"stick with love"

Hearing- The floor tremble from max's big time wrestling moves // neighbors pulling in trashcans from the curb
Touching- Warm dish water // toys that are scattered in every room
Seeing- Bee's new teeth // bare walls ready for things to be hung // snowflakes falling and falling (finally!)
Tasting- Nuts and berry lunches // sweet baby cheeks
Smelling- Musty old book pages // orange peels from snacks

i love the slow pace of a monday day off. we've been spending it inside, watching the snow dust around and making more messes then i can count. phoebe has gotten the biggest kick out of having max home today. every piece of her explodes when he walks into the room.

us girls have taken a vote and decided we should do this every monday!

planted firmly on the ground

no matter how many times i try to set up a traditional work space for myself i always end up using the floor!
there's just something about the ability to sprawl out and sit cross-legged, or lay on my back and stare at the ceiling when stuck, that has always got my mind going and ready to work. i'm a cheap paint//loud music//bum on the floor kind of painter!
(although my baby bump has definitely made reaching forward and getting up off said floor a funny task...there may be some rocking to gain momentum involved.)

today i'm working on some rifle-inspired flowers for baby shower invitations!
there are so many little boys in our family, it's a real treat to get to be having a girly party....flowers and sweets and gobs of color...i can't wait!

happy monday and last day of april! 
good grief, where is the time going?

shelf belly

happiest monday! 
we've spent the past few days weekending and birthday partying and sprucing up the house a bit. matt had the weekend off, it was such a treat to have him home and around the house...

this morning i woke up to snow and tulips and piles of laundry...such is a monday!
a funny monday discovery is my baby sis belly is nearly to shelf-status!...making a great kickstand for mugs and a perfect desk surface to jot down notes! 

we've arrived, little lady!

lady vs wild

happy president's day monday!
oh how i love long weekends! matt has been away in tennessee for a tattoo convention since thursday so max and i have been attached at the hip and doing all sorts of silly things...like max making me film fake scenarios of him and mimi for "america's funniest home videos" and watching "man vs wild" marathons in my bed.

today has been nothing but sunshine and my rusty old bike...listening to max play hide and seek with the neighborhood boys...and wondering how i could get my hands on a flint steel and striker for when i get lost in the seirra nevadas. no more "man vs wild" for me for a while...


in their home tour

 happy happy monday!
our little house, finished and unfinished, is over at the veda house today and tomorrow for her "in their home" feature!
cassie's blog is one of my favorite places to swoon over beautiful design and get peeks into amazing homes...
go take a look!

i hope everyone's weekend was a good one! today is for last minute valentining, a trip to the post office (goodby kinfolk vol 4 paintings!), and a mexican lunch date with one of my loveliest gals.


happy monday things

//listening to max sing made up songs while he gets ready for school//finding a $20 couch at the salvation army and making it mine (now if i could only convince everyone that it isn't infested with fleas)//hearing baby's heartbeat again...now that's a swoony sound! (p.s. i accidentally flashed an old man in the parking lot after my appointment when a gust of wind met my dress...it was a sad sight)//making up with mimi the dog...we broke up for a few weeks after i caught her doing something terrible in the living room. oh dear//dinner plans with my mama and aunt...mom has been so sick and i haven't been able to be around her for weeks now. oh how i'm aching for a hug!

i hope your monday has been a pleasant one!
and if it hasn't been so much, at least you didn't subject a little old man to your wool tights pulled all the way up over a pregnant belly.
things are looking up!
happy monday!