weeding and elbow grease

a bit of normalcy has finally headed back home and is settling in around here. newness is wearing and blending in with the old. it's a happy place to be.
max is home and crazy as ever...days are devoted to cleaning and laundry and i finally got back outside in my element...pulling weeds and digging in dirt. 
(something i haven't been able to do since being pregnant...3 cheers for a napping baby and being able to bend over again!)

it's amazing what a little weeding and elbow grease can do for a girl's sense of self...

phoebe makes 4

baby girl made it safely here monday night! 
after two days of being in labor, i was finally able to have the natural birth experience i was hoping for...and sis came just 8 years and 26 hours after her brother. early july is my lucky baby month!

our phoebe sue is the spitting image of her papa and the funniest little friend already...so many faces and noises. we're all head over heels for this gal, especially max! he is in love and has been an amazing big brother already. we're blessed and blessed. 
and i'm not holding my breath, but we think we see some red on that head of hair!

so here we are. finally home...low on sleep but filled to the brim from the goodness of our girl.
it was been the wildest of rides...being pregnant again and growing our little family. and it's been such a treat getting to share it all with you. 
thank you so much for all of the love and sweetness and encouragement you've give me along the way!

we had a baby, friends!

{hospital photos by bella baby photography!}

a boy turns 8

yesterday we celebrated our little max...who woke up a new man of 8! 8!?
it's been a tradition the past few years to have a donut cake breakfast party on his day...and i was so worried this one wouldn't happen.
(before bed saturday night i started having major contractions, which have yet to leave me. they're coming inconsistently (5 minutes then 7 then 10 minutes apart) so aren't considered "real" labor just yet. but good grief do they ever feel real!)

so our breakfast party for max came with a bit of dancing and donuts and presents with a side of stops for contractions and crumpled over, breathing exercises. and while sis never ended up showing up yesterday, i'm so happy we got the chance to honor our guy in true "us" fashion...

happy happy birthday, my guy!
you proved yourself yesterday to be a real big kid..selfless and caring and sweet as pie. and i can't wait to get to know 8 year old max...see who he becomes...what he likes! because he's already the most interesting guy on the block! 

happy friday!

no baby yet...but all is well! 
i've been soaking up time with my boys, hiding out from the heat, and trying to enjoy these last few moments of quiet.
there are a few perks of being pregnant left...last night matt insisted i use the motorized scooter cart at the grocery. it was everything i had hoped it would be and so much more! max couldn't breathe for laughing as we scooted around the store...breezing past corners and coming to the most jarring stops.
anyways, it was a little bit of a dream. 

have a happy happy weekend, all!
sunday we celebrate our little man on his golden birthday! time has flown right by...but these past 8 years with him have been the greatest of all my life.

paint an escape

i hid away at the museum this morning...spending some time alone away from the heat...touching cold marble and holding my breath at my favorite paintings.
i can't wait to bring baby girl here...for max to get to show her how your voice can echo in the large rooms and that there are samurai swords in the basement and a pinochio painting upstairs. 

the best parts of living life together are getting to share the details...

p.s. thank you all much and much for the funny labor stories and recipes! 
i was a week overdue with max and had to be induced...which led to a c-section. it was of course a beautiful experience but i was left feeling like there should be more to it. i'm determined this time to do things the old fashion way. and i'm excited to see my body actually do things on its own this time..i'm hopeful anyways. 

come what may, but next week i'll be stocking up on fresh pineapple and caster oil and ordering pizza while scrubbing the kitchen floors. haha.

peanuts and cracker jacks

sunday we tried to soak up as much time together as we could as a little family before we sent max off for some summer adventuring with his dad this week.
matt and i asked max what he wanted to do and the answer was baseball...the answer is almost always baseball! he's a true blue fan, my guy is! 

and so we hot dogged and sno-coned and clapped and cheered for our dayton team. max forever tried to remind me of the rules and kept me up on what was really happening during the game...matt marveled at all the little old men eating peanuts. 
it was a good day with my boys...

