white winter hymnal

(illustrations from children's books the snowy day and deer in the snow)
max and i have been aching for a bit of snow around here...something to stick to the grass and buoy plastic sleds. in the meantime though, we're enjoying cold walks outside with plans to strewn the house with paper snowflakes...keeping woolens close...and reading dreamy books of whitest white winters. we're wintery ohio folk through and through.

have a lovely lovely weekend, friends! 

p.s. i'm so glad you guys like the new layout! it still needs tweaked here and there, but it feels so good to start the year off with something new and fresh. i've also decided to bite the bullet already and start accepting sponsors! it's something i've been meaning to do for years but have been too afraid. i'm so excited to start working with other artists and small businesses...knowing that taking this step will help justify the time i spend here...and insure that i will be able to continue to in the coming years! thank you all much and much for making that possible!

if you're interested in partnering up visit my sponsor page here...


let yourself be heard

ohio is an exciting place to be today!
i voted bright and early this morning while my family slept. max was so happy to see my sticker when he woke up. he's been so curious about the political process this year--asking loads of questions...watching the debates. we don't talk about where matt and i lean politically this year...not just yet. it's much more fun to see max make up his mind on his own...learning the process before partisanship!
he spent the morning trying to guess who i cast my ballet for-- "did you vote for a boy?"..."is he already president or does he have fancy hair?"

happy happy election day, friends!


roadside markets are the most beautiful around here...
there is a wonderful one off of 35 west that is the perfect excuse for an afternoon country drive for some tree swinging and pumpkin snatching and trying to take seasonal pictures of your little ones with both of their eyes open or without losing your propped up slumped over baby to a sea of pumpkins (she was not pleased with me).
i get swept away pretty quickly by slow paced, sweet places like these...the boy working said i looked like i was having more fun than max was. 
stacked up hay and blue skies can do that to a girl...

sweet corn ice cream

i love september and its mix and mash of seasons...summer heat and fall air...school by day and sprinklers and bike rides til night.
the farmers market down the road is selling off last bits of their ohio sweet corn...it's the perfect time to make some ice cream!

i used this recipe for sweet corn ice cream here, blending the kernels in the blender to have less chunks and adding a bit more vanilla! 
 it really is delicious, especially if you toss in some blackberries too...the perfect end of summer treat!

swim in the sun

"in summer the landscape opens up and draws us in, coming alive with mysteries....there are whispers of adventure afoot"

 nothing says summer quite like river rock adventuring...skipping stones and sinking toes in cool ohio mud and floating weightless with a steady summer current....throwing caution to a warm wind and jumping into the water dressed for it...ready or not.

 today we soaked up and celebrated the new beginnings of july...and perfect timing with the summer issue of kinfolk coming out today! 

happy happy july, friends!

purple people

we had a lovely time adventuring together yesterday!
the weather was so beautiful and warm, despite a few showers here and there. we started walking the purple people bridge (a pedestrian bridge over the ohio river connecting to kentucky) in the rain and ended on the kentucky side with the warmest sunshine and frizziest hair.

max oohed and ahhed over the river water and traveling boats...the cincinnati skyline and the grilled cheese at lunch.
i couldn't think of a finer way to spend the extra day we got this year then gallivanting around with my guys! (even if they did have to leave me behind a time or two because of my slow pregnant waddle)


and the fog comes up

we had the most beautiful blankets of fog hanging around yesterday. 
definitely not what christmas usually looks like around here...but beautiful nonetheless. 

Fog by Radiohead on Grooveshark

buddy is officially off school for his winter break...we have lots of plans for baking and puddle jumping in loo of snowball fights. 
and tomorrow is the solstice
there is something about it that makes me want to light candles and stay up all night...

these are happy days, for sure.

apple tree farm

i'm sure by now you all are a bit tired of me gushing on and on about fall...but will you indulge me one last post? and i promise to not jump into christmas too soon! but i have to be honest...christmas music is already being played on the radio here! 
(which is a dangerous thing for a gal like me with very little holiday self control)
and if i'm being completely honest, i'd have to tell you that i listen to christmas music all year round, especially if i'm feeling down. it's my happy place. 
but this is supposed to be about fall....

my favorite place to visit this time of year is the apple tree farm!
we've been taking the little ones there for years and years...when they were actually little ones! 
matt and i took max and my nephew and niece this past sunday for a bit of last minute fall romping in hay, getting lost in corn mazes, squealing at baby goats, bumpy hayrides, and warm donuts.

it's been such a lovely fall!
and i'm so happy we got to squeeze in one last bit of fall goodness at the farm.

p.s. besides being a mama, is there anything better than getting to be an aunt? especially when they share your reddest red hair!

