traveler by proxy

what is it about changing seasons or changes in life that make me want to hop a plane somewhere? not to escape really, but just to go have an experience! it's almost as if all the goodness and excitement of change demand it in the scenery as well. it's much too much to keep bottled. anyway, it happens to me almost every end of summer...and now that baby bee is here it's a stronger urge than ever.

and while hitting the road/skies/seas somewhere far off has never really been a realistic option, it's a nice thought. 
and so i get lost and taken away in the little things...spinning the old school globe or digging through stamps. i ordered new ones, and a few other goods, from one of my favorite european companies, present and correct. just seeing the box in the mail from the UK was enough to make me feel accomplished. world traveler by proxy!

it's enough to tide me over at least through september...


hello there! 
we made it safe and sound to california...and flying was everything i hoped and wished it would be...minus a scary tiny first plane ride to chicago that made me a bit uneasy. (the terror in the flight attendants voice during take off didn't help one bit..haha). but the girls gave me the window seat both flights. i got to see the landscape change...the ground mapped and gridded...and the grand canyon 33,000 feet up! i don't know i have the words...

i know flying is so commonplace, and i was a little disappointed in myself that i started feeling so normal after the first 5 minutes, but it really was pretty fantastic...sitting up in the clouds, drinking ginger ale and thinking joni mitchell was sitting in coach 3 rows up (she was not). 

i'm feeling pretty lucky this morning. enough so that it's 6 o'clock in the morning here in l.a and i'm wide awake. oh dear. 

happy monday, friends! and thank you all so much for the wonderful list of things to try and see! i'm beyond excited to be here. but ache for my boys the most. if you're in ohio, go check in on them for me...i blow a kiss their direction. 


a few things...

1. i've been the worst blogger this week. maybe for the past few, even! every deadline i have, professionally and personally, fell right on this week. ack! i'm a little bit overwhelmed...and my brain is nothing but swimmy. but really that's nothing a little tea and 5 "to-do" lists can't handle! hopefully i'll be able to catch back up here soon! until then...hello! i hope everyone is having a wonderful last week of september!

2. the paint by number mural i started in buddy's art studio is very very not so much finished. hmph! but thank you all so so much for the sweet comments on it. i will say max came home and was over the moon when he saw it. he wants to help me finish it now! i will have pictures very soon...but not too soon because...

3. i'm out of here for a whole week starting sunday! i'm jetting off with my amy and friend beth to los angelas for a girl's week away. we're staying with lovely friends and have absolutely no idea what we're going to get ourselves into. but i'm making us all autograph books just in case!
i haven't been on an airplane in almost 20 years. needless to say, i am beside myself excited and also a tad terrified...if only for having to take off my shoes at security. 
if anyone has any wonderful suggestions for things to do while we're in southern california or tried and true airplane tips, please chime in! this gal hasn't been further west than missouri. true story!
i was planning on having some guest posters lined up while i'm gone but i decided i'm going to bring you along with me instead! i'll be popping in here and there with, hopefully, funny "katie had a panic attack on the airplane" stories and lots of pictures of palm trees and sun.


the fishing hole

it's been a tradition for matt's mama's family to travel north to hillman, michigan to fish at fletcher's pond once a year. they've been doing it for decades now...starting when his mama was a little girl. this was me and max's first year going...and our very first fishing trip ever.
i was a little bit nervous, not knowing what kind of fisherman i would be. but the week turned out to be so much more than was seeing sunrises and sunsets, family dinners around the table, evening hammock naps by the water, getting dirty without a care, watching my little guy gain a whole new confidence and sense of self. but more than anything it was about being together. totally present with one another.
i could go for another week of that soon soon soon.
matt and his twin brother todd were the best fishing and max were real pros by the end of the week. or anyways, we had a wonderful time. even if we did catch more weeds than fish.
this is my northern pike! my very first catch.
i was going to name it and give it a back story until i finished reeling it in...and realized that pike don't like names. or back stories. they only like having scary teeth and squealing the worst sounding squeals and violently flopping about.
(and yes, that is a complete over-exaggeration...but this is my one and only big fish
the incredible mr. limpet (i named him anyways) was too small to be a keeper so we kindly threw him back...back to live at coney island and help win WWII.
don knotts would surely not approve.

it was a beautiful trip...northern michigan is really something!
the stars are bigger than any i've ever seen before.
and the world gained a couple of new fisherman...

p.s. max wanted to tell you all a little bit about his trip!

