weekend snaps

/1/ cattitude- matt's saturday tattoo references /2/ girl time /3/ foraging /4/ stars and stripes, branches and twigs

we had a quiet weekend...max wore army fatigues the entire time--we visited matt at work and foraged for color around the neighborhood. sunday was for an afternoon out with my mom and sisters, the evening for good conversation with friends.

(p.s. i can't thank you all enough for your kindness and uplifting words for our mimi dog. i'm so happy we got to share bits of her life with all of you here.)

happy monday to you all...and a even happier day to our veterans.
(i blow an especially grateful kiss to my dad and my grandpas)


bits of our week/ Q&A's

1/baby's first snowfall watching 2/sweetest packages from kindest friends 3/view from above (boots and a rattle) 4/jack o lantern bee 5/ clown hat making (and) toe-dialing daddy 6/tea and a scone and a read 7/papa's chair 8/ last bits of leaves 9/ ornery halloween boy

i can hardly believe how quickly october came and went. 
she ushered in all sorts of craziness...heat and snow and november before we knew it.
the house is littered with balled up tissues and empty candy wrappers. a sure sign of the season. 

wishing you all a happy happy november and wonderful weekend!
and a little side note: i feel like i've done a rotten job at letting you all know how much i appreciate you...your kind comments and emails and just visiting here in general! a lot of your questions have gone unanswered and i would love to fix that! i think life has just swallowed up this blog and i need to clean house around here a bit...my "about" page hasn't been updated in 2 years for goodness sake! 

i'm working on a Q&A post of sorts...to answer common questions i get! so if there are any questions you've been wondering about please feel free to leave them here!
i'll start answering them next week...


indian summer slumber

a sleepy afternoon house, warm from the sun outside. 
there is something pretty romantic about the indian summer we're having this week...heat and bare trees. naked branches. naked baby. dirty son.

these moments are for tiptoeing around and breathing easy...being ever so grateful for the last touches of warmth for the year. toes to earth and sun to cheeks.

thursday bits

today we celebrated a bit of indian summer...driving around country roads looking for front porch pumpkins and mums with the air conditioner on...watching little bare-toed boys put on an after-school puppet show...squealing over sis's new found ability to roll over or stick her whole fist in her mouth.
there are leaves to be pressed, apples to be crunched, and 2 little bobbins of mine whose cheeks need pinched and smooched without a care. 

these are the best kinds of days...

saturday house

1. saturday kitchen  2. "P" is for phoebe 3. baby hook /mama hook 4. lofty view 5. missing my max today 6. dusty record player 7. baby toes in the sun 8. joke teeth 9. sewing and mending during nap time 10. window sill 11. sweater weather 12. morning baby bath 13. itty bitty sweater weather

a quiet and still saturday house.
sweeping bare floors and rolling up sweater sleeves and kissing on chubby baby girl cheeks.
wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

quick snaps

 1. playground max. 2. domo max eats ravioli. 3. handsome matt. 4. family bath night. 5. homesick katie. 6. my new walk in closet! 7. max at the airport. 8. high waisted bub. max always tucks in his shirts real tight after he uses the restroom. it's one of his finer qualities. 

i love sifting through forgotten cellphone snaps. today was the perfect cold and rainy day for it.
the best part is discovering hidden photos or videos that max made while playing with my phone. that little guy has already perfected the brooding self portrait picture!