I recently did some branding work with Lily Del Soap Co. They're using my "Laura" painting on their packaging and website and it's really something to see the finished see the new life this painting has been given, from your homes in print form to an accent on beautiful soaps! I get the biggest kick out of all of it.

Lily Del was just featured in the August issue of Southern Living Magazine and was picked as a nominee for Martha Stewart's American Made 2015 Awards. They are kindly offering a bubble bath giveaway in your choice of scent to one of you! (I just ordered the Caramel & Tobacco!)

To enter, just go "LIKE" their facebook page. They'll draw a winner tomorrow! Best of luck!

Product photos courtesy of Lily Del / Photographer Stephen DeVries

November clockwork

This time of year always seems to bring out a funny, pensive side of myself...taking stock of a year and feeling a sudden itch to learn French or finish that scarf I've been meaning to finish for 3 years now. It's my November ambitions for a year. But sometimes it's just the idea of a year's-end-dream that can drive me...inspire me. It gets channeled into a painting or the most boring part of an afternoon at home with the kids. (that thousandth episode of Barney is way more tolerable when your head is lost in thoughts of speaking fluent French while wearing a lumpy, misshapen homemade scarf of yours!) And it always, ALWAYS, ends up in a prematurely decorated Christmas house.

Is it possible to be altogether proud and completely embarrassed that I already have the house fully decorated for Christmas (tree excluded)? First house in the neighborhood! (Which is saying something, as we live on a street where some people never take their decorations down).

I blame it on that scarf...


hello friends! hoping you all had a rich and full thanksgiving yesterday. we spent ours with loads of family and sweet potato seconds...tonight we celebrate with good friends.

i wanted to pop in before the weekend to let you know my online shop will be open this monday, decemeber 2nd, at 10 AM! it will be stocked with some mix and match pieces available in various sized prints and canvas to create your own gallery wall...or display on their own! 

i'm so excited to be able to open this little shop and have my work be more accessible. and i really can't thank you all enough for your support and love these past few years.

happy happy weekend to you. and see you monday!


silence is golden

black and white and gold all over. it's funny going through my camera and finding a common theme of colors over these few weeks...finding inspiration from snow on leaves and wearing black stretchy pants all day every day. i've been soaking up and milking this time at home. being quiet and still these past few months has filled me up with all sorts of goodness and perspective. we're meant for much more than this, yes?

hoping you all have had a wonderful november! i'm working hard on having my online shop open next week in celebration of the holidays. more information to come! 

a studio tour

hi hi friends! april is turning out to be one busy and hectic month...but i suppose those things go hand in hand with warmer and longer days. regardless, i can't wait to have a quiet block of time alone to sit and catch up with all of you!

i've gotten settled into my studio space and am sharing it and some of the details with elsie and the girls over at a beautiful mess today!

read more here! hope you all are having a wonderful week. 

moving on up

 i've been learning a lot about myself these past (almost) 8 months of being a new mama again. in a lot of ways it's made me braver. but more than that it's knocked me on my newly large mom butt in some pretty humbling ways. anyways, i could go on and on about all things mom guilt and trying to work from home and all the daily failures in between...but this! this about the stretch and the leap and the want for something more that comes out of it all. it's finding what works and changing what doesn't with just a tad bit of time spent wallowing between them.

in the name of sanity and a small dose of wild hope, i decided to pack up all my paints from the house and make the dream move into a studio space of my own. a place to make a mess and leave get to come home to a house that is there solely for loving and playing and cooking and sleeping. but more than anything, a space to get me off my butt and make things happen already. so that's what i'm doing. 

this space is rich with goals and ways to achieve a funny little building cat that sidles up and scares me each and every time. (not to mention the sweetest artist i get to share the whole thing with).

i'm so so excited to see what happens next. my head is swimming with ideas and business plans. my goal this year has been to put myself out there feel settled in what i have to offer the world...and to grab at what i want...all while tossing a baby and an 8 year old on my hip. fingers crossed i can do it. 
there's nothing like a fresh start space with dirty old floors that makes you want to try...

happy first of march to you all!

love day songs

hello february...goodbye sad winter doldrums! (or anyways, at least that's the hope). valentines has a knack for stirring in all sorts of goodness and color into the winter pot.

tonight it's just baby and me. we're feeling a little under the weather...but are keeping spirits up by painting and peekabooing and dancing to gushy songs. la la love!

