By The Seashore

Hatteras Island, N.C

We spent our last week of Summer vacation by the ocean with family...spending our everyday hunkered down in the sand...dipping toes in cool water and equal parts hiding pale skin from the sun and trying to convince Phoebe Girl to get into the pool. There were seashell hunts by day and big family dinners by night...sore thighs from scaling the lighthouse (Max came with me this year!) and lots of moments to breathe in salty air and feel forever thankful for another beautiful summer together.


Fletcher's Pond- Hillman, MI

 We took our annual trip up north to fish last month for Matt and his twin brother Todd's birthdays. It was peaceful and calm and comforting in the way only traditions or rituals can do to you. You step foot on the ground and breathe in the air and your mind and spirit go onto instant autopilot. You fall hard into the rhythm of the water...the foggy still mornings and brilliant napping afternoons and starry deep nights. It's such an unassuming place but I don't have any trouble romanticizing it one bit.

Max came home with whopper fish stories and tales of getting caught in the storm of all storms, just him and Matt and their tiny boat. Phoebe learned to work a reel and wouldn't pass up any chances to touch fish scales or swing a lure into your back. We added a new guy to the family and brought him along with us. His name is Wilbur and he's been the sweetest puppy you could ask for...a real fine fit. 

Happy days

Time and moments seem to be racing these days. And just when we start to settle in the axis shifts just enough to keeps us on our toes. A kind reminder to flow in and out of growth and change like cool running be present in a moment and to move on to next without lingering too long. Where nothing is too precious but everything has meaning. I keep telling Matt that these are our happy days...and so, much of it has been spent with my camera down and my spirit lifted. I also got really addicted to this season on The Bachelorette. haha. Hmph.
Our summer babies turned another year older last month (3 and 11! ack!). Our shoulders are red from the sun and regular bedtime has become a story I hardly remember anymore. We're slowly packing for our week away at the favorite way to send off the summer and get some rest before the school year begins. Phoebe talks daily about plans of finding seashells and somehow I think I've raised her right. 

Here's hoping this finds everyone well! As much as I've found a lot of peace with the space not blogging has given me...I've truly missed you all. I've got pictures from Phoebe's birthday and our fishing trip up north that I've been meaning to come and sit down here...fingers crossed this week.
 Love and love and happy summer to you!

summer's end in hatteras

Hatteras, N.C- August 2014

Max started back to school last week and we're slowly falling back into old rhythms and routines. We managed to squeeze in one last week away at the beach before school and it was a fine way of soaking up all the last good bits that summer has to offer. Lazing in the sand, bouncing between sun and shade, seashell hunting and wave crashing and the best time hiding out with family. Max is our forever fish--brave and fearless, while Phoebe prefers streaking on the beach and chasing crabs and keeping a stern eye on the water.

The ocean is an endless gift of salt and's certainly not lost on this Midwestern gal.

Mackinac Island

We took a day last week to sneak away from fishing and drive up the coast to Mackinac Island. All accidentally dressed in blue (typical), we did all the best kinds of touristy family things...eating hotdogs on the beach while Phoebe tried to kill seagulls, renting bikes to ride along the water, ice cream and people watching, visiting fudge shops and magic shops and romanticizing a life lived on such an island (there's a library on the beach!). It was a really beautiful day, and although I think everyone prefers the slow and steadiness of being on the lake fishing, it was nice to have a new adventure together...carving out a little bit of time for just the four of us.


We just got back from a week away with family in northern Michigan, fishing the floodwaters and celebrating Matt and his twin brother Todd's birthday. This place is really special to Matt's family, steeped with lots of tradition, and it's been really wonderful sharing it together and also with Max's dad and 2nd mama (our Jess and Sara)...and this year with Max's nana and papaw (Jesse's parents) in tow as well. One big beautiful mash of a family filling up on chilly mornings and Scrabble afternoons, swaying together in metal boats on calmest water--big family dinners and bunk bed nights and the craziest sky full of stars that you'll ever meet.

