Things made new

Easter/Spring 2015

And just like that we've fallen into our springtime rhythm...greens and blossoms and dirt under the nails as if it never snowed and we never lost our breath from the cold. Phoebe girl plants bare toes onto rainy grass and takes off like a caged being on the lam. Muddy wellies and hooded things replace heavy coats and scarves and we take in gulps of fresh air feeling forever grateful for all things made new again.

naptime picnic date

today was just one of the prettiest red letter days i can remember--the kind with sunshine and a breeze and a papa home from work with a napping baby in the car. it was a quick picnic date day! (we take what we can get around here). a sandwich wrapped in paper, hold your guy's hand, spread a blanket and lay in the grass, talk about some sweet nothings before phoebe wakes up kind of day.

i'll take two and three of those, please!

buds and spring

spring is springing up in the most beautiful way around here...greenest buds and afternoon thunderstorms and early mornings nursing baby bee to the sound of birds singing in the dark. windows are open and breathing runs deeper and phoebe has eaten her weight in grass and sticks.

the past week has been spent preparing the house for company next week, fishing and baseballing with my max, and soaking up the newness of the season. fresh eyes and clean slates and baby toes in new grass. amen!

easter bunnies

this holiday weekend was as wild and sweet and hectic and filling as any other easter yet. having tiny little phoebe bunny baby here this year made the whole holiday seem anew. max was forever thrilled to show her the ways of the easter bunny and hiding eggs and waking up before sunrise to find easter spoils.

i'm proud to say bee kept her bonnet on her head most of the day and max made it another year believing in the easter bunny and i only ate a million and a half jelly beans. not too shabby if you don't take into account the dozens of boiled eggs for deviling i ruined (and the one i crushed with my bare hands during a private temper tantrum..haha. ack!) i shake my fists at you boiled eggs...oh how peeling you without ripping you to shreds confounds me!!!
hoping you all had a lovely and sunshiny and tantrum-free easter! 

*baby bonnet from etsy// vintage bunny bag from magic cabin // bunny illustration from the book "runaway bunny"// pretty flower picture from the rifle notebooks (now at target!)

eggs in a basket

today is sunshiny and busy busy preparing for easter this weekend. lots of egg boiling and painting and practicing keeping phoebe's bonnet on her head. i'm convinced that there isn't much better than an easter bunny baby wearing a hat. phoebe is convinced otherwise..haha.

it's all just part of the long standing easter tradition of stratton girls being stuffed in uncomfortable clothes against their will. (scratchy lace collars and jellies with socks, anyone?)

springtime detox bath

happy happy springtime, friends! it couldn't be colder here in ohio but the sunshine is falling right in line with the season. time to dust off the picnic basket and finally drag the christmas tree to the wood pile! (it's still laying on the back porch exactly where i threw it out almost 3 months ago..haha. ack!)
i'm still a bit under the weather but am singing the praises of a few small juice with a splash of ginger ale and 40 minutes alone before bed for a bath detox. hot water for soaking, sea salt and epsom salt, ground ginger, baking soda, and some essential oils all stirred together in the tub help to pull out toxins...and at the very least, help to unwind and relax a bit. 

i've tried it a couple of times this week following instructions from an article here.

it's definitely a new favorite...and you can make up a jar to keep in the bathroom for a rainy, sneezy day. (which we have lots of around here...)

any other cold remedies to send my way?

greenhouse heart

bee and i have been hiding away in the quiet greenhouse these snowy and rainy days. i not-so-secretly stick my fingers down into the dirt and run my palms across greenest greens. it does wonders for a soul already looking forward to springtime. we leave with frizziest humidity hair and sacks of plants and reminders from the people working that its okay for me to poke at the plants. it's a thing. apparently i'm not the only one needing a little winter healing...
senses today-- pinching succulent leaves // smelling the last bits of our winter candles // tasting leftovers from a homemade dinner with friends // listening to max spin wild tales of his school day // reading walt whitman's song of the open road over and over again...

chicago in a day

our trip to chicago treated us mighty fine last week, even if we were only in town for a day! 
max has seen all different parts of the city but we had never taken him to the navy pier to eat sweets and watch sail boats and ooh and ahh at the skyline behind us. and so that's what we did!
oh how he loved it...with all the people watching and "beach birds" and tallest tall buildings all around. we rode up in the ferris wheel and squealed at how lucky we were to have such beautiful weather and such a fantastic view. we walked and walked and legoland-ed and ate way too much mcdonalds. it was a true vacation.
and such a treat to get to pack up the car and be with my guys on a quick adventure...seeing sights and smelling different air. it was just what i needed.

for mama

yesterday was as special as can guys really did it up right!
max picked out clothes for him and matt to wear and surprised me when i got home from breakfast with my mom and sisters. there was a little more breakfast, peonies, and a beautiful new blanket and shams on my bed waiting on me.
the rest of the day was eating out and max opening and holding doors for me and lots of kisses and affirmations of how lucky and in love we all are with each other. 

it was a good day.
(although today i asked max to get something for me and he reminded me that mother's day was over. hmph! perhaps we overdid it yesterday....)

happy monday, friends!


today has been filled with lots of funny and happy things...matt surprising me with him having the afternoon off // lots of orange // slow dancing and doing the frug to old ludacris // his and her outdoor work (and finally planting the collection of roses i discovered matt buying in the middle of the night off of QVC...catching him on the phone whispering with a QVC operator will forever be one of my favorite memories of him ) // bbq dinner out // ornery max and mimi // open window bedtime

hoping your thursday was a fine one! 

buckets of berries

it's the beginning of strawberry season and there is nothing better this time of year than freshly picked berries straight out of the sun. there is a sweetness that is all but forgotten during the winter that i was reminded of this morning as my sister amy and i stopped for quarts and quarts to take home.

each one is a sweet little reminder that summer is coming not too far...

hotel motel

sorry for the absence! 
we've been forced away for the past few days while the floors downstairs are getting sealed and finished. we've been cooped up in a hotel down the road...eating way too much free popcorn, watching pbs into the wee hours of the morning, and smelling of chlorine and hotel pool. 
(well, max does all my delusion i thought maybe one of my old swimming suits would fit and i ended up trapped in the bathroom with a one piece stuck around my belly)

sending lots of love your way and fingers crossed we'll be able to go back home tomorrow!


cinco de mayo for one

happy cinco de mayo!
i love this day and all of its celebrating and happy colors and good food. i look forward to it every year...

La Bamba by Mariachi Vargas on Grooveshark 

 i'm getting festive today with frozen limeade and party poppers (that seem to give mimi the dog a terrible fright) and mariachi music for one. alone time well spent!
max is usually my main cinco de mayo party friend...but he's away with his dad this weekend. i packed him a little box filled with odds and ends and the tiniest pinata you'll ever see stuffed with small sweets. if only i could have found a small bat to go along with it.

 hoping your weekend is going swell! 
¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!