coming to senses

today we're celebrating surviving the week and blowing a kiss goodbye to may. these months are flit flying too fast. then phoebe decided to start eating houseplants and climbing stairs and well...let's just say i've known more poised days. but we're counting down til summer break (next week!) and catching our breath here and there and whenever we can.

touching- constantly fidgeting with my engagement ring. we set our date! (next may)...which seems far too far away but gives us plenty of time to plan and save and go way overboard..haha
smelling-  baby sunscreen and piles of clean laundry
tasting-  i've had an avocado and a bottle of ginger ale everyday for lunch this week. a sure sign of summer
seeing-   a growing garden and thunder clouds
hearing-  songs for a summer playlist...billy bragg and beach boys

have a happy weekend, friends!

greenhouse heart

bee and i have been hiding away in the quiet greenhouse these snowy and rainy days. i not-so-secretly stick my fingers down into the dirt and run my palms across greenest greens. it does wonders for a soul already looking forward to springtime. we leave with frizziest humidity hair and sacks of plants and reminders from the people working that its okay for me to poke at the plants. it's a thing. apparently i'm not the only one needing a little winter healing...
senses today-- pinching succulent leaves // smelling the last bits of our winter candles // tasting leftovers from a homemade dinner with friends // listening to max spin wild tales of his school day // reading walt whitman's song of the open road over and over again...

"stick with love"

Hearing- The floor tremble from max's big time wrestling moves // neighbors pulling in trashcans from the curb
Touching- Warm dish water // toys that are scattered in every room
Seeing- Bee's new teeth // bare walls ready for things to be hung // snowflakes falling and falling (finally!)
Tasting- Nuts and berry lunches // sweet baby cheeks
Smelling- Musty old book pages // orange peels from snacks

i love the slow pace of a monday day off. we've been spending it inside, watching the snow dust around and making more messes then i can count. phoebe has gotten the biggest kick out of having max home today. every piece of her explodes when he walks into the room.

us girls have taken a vote and decided we should do this every monday!


Hearing- Bee cooing from her crib // Herb Alpert on the record player
Touching- Messy bedhead and cold branches brought indoors
Seeing- The winter volume of Kinfolk // dust bunnies under the couch
Tasting- Hot chocolate from scratch and too many pieces of buttered toast
Smelling- Pine sap and baby oil