The kids started back to school this week...preschool and 5th grade (BIG!). This is Max's last year going to our Montessori school. We're gearing up for big changes to come for him and enjoying these last bits of he and Phoebe being together at the same school. It's not a bad gig to have your big brother/best friend looking out for you everyday.

We've been fumbling a bit trying to get back into a's been a real circus around here. One with flying clothes and shoes too big...disappearing lunches and death-grip tearful goodbyes. Needless to say, we are dragging our feet out of summer. And while we're waiting for that old-hat feeling to settle back in, it's helping to practice the art of stepping back and letting my kids do and be and see what sticks on their own. Knowing that as much as they need my advice and presence and to have my act together they also need me to just be okay with the mismatched clothes they picked out...and to be able to walk away during the tearful goodbyes because we both know she'll be fine the second I'm gone. 

And when all else fails, ice cream after school is the healer of all things. And weekends. Weekends are welcomed too.

Phoebe goes to school

Phoebe girl started the toddler program at Max's school this week! 3 half days away with friends...busy with projects and eating snacks and ready to give the most delicious hugs a mom could ever dream up when the day is said and done and I come to pick her up. Max is the best kind of brother, peeking out his classroom window at her, checking to make sure she's ok. It's a beautiful thing, watching your little ones find their footing together. So far so good!

back to school

our guy is off to 2nd grade today, friends!
he was up bright and early, dressed and waiting by the front door before any of us. this is his second year at montessori school, which he loves and loves. this morning was such a change from the past few that ended up in a ball of nerves and a little bit of tears or accosting the principle. this morning was easy and max was confident.

and so we celebrated...we listened to elvis and brushed and messed and re-brushed hair. phoebe left a grumpy note in max's lunch (and i finally got to use jordan's funny fruit stickers!)

we're back into the swing of things...
happy happy back to school time!
...back to steadiness, routine...packed lunches and quiet afternoons.

i can't wait to see what this year has in store for my max!

little admiration

thank you all so very much for your good thoughts sent max's way!
he had an amazing day yesterday, despite a rough morning start. 
there was some hiding and a little bit of a death grip around our waists...some shifty eyes looking to make a break for it. but all that aside, he did fantastic!
he loved the school and his new friends. and matt and me and max's dad have a whole lot of peace now that things are falling into place for our guy.
that definitely calls for an ice cream cone...
 or more specifically, an ice cream cone the size of your head.

it does some good to have moments when you get to look at your child and truly admire them. 
not for anything you've taught them, really. but just for who they are as people.
their ability to trust and adapt and be wonderfully resilient.
it's really something. 

p.s. if any of you have done montessori or have kids in montessori i would love to hear your experience!
p.s.s. photos taken from my phone. i left my camera at home!
(that never happens)