mornings and goodbyes

most mornings look like this. max and sis in cahoots...sweet talking whispering throughout the house. bedhead and tired eyes and smiles for days. 
it's a gift...

it's been a rough few days...our hearts are heavy. 
we lost our mimi early wednesday morning. she was hit by a car during one of her many runaway adventures.
she was such a crazy little thing...and i wasn't always the most patient. but i sit here this morning amazed by how entangled we all became. how she was ours and we were hers. no matter what. and so we celebrate. and i look at my chewed up shoes a little differently.


bright eyed/bushy tailed

i've got a new partner in crime come morning time. 
my boys are sleepers, they are. but bee is like mama...early to rise (although 5 am is a little too early for me to be as bright-eyed as her)

this morning has been a good one...making end of summer to-do lists and enjoying the sun coming up...watching endless episodes of seinfield and downton abbey together like a couple of couch potatoes...waiting for max to wake up and run downstairs for kisses. 

 august is off to a fine start...

odd days and artichokes

i couldn't sleep this morning. i suppose my body has all sorts of nervous energy these days. by 5:30 i was up and in the car driving around...hoping to be able to catch the sunrise or some inspiration...but instead ended up home an hour later with one lone artichoke from the grocery store and a wings song stuck in my head.

i counted the minutes by the tens until it was time to wake max up...i put on a dress and killed some time by searching the internet for funny pictures of cowboy cats and animals in people clothes to stuff in max's lunch and book bag. i hummed along to the song in my head.

odd early mornings and inexplicable vegetable purchases like these seem to be the recipe for a really wonderful and inspirational thursday...or anyways, at least i have something new to throw in for dinner tonight.

Let 'Em In by PMcCartneyWings on Grooveshark


winter mornings

there's something really wonderful about a cold and quiet morning.
lucky for me, both of my boys are i usually spend the morning to myself. today has been christmas carding and eating cookies and tea before breakfast.

my sister amy surprised me monday morning with that beautiful white mug and some special tea. for no good reason at all! 
there's something really wonderful about sisters as well.

happy happy wednesday, loves! 
12 days until christmas! i'm trying to teach max the 12 days of christmas song...but i end up adding "calling birds" to every number.
p.s. cards from rifle paper co.
they are just the most!