5 favorites of fall

 i can hardly believe october is nearly over. i'm trying to soak up every last bit.
 this week we're counting down our favorite things about this time of year!
colorful fall leaves are tops!
and ohio has some of the most beautiful.
we don't have any trees of our own (or anyways, the one in the backyard's leaves doesn't change colors or fall. hmph!). there are times when the least reasonable side of myself wants to sneak trash bags full of leaves from the neighbors yard to sprinkle on our own. 
there are a few days left this month, and plenty of november...it might still happen.

happy monday, loves!
i would love to hear your favorite parts of the season!

sleepy hollow

 when i found out we were going on our sunny l.a trip in october, a small part of me was hesitant. october in ohio is the most beautiful and i didn't want to miss even a week of the leaves changing or jacket and scarf weather or picking more pumpkins (i do not need to pick anymore pumpkins. i might have a problem.)
 the irony is that the weather in l.a ended up being on the chilly side and on our last day in town, kate and her husband isaac took us to the most amazing apple orchard outside of the city. it was tucked between mountains and was bursting with pumpkins and apples and hayriding and animals. 
(we learned, quite graphically, a bit of the birds and the bees from a large gal horse and a small boy donkey. it was shocking. there was some screaming going on. and i think it's safe to say everyone witnessing it was altered in some small, gross way)
that aside, the farm made me feel right at home. 

we stayed for dinner in the barn, where they had a family bluegrass band playing and put on a production of "sleepy hollow". there was warm apple cider and pumpkin seed spitting and square dancing. and i instantly became the most homesick i had been all trip.
it was the perfect way to end our getaway...with a little taste of home. 

seasons and fast food tears

happy first day of fall!
this is, like for most, my most favorite time of year...when ohio is her most beautiful and i feel the most settled. we've been celebrating around here with lots of warm drinks and caramel apples and hitting snooze on the alarm clock way more than we should. these are sleepy days.
i've spent the past couple of days away from the computer and spending some extra time with the boys. we sent matt away last night for a weekend business trip. and my max goes off this afternoon to be with his dad for a few days. i'm a woman left to her own devices...which is dangerous. i ended up, inexplicably, in tears after ordering lunch today when the boy at the window was so nice to me.  haha. it's going to be that kind of weekend.

have a happy one, friends! 
i'll be back tomorrow with a few projects i've been working on around the house.

light breezes seems to whisper

it's taken me years of listening to myself to realize that i need a little solitude every now and again.
time with myself...my thoughts..the silence around me.
most times i find it in small ways...like in the morning when the boys are still asleep or while alone in the car on my way to and from places.
and sometimes i find it in deliberatly special ways.
sometimes i like to wine and dine myself.
get out the fancy glasses, pile up some strawberries on a cake plate, splurge on a new $1 crossword puzzle book and frosted animal crackers, find a place to stake my claim for an hour, and sit and just be.

i found myself in what seemed like my own little secret garden last night..fresh after an evening thunderstorm. i took pictures and watched the sun set and toasted to the brilliance that life can be...to my max who seems like worlds away...to the simple goodness of sipping through a paper straw or wringing out a rain-soaked hem.
and then i sat. and i listened.

eddie veder- dream a little dream

i hope you all can go stake a claim on an hour for yourself this week.
pull out all the stops for yourself...and don't forget the animal crackers.

take only pictures, leave only footprints

 the weather here has been oddly cool and breezy. 
perfect for a sunday evening picnic and hike with sweet friends.
 we tromped around in the woods...chasing after the little ones and taking pictures of marvelous things and breathing in good air.
the sun set on us skipping rocks and i took home the dirtiest little boy. 
it was good. oh, so good.

i decided that june has come and gone a little too fast for my liking. this summer could go on and on and i wouldn't protest one bit.

happy monday, friends. 

still slow river

canoeing is one of my favorite summer things to do.
with all of the hustle and bustle tagging along with this time of year...it's nice to find a quiet place to float slow and breathe easy for a bit...a touch of still peacefulness.
(and that's without me steering. we would be all flailing about and overboard if i were in charge of that)
 so yesterday we packed up the family, threw some cherries in the bag, and did a quick trip down the river before getting back to work.

i take back the peace and quiet part.
we made up river people songs and laughed so loud it echoed most of the trip.
but you can do those sorts of things when you're all alone on a river...

have a  happy weekend, everyone!

and just a little thank you note: i want to let all of you know how encouraged i've been by your kindest words on my photography. i love taking pictures, but it's way more instinctual than technical for me. sometimes that fact holds me back from even calling myself a "photographer". so thank you from the bottom of my heart!
i'll work on putting a "camera bag" tab up with all sorts of information on the cameras i use and post editing i dabble with.
most of these pictures were taken with my canon 60D//50 mm lens. 
the ones on the water i used my little fujifilm finepix f300exr point and shoot.
who's bored already...haha