and so my max is away now and i'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself while he's gone. i usually am. although it almost always flies by and i'm sure with sis being so close my time alone will involve cold sweets and elevated feet. 
 (matt has asked for no spicy food or walking on this last week of work for him in hopes to hold baby girl in...he promised me indian for lunch and dinner and long long walks everyday next week though...i'm ready to meet this gal already! 
any labor kick start tricks you have to share?)

happy tuesday, loves!
p.s. dear max, come home soon, why not?

peach plum pear

saturday morning matt and i found some time to sneak away together and hunt for fresh fruits and local honey (perfect for those seasonal allergies)
this time of year is the best for visiting all the little roadside shops...and makes running normal errands feel like a bit of a date. matt and i are taking what we can get these days!

if i weren't 9 months pregnant and craving hamburgers and deep fried anythings on a daily, i could live off of all of these local peaches and plums and pears!


quiet fleetings

another quiet week...trying to strike a balance between being completely present and going inward a bit in preparation for things to come.
....being a good summer mama to my little boy (carpooling to play dates, buttoning on that baseball pin, rainy day video game playing) and trying to get this house in order. i'm in a forever sea of laundry and a winter coat shedding dog.

but these are happiest, hectic, most fleeting kinds of days.
each one a good one.

today i'm finishing up last minute sweet things for the men in our lives for father's day tomorrow! between my dad, matt, and max's papa, we're some of the luckiest friends, max and me.

it's a blessing to be surrounded by such men.

have the happiest weekend, loves!

signs of summer

it's officially feeling like summer around here.
colorful ice pops and cold soda...little boys and dogs drinking from the same watering hose...lightning bugs in a jar by the bed at night for a night light...it all makes me so happy!

today was max's last day of school and we have a few more lazy hazy weeks left until baby comes.
i'm so excited to have him home with me...we have plenty of mama-son summer adventuring to get in!

cherry without a stone

we're back into the swing of things around here...lots of summer projects and folding baby clothes and spitting cherry pits in the shade. sis is coming fast (she's due july 10th!) and instead of panic i'm left with a bit of peace and come-what-may feelings. it's a bit of a surprise...and a true gift for my mind and my body as they prepare for the big day...but not so much of a gift to the unfinished baby things yet to do.

c'est la vie...pass the cherries!

p.s. remembering doc today...

The Riddle Song by Doc Watson on Grooveshark 

happy wednesday, loves!


we're in full-swing baseball season around here...and i have the huge mama picture button to prove it!
 this has been max's first year to play on a team and he is in love!
me and matt and max's dad and his gal couldn't be prouder of our little slugger.  he certainly has a faithful cheering section at his practices and games.
(regardless if his team has yet to win)

now if only i could perfect that loud finger whistle trick...

three cheers for baseball max...
huzzah! huzzah! huzzah!

hotel motel

sorry for the absence! 
we've been forced away for the past few days while the floors downstairs are getting sealed and finished. we've been cooped up in a hotel down the road...eating way too much free popcorn, watching pbs into the wee hours of the morning, and smelling of chlorine and hotel pool. 
(well, max does anyways...in all my delusion i thought maybe one of my old swimming suits would fit and i ended up trapped in the bathroom with a one piece stuck around my belly)

sending lots of love your way and fingers crossed we'll be able to go back home tomorrow!



happiness is: the first day of may//lemons and new candles and good smells//back from the dead roses blooming in the garden//yellow and sunshine for days//10 more weeks to go, sis//max singing our nightly ritual song, "dream a little dream of me", this morning knowing it makes me swoon...he's my mama cass//new packs of paper and tape//dairy queen

Dream a Little Dream of Me by Mama Cass on Grooveshark

happy may day, loves!

planted firmly on the ground

no matter how many times i try to set up a traditional work space for myself i always end up using the floor!
there's just something about the ability to sprawl out and sit cross-legged, or lay on my back and stare at the ceiling when stuck, that has always got my mind going and ready to work. i'm a cheap paint//loud music//bum on the floor kind of painter!
(although my baby bump has definitely made reaching forward and getting up off said floor a funny task...there may be some rocking to gain momentum involved.)

today i'm working on some rifle-inspired flowers for baby shower invitations!
there are so many little boys in our family, it's a real treat to get to be having a girly party....flowers and sweets and gobs of color...i can't wait!

happy monday and last day of april! 
good grief, where is the time going?