valentime by katie stratton on Grooveshark

---- p.s. today i'm over at a new site called 3 things for moms- a daily place where different bloggers and writers come to share a truth, a tip, and a find! ---

the sweetness

this week has me desperately grasping for a small bit of balance. 
it's way too pretty outside...
i could go on and on, talking about the challenge of finding yourself at a impasse of pre-baby self and post-baby self...but for tonight i think i'll just let it be.

 i hope you all are having a wonderful week! 
leaves are falling every which way you look, my hands are stained with paint, and pumpkin ice cream abounds...

life is hectic and silly and sweet as can be...

rainy day read

october has brought lots of clouds and rain along...making for mornings in, sweeping dirt and leaves from wood floors and sneaking quiet bits of sitting and reflecting for myself. 
(and also time for a bowl of cereal and the steve harvey show, if i'm being honest..haha. i don't know...don't even ask...)
the fall volume of kinfolk came out yesterday! it's been keeping me company with its beautiful photos and stories and recipes of good things to make and share. there is something so amazing about this magazine that always inspires me to want to do and be...doubly so around this time of year.
you can see some more of my work too...there are 3 of my paintings inside that i made for this issue. 
here's to rainy wednesdays with clean floors, good reads, and terrible tv!


fallen like the leaves

my oh my has it been a week...good and bad and hectic and slow and every thing in between.
i'm looking forward to the weekend...a chance to catch our breath and celebrate the first of fall tomorrow!
this morning was a good start...nap time painting and freshly made pumpkin bread and watching the clouds roll in.
 i tell ya, this time of year inspires me to no end. 

fall time in ohio can do that to a gal. 

happy weekend and happy happy autumn.

swim in the sun

"in summer the landscape opens up and draws us in, coming alive with mysteries....there are whispers of adventure afoot"

 nothing says summer quite like river rock adventuring...skipping stones and sinking toes in cool ohio mud and floating weightless with a steady summer current....throwing caution to a warm wind and jumping into the water dressed for it...ready or not.

 today we soaked up and celebrated the new beginnings of july...and perfect timing with the summer issue of kinfolk coming out today! 

happy happy july, friends!

paint an escape

i hid away at the museum this morning...spending some time alone away from the heat...touching cold marble and holding my breath at my favorite paintings.
i can't wait to bring baby girl here...for max to get to show her how your voice can echo in the large rooms and that there are samurai swords in the basement and a pinochio painting upstairs. 

the best parts of living life together are getting to share the details...

p.s. thank you all much and much for the funny labor stories and recipes! 
i was a week overdue with max and had to be induced...which led to a c-section. it was of course a beautiful experience but i was left feeling like there should be more to it. i'm determined this time to do things the old fashion way. and i'm excited to see my body actually do things on its own this time..i'm hopeful anyways. 

come what may, but next week i'll be stocking up on fresh pineapple and caster oil and ordering pizza while scrubbing the kitchen floors. haha.

quiet fleetings

another quiet week...trying to strike a balance between being completely present and going inward a bit in preparation for things to come.
....being a good summer mama to my little boy (carpooling to play dates, buttoning on that baseball pin, rainy day video game playing) and trying to get this house in order. i'm in a forever sea of laundry and a winter coat shedding dog.

but these are happiest, hectic, most fleeting kinds of days.
each one a good one.

today i'm finishing up last minute sweet things for the men in our lives for father's day tomorrow! between my dad, matt, and max's papa, we're some of the luckiest friends, max and me.

it's a blessing to be surrounded by such men.

have the happiest weekend, loves!

splish splash

max's messy paint party was a real splash! lots of washable paint and silly string and water balloons being hurled about.
it's not everyday you're allowed to make a big mess...max was in his glory!

party details
for decorations we just hung up an old sheet and splattered it with paint and water...added more oh happy day dot garland...and laid out goggles and paint cans and sweets and towels.

i bought large containers of washable paint (dumped into spray bottles with water and metal paint buckets) and hung a 10x12 white drop cloth from the clothes line for the little ones to splatter. after they were covered in paint we pulled out the slip n slide and more water balloons so they could clean off the dried paint.


oh how i love throwing funny parties for my little guy...only he's becoming not so little these days.
i wonder if he'll still let me do these things when he's 16?

Splish Splash by Bobby Darin on Grooveshark