from mr. max...dictated but not read.
matt teached me how to cast his pole. and i did learn how to cast his pole. when i went on the boat on my last day i caught a bass. and me and matt and todd and me and my mom we were so excited that i caught my first bass! and my mom caught a northern pike. and matt caught two bass. and i missed the place that i spent the day with. i can't wait to go there again next year. and i hope everybody that's already living there has a great time.


gold coast

we're back safe and sound from our michigan getaway.
thank you all so so much for the well-wishing!
it was a beautiful, peaceful, fill your lungs with good air, lay back and rest kind of week away...everything a vacation should be! lots of driving, eating new foods...taking in new sights, sleeping in bunk beds, and sunburnt shoulders.
monday, max and i kicked off our vacation with a day trip to new buffalo with my amy and austin. the beaches there are as lovely as brown sugar...and the water and waves of lake michigan had us all fooled. it's as close to the ocean as a midwestern gal can get...

happy happy monday, loves!
and hello to you, august! you always seem to show up a little bit too early...but we're going to keep carrying on anyway.
i'll be back tomorrow with pictures from our fishing trip. 
here's the good news...i caught my first fish! 
the bad news? it screamed at me. hissed really. either way i turned into a real girl about it.


waves and sand

dear lake michigan, 
they tell us you're not the ocean, but we're convinced otherwise.

happy friday, loves!
i'll be back monday with lots of big fish stories and pictures to match.
i can't wait to sit and catch up on what you all have been up to this week!


a boat beneath a sunny sky

we're packing up and headed north for a week of fishing in michigan. 
i've never really been fishing an entire week of it has me a bit nervous. 
but i'm anxious to see what kind of fisherman gal i turn out to be! who knows...maybe i'll be a decent one. and at the very least, max and i can sit on the boat and give names and back stories to the grubs. 

i was going to take the week off of blogging, but i decided to stock pile a few odds and ends to share with you while i'm away...some camera and photo editing information, a closer look at my tattoos, and some of my summer favorite people and places and eats.

happy weekend, friends...and happy last week of july! 
wish me luck. i'm off to go make some cut off jean shorts. ack!

world a'fair

 there's only one place in dayton where you can watch can-can dancers from the 1830's while eating a german bratwurst and dutch appelflappen with a coffee from columbia for dessert.
it's just a shame you can only do it once a year. 

the world a'fair is where a slew of countries are represented at the convention center through food and music and dancing. a little group of our friends went and traveled the world in two hours flat last friday night for my brother-in-law nate's birthday.

it was a wonderful time! and without fail, every time i leave that place, i end up aching for tradition or more culture in my life. 
it's a slippery slope from the world a'fair to joining the south slavic republics folk dance troupe of dayton. 
(i've looked into it)
in related news...
this is why i'm in love with matt.
and this is why you should never take me out on a friday night. 
dancin' in the street!

happy happy friday, everyone. 

backyard samba

 back in march, matt was invited to brazil for a tattoo convention.
he travels all over the world for his work but this time he was taking me with him!
which inspired this cryptic post while the details were being worked out.

but then plans stopped due to safety concerns, and this gal found herself planted forever firmly in ohio. and a little bit crushed.
but when life hands you lemons, or broken travel dreams, you make lemonade...or in our case lime punch.
and invite all of your friends to brazil in your backyard!

we made brazilian food and drinks and novelty passports...covered the patio with tropical plants and lights and flooded the air with sweet samba sounds and carmen miranda.
we danced and laughed and confettied into the night.
and if i closed my eyes real tight while dancing with my guy under twinkle lights and stars, you couldn't have told me i wasn't a million miles away someplace wonderful and exotic.

carmen miranda-  Voltei Pro Morro
and how lucky we got to take 10 of our favorite friends along with us.
O Brasil é lindo maravilhoso!
 hoping everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
p.s. thank goodness blogger is finally working its kinks out!
i nearly had a heart attack yesterday when i tried going to my blog and it said my pencil box didn't exist!
my last post is still missing, but fingers crossed everything will be back to normal soon.
the whole debacle made me realize how badly i need to back up my posts here though.
good grief!

oh, the places you'll go

here's a truth about myself: i have only been on an airplane one time in my life. one. i was 10 years old and my aunt took me with her 5th grade class to washington d.c.
my only lasting recollection about the entire flight was the girl sitting beside me, eating the cream cheese for her bagel with her fingers.

almost 20 years later, i found myself yesterday afternoon sitting in my congressman's office with matt waiting for a letter to expedite my first passport.
this little lady is going places...and soon!
the details are still being worked out, but even this tiny inch closer to traveling has sent me over the moon.
(hence the awkward photo shoot with me and my letter!)

it may hold me over for another 5 years.