The kids started back to school this week...preschool and 5th grade (BIG!). This is Max's last year going to our Montessori school. We're gearing up for big changes to come for him and enjoying these last bits of he and Phoebe being together at the same school. It's not a bad gig to have your big brother/best friend looking out for you everyday.

We've been fumbling a bit trying to get back into a's been a real circus around here. One with flying clothes and shoes too big...disappearing lunches and death-grip tearful goodbyes. Needless to say, we are dragging our feet out of summer. And while we're waiting for that old-hat feeling to settle back in, it's helping to practice the art of stepping back and letting my kids do and be and see what sticks on their own. Knowing that as much as they need my advice and presence and to have my act together they also need me to just be okay with the mismatched clothes they picked out...and to be able to walk away during the tearful goodbyes because we both know she'll be fine the second I'm gone. 

And when all else fails, ice cream after school is the healer of all things. And weekends. Weekends are welcomed too.

Phoebe goes to school

Phoebe girl started the toddler program at Max's school this week! 3 half days away with friends...busy with projects and eating snacks and ready to give the most delicious hugs a mom could ever dream up when the day is said and done and I come to pick her up. Max is the best kind of brother, peeking out his classroom window at her, checking to make sure she's ok. It's a beautiful thing, watching your little ones find their footing together. So far so good!

go, max, go

oh hello there, 3rd grade! max is off and running this morning for his 3rd year at montessori school. things were big business around here...lots of dancing and discussions on what to pack for lunch with a side of "no i don't want to wear that shirt"...or..."these blue shoes with lime green laces go with anything". oh dear, have i lost control! but i wouldn't have it any other way...(mostly..haha). little man is coming into his own and i'm so excited to see what this year has in store for him.

three cheers for back to school time!

back to school

our guy is off to 2nd grade today, friends!
he was up bright and early, dressed and waiting by the front door before any of us. this is his second year at montessori school, which he loves and loves. this morning was such a change from the past few that ended up in a ball of nerves and a little bit of tears or accosting the principle. this morning was easy and max was confident.

and so we celebrated...we listened to elvis and brushed and messed and re-brushed hair. phoebe left a grumpy note in max's lunch (and i finally got to use jordan's funny fruit stickers!)

we're back into the swing of things...
happy happy back to school time!
...back to steadiness, routine...packed lunches and quiet afternoons.

i can't wait to see what this year has in store for my max!

county fair

spending time at the county fair is the best way to start saying goodbye to the's the perfect mix of warm weather colors and air with a hearty mix of corn stalks and pumpkins wearing ribbons, pies and quilts set out for show...bits and pieces that all remind me of fall.
it's been a tradition of ours to take max to the fair right before school starts to get dusty and dirty and come home with all sorts of silly prizes and a sweet sticky face. and it was a hoot having phoebe along for the ride this 4 goldfish (2 max named joey) that managed to make it home with us...

tomorrow is our very last day of summer break.
we've got big plans to send it off in style...or at the very least break out the noise makers and get the school year started off right..

signs of summer

it's officially feeling like summer around here.
colorful ice pops and cold soda...little boys and dogs drinking from the same watering hose...lightning bugs in a jar by the bed at night for a night all makes me so happy!

today was max's last day of school and we have a few more lazy hazy weeks left until baby comes.
i'm so excited to have him home with me...we have plenty of mama-son summer adventuring to get in!

see max run

max is a rough and tumble kind of guy. 
he always seems to gravitate toward dirt and trouble and a frenetic's one of his finer qualities. but something new has sneaked in along with his dirty little fingers and 10 layers of costumes on at one time...our guy has become a reader. real and true. it's as if a whole new world has opened up to him...he sees words and sentences to read everywhere he goes. he takes his time...he sounds them out...he's patient and eager. it's taken a while to get here...but it's the best thing in the world to watch. one minute he's down with the dog, rolling and barking...the next it's quiet and he's tucked away upstairs.
these kinds of things are the best parts of growing up. and it's even better experiencing it the second time around through max. watching confidence build him up bit by bit. my, oh, my.
so now we need whole new sets of books...chapter books and series and books that can take him away...books to sneak and read with a flashlight under sheets well after bedtime! any suggestions for a rough and tumble 7 year old reader?

bouquet of sharpened pencils

we're back into the swing of things...and buddy had a wonderful first day of school today!
(nothing like the debacle of last year...although he did forget to put underwear on again...but we caught it early this year!)
thank you all so much for thinking of him! he jumped right out of the car this morning and never looked back. little ones really are the bravest! i've never had to be the new kid at school (we made the switch from public school to private montessori this year)...but max is so eager...eager for friendship and laughing and being in a mix. he did real swell today!
it's a tradition of ours to throw a back to school party the night before school starts. last night we ordered in and had a pizza and ice cream dance party...ditching those last minute school jitters and cutting a rug in nerdy glasses instead.

we pulled the plug early for bath and clean hair...books and bedtime.
max woke up bright and early this morning...already wearing his backpack and ready to take new shoes out for a spin. i told him he was the most wonderful first grader that's ever been in the history of all first graders. and that's a fact.
 i left lip stain marks on big kid cheeks and couldn't breathe for most of the day. mamas tend to hold their breath for their little ones.
time seemed to fly and before i knew it max was home...raving about 13 new friends and learning that 5x10=50.
happy back to school time, loves!
the smell of new school supplies just might trump warm sunscreen. maybe.