // his and her outdoor work (and finally planting the collection of roses i discovered matt buying in the middle of the night off of QVC...catching him on the phone whispering with a QVC operator will forever be one of my favorite memories of him ) // bbq dinner out // ornery max and mimi // open window bedtime

hoping your thursday was a fine one! 

happy happy mimi

 this month is our mimi's "joining the family" birthday!
she got dropped off to us last year in march as a lost puppy...and after a few failed attempts to find her a home we bought her a bed and a collar and called her our own!

max and i celebrate her today over puppy treats and cupcakes and might have depressed her a little bit by making her wear a party hat.
 what a year it's been...
mimi has been such a good and funny addition to our family!
and my oh my does she love our boys as much as i do...
she is the most eager gal for attention and love and can be the life of the party! she has an affinity to eating my shoes and the dust piles i sweep up in the kitchen. she enjoys hiding under max's bed, hopping the fence and going for afternoon strolls, and plotting to take down our hamster, spongey.
but above all of it...she is loved and loved. 
 happy 1st birthday, sweet girl! 

happy monday things

//listening to max sing made up songs while he gets ready for school//finding a $20 couch at the salvation army and making it mine (now if i could only convince everyone that it isn't infested with fleas)//hearing baby's heartbeat again...now that's a swoony sound! (p.s. i accidentally flashed an old man in the parking lot after my appointment when a gust of wind met my dress...it was a sad sight)//making up with mimi the dog...we broke up for a few weeks after i caught her doing something terrible in the living room. oh dear//dinner plans with my mama and aunt...mom has been so sick and i haven't been able to be around her for weeks now. oh how i'm aching for a hug!

i hope your monday has been a pleasant one!
and if it hasn't been so much, at least you didn't subject a little old man to your wool tights pulled all the way up over a pregnant belly.
things are looking up!
happy monday!

thriller christmas

max recently discovered the wonders of micheal jackson on vinyl!
and it's started a brand new tradition of thriller christmas family dance night...

 watching max dance is one of the highlights of my life! i wonder if i could talk him into doing mother/son tap dancing lessons?

goodnight, friends!
enjoy this awkward and slightly embarrassing video...

days off

oh how i love a good lazy day off.
today has been laying in bed watching gone with the wind, morning bike rides with max to get donuts, football in the backyard, digging through christmas boxes and really starting to deck these halls, plenty of baking for tomorrow, lots of mimi scratches and lovin, watching charlie brown thanksgiving while charlie brown christmas music is playing in the office.
the house is bustling and cluttered and i wouldn't have it any other way.
i'll be back tomorrow for one last thankful thursday post...but for those of you off to celebrate with family i'll say a very very happy thanksgiving from my little family to yours!

i'm so very thankful for all of you...for this tiny space on the internet...for the wonderful sense of community we have and share together.
really and truly!


candy apples and gum

trick and treats was especially lovely and spooky last night!
matt and i power-walked around town trying to keep up with our ninja and his candy-filled pillowcase. he was a man on a mission! 
we were going to bring mimi along...but i think i depressed her by putting her in a banana costume. she stayed home to sulk.

anyways, it was the perfect night to be out and about. 
chilly air and leaves crunching under foot...hot apple cider and frequent stops to sneak into the candy bag.
we're left this morning with bits of costume strewn all around the house and a huge bowl full of candy hidden on top of the refrigerator. i may or may not have already sneaked a few pieces for breakfast.
here's hoping all of you had a wonderful halloween!