a tuesday

a summer tuesday:  1. max and his bb gun // 2.-3. morning room and morning brother hugs // 4. phoebe's favorite rug..she can't pass it by without laying her cheek against it // 5. someone knows how to climb up the furniture and muss up the frames on the wall // 6. lunch clipped from the garden // 7. that someone also is getting brave...walking-on-her-own brave! // 8.-9. pulling weeds and washing up phoebe in the kitchen sink // 10. bub cooling off

today has been about embracing the chaos and soaking up the sweet stuff that passes by much too quickly. (how is it july already?!)...it's also about trying not to have a meltdown at the party store while ordering balloons. haha. i might need a vacation...

p.s. bee's romper is c/o winter water factory! they are having a 40% off everything sale right now in celebration of the 4th of july! go go go!

buds and spring

spring is springing up in the most beautiful way around here...greenest buds and afternoon thunderstorms and early mornings nursing baby bee to the sound of birds singing in the dark. windows are open and breathing runs deeper and phoebe has eaten her weight in grass and sticks.

the past week has been spent preparing the house for company next week, fishing and baseballing with my max, and soaking up the newness of the season. fresh eyes and clean slates and baby toes in new grass. amen!


nothing can clear the cobwebs out of you quite like sunshine and  polka dot pants. 

today is meant to be soaked up--muddy shoes and open windows...baby dimples and quick family car rides and exciting new ventures that leave you so darn inspired you could burst...with leftovers planned for dinner. 



Hearing- Bee cooing from her crib // Herb Alpert on the record player
Touching- Messy bedhead and cold branches brought indoors
Seeing- The winter volume of Kinfolk // dust bunnies under the couch
Tasting- Hot chocolate from scratch and too many pieces of buttered toast
Smelling- Pine sap and baby oil


this week has been for living in matt's woolens and warm sweaters...our tiny house smelling of evergreen and hot chocolate...dreaming of cranberry sauce and a new baby nephew (coming oh so soon!)...checking  for faulty christmas bulbs and woefully embracing my new balding head (i'm losing hair left and right over here...ack.)
 we've been record spinning, chapter book reading, floor sweeping, grilled cheese making, basketballing, open window cleaning, baby cheering, thankful thinking.
 happy tuesday!

weekend snaps

/1/ cattitude- matt's saturday tattoo references /2/ girl time /3/ foraging /4/ stars and stripes, branches and twigs

we had a quiet weekend...max wore army fatigues the entire time--we visited matt at work and foraged for color around the neighborhood. sunday was for an afternoon out with my mom and sisters, the evening for good conversation with friends.

(p.s. i can't thank you all enough for your kindness and uplifting words for our mimi dog. i'm so happy we got to share bits of her life with all of you here.)

happy monday to you all...and a even happier day to our veterans.
(i blow an especially grateful kiss to my dad and my grandpas)


the sweetness

this week has me desperately grasping for a small bit of balance. 
it's way too pretty outside...
i could go on and on, talking about the challenge of finding yourself at a impasse of pre-baby self and post-baby self...but for tonight i think i'll just let it be.

 i hope you all are having a wonderful week! 
leaves are falling every which way you look, my hands are stained with paint, and pumpkin ice cream abounds...

life is hectic and silly and sweet as can be...

bits and bits

we've fell into a summer pace around here...meeting together lots of goings on's with laid back feet up bits. 
the heat is starting to wear on me but today was one of the good ones...bike rides and picture taking...movie dates with max and before bed fireworks in the backyard.

lazy hazy days of summer...

wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

cherry without a stone

we're back into the swing of things around here...lots of summer projects and folding baby clothes and spitting cherry pits in the shade. sis is coming fast (she's due july 10th!) and instead of panic i'm left with a bit of peace and come-what-may feelings. it's a bit of a surprise...and a true gift for my mind and my body as they prepare for the big day...but not so much of a gift to the unfinished baby things yet to do.

c'est la vie...pass the cherries!

p.s. remembering doc today...

The Riddle Song by Doc Watson on Grooveshark 

happy wednesday, loves!


today has been filled with lots of funny and happy things...matt surprising me with him having the afternoon off // lots of orange // slow dancing and doing the frug to old ludacris // his and her outdoor work (and finally planting the collection of roses i discovered matt buying in the middle of the night off of QVC...catching him on the phone whispering with a QVC operator will forever be one of my favorite memories of him ) // bbq dinner out // ornery max and mimi // open window bedtime

hoping your thursday was a fine one! 


currently loving---springtime in dayton, colorful stamps and pretty cards, the smell of freshly cut plywood (we started laying our family room floor this weekend!), wedge heels that make me feel me a tad bit taller and a little less of a waddler, max's obsession with tv personality tom bergeron (max sings songs about tom living in our hearts and under the moonlight...also, he makes me call him tom bergeron sometimes and, in turn, he calls me tom's wife, michelle...this is normal mother/son stuff, right?), my butternut squash-sized baby girl and all of her dancing about (hello, 3rd trimester!), kelly ann's music monday this week...i love discovering new music through her!

The Bird Song by Alessi's Ark on Grooveshark 

hoping your week is going so so fine! 

biding my time

my matt is away tattooing in massachusetts for the next few days..
 (if you live near sturbridge, hop over to the convention and give him a squeeze for me!)

it's always the pits when he's gone. i suppose i've taken a liking to him!
but i've been keeping myself company with lots of sun and painting and take out for lunch today. 

i had my fingers crossed to take max kite flying after school but there doesn't seem to be much wind to get them up and going...maybe if we run really fast?

regardless, it's at least going to be a dinner in the park kind of a night.
it's too close to the weekend not to...

sway me like the sea

max was right. tuesdays are the kind of day that will love you back!
today has been warm sunshine and a spring-colored lunch/business meeting for one at my dining room table....sketching out to-do's and ideas and what-if's on a craft paper tablecloth. 

i love how the changing seasons can leave a girl feeling refreshed and motivated.
p.s. thank you so for the good words about my baby pains! they lifted me and lifted me all day yesterday! 
sis's progress email today said she can feel me dancing now...we've been swaying like the sea all morning and afternoon long. it's almost as good for the aches as smashing fruit. 


shelf belly

happiest monday! 
we've spent the past few days weekending and birthday partying and sprucing up the house a bit. matt had the weekend off, it was such a treat to have him home and around the house...

this morning i woke up to snow and tulips and piles of laundry...such is a monday!
a funny monday discovery is my baby sis belly is nearly to shelf-status!...making a great kickstand for mugs and a perfect desk surface to jot down notes! 

we've arrived, little lady!