at the drive-in

one of our favorite summer traditions is seeing a movie at the drive in down the street...piling up blankets and pillows from off the beds and gathering up sweets to throw in the back of the car. it was a wild time having phoebe sue in the mix this year! i had the highest hopes of getting her to fall asleep before the movie started...but that gal was all over the car...stealing licorice sticks and throwing pizza at max, dumping drinks and trying to monster growl at the neighbors in the cars next to us. haha. ack! good thing the drive in is just dreamy enough to make me want to do it all over again and again...

saturday hideaway

lazy saturdays are for hiding out with family over coffee and sweets and board games and sunny spots in the windows. max's dad and 2nd mama came too making the deal that much sweeter.
it's rare to have these kinds of days where everyone is present and accounted for. phoebe took a cat nap in my arms while max read us his stories and made up scrabble words and i'm aching to do the whole thing over again next weekend. 

happy happy monday to you, friends!

(and a million thank yous for such cheering me on with my new space! if any of you ever find yourself in dayton i except you to come over and paint something with me!)

birthday afternoons

yesterday was a red letter day for this gal! thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. i love an excuse to make a fuss over things and birthdays are my most favorite! (although i'd much rather save the fuss for everyone else and their days)

the weather was beautiful and so we took bare legs for a stroll and headed east while bub was in school. it felt so good to just be out! we toasted the day over good lunch and ice cream and window shopping. matt spoiled me with a new dress and a vintage map and cast iron scissors. and best of all i got to check something off of my 30 year old bucket list...# 18- find a perfume you like already! we stopped in a little paper shop and i found a tobacco-scented tonic that was perfect...a little masculine and a little sweet. apparently 30 year old katie prefers to smell like a bag of pipe tabacco.

we closed out the day with lemon cake and candles and a dance party before baths and good nights. i couldn't have asked for a better way to start out this new decade. and if you ever need to get a dance party going, invite max and bee. those two are party animals for sure!

skate away

yesterday was a much needed family day--time for last minute hilarious self-timer family christmas card pictures, ice skating in the rain, and a visit to santa's lap for bee. 
(i tried to get max to sit with her but he told me he wasn't interested in setting on an old man's lap...hmph! i guess i can't argue with that.)

ice skating is much more his cup of tea...and it's one of my most favorite traditions this time of year. now if only i could skate without keeping a death grip on someone's hand...

in the woods

max had my camera out during a hike in the woods this past week...
he took some really beautiful photos and told me tales of wild things growing like mayflowers and garlic mustard.
he's a fine guy, that max. a funny little park guide//tree photographer//stick collector.

sending you all lots of love and goodness, sunday-style!


tough love and pizza in the park

Take Care by Beach House on Grooveshark

we had the park to ourselves last night...just me, max, our kite, and some ducks that were trying to intimidate us out of our dinner.
it was the calm before the storm that has been the past few nights...where my max decides to flex his muscles and become all sassafras and down right mean. it breaks my heart a bit...and has me throwing my hands up in the air.
his life is certainly changing...and there are times when i forget how different our experiences of growing up have been already. there are things we will never be able to understand about each other...but the thing that tethers us together is love. love so mighty and unconditional.

and so we wade through the sharp words and forced punishments and consequences...the hurt and the apologies and the promises that tomorrow is a new day to try again.

and in the meantime, there is always the park and pizza and a chance to let things lie and rest for a bit while we roll through the grass and drag a windless kite along the ground...

 and if that doesn't work...there is always ben and jerry's.

cheers to to happy weekend!

when life gives you lemons

max set up a lemonade stand this past weekend to raise himself some money for skates!
 he's always been a bit of an entrepreneur...a planner and a schemer, that max. it's been funny watching his passion for starting up little businesses.
roller blades aren't that expensive these days...but our guy is fickle when it comes to the things he's interested instead of buying him skates that he might only use for a few days we told him he would have to do chores to earn them. but he is just as business savvy as he is fickle...and decided he would rather gamble in the lemonade business than help me fold laundry or pooper-scoop the back yard.

and so saturday, he made out his shopping list and delegated tasks and tried to sell his lemonade for $25 a glass. i guess he was proud of his product!
we set up in front of matt's studio and after a couple of hours, a handful of lemonade buyers, and a $20 tip from one of matt's sweetest clients, max closed shop and bought himself some skates!

