february photo a day friday

what a week! it's amazing how one afternoon can change your world and suddenly your thoughts are knee deep in little lady names and dresses and thoughts of having someone to share anne of green gables with. thank you much and much for all the sweet comments! and my apologies to our little gal for her first picture shown to the world being a leg-spread money shot! haha. 
(a few of you asked...we do have a name for sis but we're waiting to share until we make sure it suits her! max was going to be a milo until i saw his little face...p.s did i ever tell you that max's real name is maddox? i only call him that now when he is getting ornery though...haha)

this week has been bike rides and dress shopping, some painting and thrifting and three sad attempts at playing street hockey with my max...two burnt dinners, boat loads of dark chocolate, late night harry potter marathons with matt, and lots of baby squirm feeling and nursery dreaming and attempts to sit still in the present a bit. it's so hard not to want to rush these weeks along.

happy happy weekend, loves!
this is max's weekend away adventuring with his dad...fingers crossed i can get anything done besides pinning baby things...


february photo a day friday

happy happy friday, friends!
this week has been spent loving on each other, getting hurt laser tagging ( i woke up the next morning sore as can be...i think it was all the army-crawling and crouching i did. haha. i don't mess when it comes to laser tag), eating lots of sweets, and lots more singing and talking to our heirloom tomato baby (hello, 19 weeks! and goodbye weeks and weeks of being in the dark...tuesday we get to celebrate our girl or boy!). 
i couldn't wait for this stage in the game...when our little one could start hearing our voices! today i went out and bought headphones for me and my tomato so we could lay in the sunny spots of the house and listen to music.

i hope you all have the loveliest weekend! 
max is taking me out on a date tonight...dinner and the secret world of arrietty
my little guy is a charmer!


february photo a day friday

the days pass so quickly anymore...it's almost impossible to slow them down.
this week we celebrated my amazing dad on his birthday, baby turned into the size of a bell pepper, and max started making his birthday invitations (his birthday is in july). 

i hope you all have a wonderful valentine's weekend! 
if you're up for a quick story of romance and hot dogs, hop over to a handful of peanuts. i shared a bit me and matt's story with her readers for her month of love feature.

p.s. thank you all much and much for the sweet modcloth lovin! it's been pretty amazing to see the opportunities that this little blog has been given over the past year.


sunny sunny

i'm celebrating the last day of the month with open windows and shaved legs (well, the bottom half anyway..haha). no time for mourning the lack of snow to sled and snowman and angel with. today is for sun baths and dusting off shelves...taking pale legs out for a spin and flirting with this faux-spring a bit.

happy things today: i'm 17 weeks! baby is a turnip now...and i swear i feel a little squirm when i reach over or bend down // getting the best hug from max this morning...and getting pulled back into bed by matt for 5 extra minutes with my face tucked in his neck//  potential root beer floats and some lady time with a dear friend // wearing lots of red to match lots of sun...and finding old lady skirts at the goodwill that make space for my belly perfectly! //

happy last day of january! 

p.s. i've been loving seeing everyone's beautiful january photos from fat mum slim's photo a day challenge...i'm going to join for february! it kicks off tomorrow. 

good grief i can't believe how quickly the month went.