By the end of the week, Phoebe girl had made peace with the hot pink life jacket that she hated so much and Max had prided himself in trying and almost catching every species of fish in the water. These kinds of days away from home are the best kind for stirring up and easing down a restless summer soul...a reminder that a shaded hammock and a good climbing tree can trump just about anything.

strawberry picking

the strawberry fields are finally open for picking. it's a tradition that i like to keep...remembering how much i loved going with my mom and sisters when i was a girl. my sister amy and her boys came along and despite max going to sit in the car 5 minutes into nephew juju trance eating berries...and bee putting everything but strawberries in our bucket (dirt, crayons, her baby doll)...we made a memory! and nothing is sweeter than that, especially when it comes with a bucket full of strawberries warm from the sun on the side.

that song about the midway

the county fairs around here make for the sweetest punctuation mark on an ending summer. they are my most favorite place to bring my many beautiful colors and signs and people.
we spent sunday night at the fair as a family...with max's dad and 2nd mama...walking the midway, drinking gallons of lemonade, swooning over farm animals and shuffling around max's goldfish and prizes between the four of us. it was hectic and funny and full of all of the things that warm air and looming routine bring about. it was the perfect love letter to our summer....

p.s. my wood sunglasses are c/o WOOED...oh oh oh do i love them so much! style- limon weathered black
p.s.s. i'm reworking the blog and getting my online shop ready to open in a few weeks. sorry for the mess around here as things get tweaked and spruced up...

hatteras island

we're back from our week with the waves and the sand. i'm still digging bits of sand out of phoebe's's such a comfort. a small and funny reminder of where we've been. we spent all of our time lazing about...holed up with matt's beautiful family in a beach house...bobbing around in the ocean and watching bee scuttle around the beach like a tiny bird. i gathered my weight in seashells and painted a little and fell asleep every night to the sounds and rhythms of the water. not too shabby! not one bit! a girl could get used to such a way of living...

next week my max is off to 3rd grade and life picks back up where we left it. hatteras was the perfect way to send off our summer...

hello summer

the dog day summer heat is officially here...the past few days have been nothing but water and popsicles and bare baby bums and soaking wet boys. even max's rubber goldfish managed to find some water! with just a couple more weeks until we go to the beach, i'm going to enjoy this new summer sun and try to get this ginger-fair skin of mine in line.

happy happy hot summer week, everyone!

silver lining 4th

how was everyone here in the states' holiday weekend? our 4th of july canoeing trip got beat out by the rainiest rain we've had yet. but it turned out to be a silver lining kind of day...spent hiding out at the air force museum with family and staying dry just long enough for a firework ending. bee took to her first independence day and first fireworks show like she takes to most things...with a touch of curiosity and a heap of indifference. is it possible to be world-weary at the age of one? haha. so fireworks may not be her thing...but climbing up stairs and eating dirt definitely light up her world!

here's to a new week! my max turns 9 tomorrow...although i'm still trying to talk him into staying 8 for a touch longer...

a tuesday

a summer tuesday:  1. max and his bb gun // 2.-3. morning room and morning brother hugs // 4. phoebe's favorite rug..she can't pass it by without laying her cheek against it // 5. someone knows how to climb up the furniture and muss up the frames on the wall // 6. lunch clipped from the garden // 7. that someone also is getting brave...walking-on-her-own brave! // 8.-9. pulling weeds and washing up phoebe in the kitchen sink // 10. bub cooling off

today has been about embracing the chaos and soaking up the sweet stuff that passes by much too quickly. (how is it july already?!)'s also about trying not to have a meltdown at the party store while ordering balloons. haha. i might need a vacation...

p.s. bee's romper is c/o winter water factory! they are having a 40% off everything sale right now in celebration of the 4th of july! go go go!

shade tree castles

my sister amy and me and the babies hit the road for any sort of sand and water situation we could find friday afternoon. despite having the buckets and shovels to show for it we came up empty and ended up out in the country on a blanket...building pretend castles under a shade tree and smooching up baby cheeks and the breezy air. with company like that, who needs the beach anyway? ( i definitely do..haha. dip your toes in for me, all your coastal friends!)

p.s. goodbye goodbye google reader! i made the switch to bloglovin a while ago to read the blogs i follow. (i love that you can read posts from the actual blog through bloglovin...i'm a sucker for seeing content mixed with blog design). if decide to give it a go, you can follow me here!


at the drive-in

one of our favorite summer traditions is seeing a movie at the drive in down the street...piling up blankets and pillows from off the beds and gathering up sweets to throw in the back of the car. it was a wild time having phoebe sue in the mix this year! i had the highest hopes of getting her to fall asleep before the movie started...but that gal was all over the car...stealing licorice sticks and throwing pizza at max, dumping drinks and trying to monster growl at the neighbors in the cars next to us. haha. ack! good thing the drive in is just dreamy enough to make me want to do it all over again and again...