it was so funny and wonderful watching him walk through target with his little mason jar of money...
he was forever proud. it did us all some real good!

i've only had scold him 5 or 6 times for going down the stairs in his skates and crashing into the cars...
and he may or may not have gotten grounded from them already and forced to help me fold laundry anyways...

he's learning some hard-knock business lessons..haha. 

happy wednesday, friends!

life is but a dreem

today has been so hot...i've been a perpetual shade of red and pink! it's definitely been the kind of day to swoop up your guy from school and go find somewhere special to hide out in the shade. one of the luckiest things about this area are the old highways around town and all of the little time capsule places to eat. they have the best old buildings and signs!
today max and i traveled down dixie with our windows down and the radio on and pretended like we had a sassy convertible...we hung out in the shade under the awning at the dixie dairy dreem and i listened to max spin woeful breakup tales over apricot ice cream and a hot dog. 

i'm not sure mondays get any better than that...

here's hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend!


yesterday matt and i went out and painted the town to celebrate 2 years of being together. 
it's amazing how so much of my life has been changed...2 years seems like such a small and silly number in comparison. (and matt swears it's been 3 years...although last week he thought it was 5)

it just goes to show when you know you know. and when you finally realize it you hit the ground running and you don't stop to look back. you allow yourself to fall in love and have babies and celebrate the big and small and all the insignificants in between.
and so yesterday we celebrated over spicy food and a open patio...we didn't talk a whole lot about the past or whats to come. i think we were both pretty content where we are...or at least maybe we know the importance of sitting still in the present for a bit.
we spent the day being together and at the end matt surprised me with milkshakes and a carriage ride in the country...sunsets and open fields and a horse named charlie. 
something different and funny to do together that neither of us have even done before...
and then the driver took us down a road full of houses and people coming home from work...slow passing cars and barking dogs and kids gawking and wondering why a horse-drawn carriage was going down a residential street.
it was hilarious and embarrassing and a fitting end to the day. it reminded me a lot of us. 

traditional in the most unconventional way...a little odd...and always something to laugh about.

happy 2...maybe 3...or 5, lover. 

purple people

we had a lovely time adventuring together yesterday!
the weather was so beautiful and warm, despite a few showers here and there. we started walking the purple people bridge (a pedestrian bridge over the ohio river connecting to kentucky) in the rain and ended on the kentucky side with the warmest sunshine and frizziest hair.

max oohed and ahhed over the river water and traveling boats...the cincinnati skyline and the grilled cheese at lunch.
i couldn't think of a finer way to spend the extra day we got this year then gallivanting around with my guys! (even if they did have to leave me behind a time or two because of my slow pregnant waddle)


big top

we took ourselves out saturday night for some much needed family time! 
the circus was in town...and oh how i love the circus! (despite my bleeding heart and itch to free all of the animals...flinging open the doors and riding off on the baby elephant...) anyways, it was such a funny night...lots of snickering at the serious music and ring master singing pop songs...and plenty more oohing and aahhing and getting sucked into the magic of it all. 
max rekindled his love for monkeys and magicians...sweets and acrobats and clowns. there were tigers and leaping dogs...tight rope walkers and beautiful dancing elephants.

it's been a while since we've seen our little guy happier...the circus can do that to a boy (and to a mama and a matt i suppose)!

 it was quite a night...i left with sore cheeks from laughing (the tiger tamer did a toe-touch when the tiger jumped through a flaming hoop...i still can't compose myself), matt left with a weak heart after seeing too many death-deifying stunts, and max left convinced he could ride a unicycle and with plans of becoming a professional clown one day! he was so taken by those clowns! ack!
three cheers for the circus!
i hope you all had a wonderful weekend! this week is off to a good start.

(edit: i apologize to all of those hurt by this post...and by the photos of the beautiful elephants. i hope you know my heart! this is a happy place...and it is certainly not my intent to offend or make anyone feel uncomfortable. thank you for the kind and constructive comments and information on circuses. i've been reading lots!)

out to lunch- a little video

when matt gets little breaks between clients at work, he'll swoop me up and we'll do it up right for an hour or two.
lunch and coffee, window shopping and listening to bone thugs on the drive home.

my guy is the best afternoon date a girl could ask for.
(especially when he reminds me of a little old man with his dry cleaning tag left on his jacket sleeve)

happy friday...and three cheers for the weekend!
i hope it is a happy one for all of you!

(music on the video by message to bears)