When the cold wind blows

My favorite part of late winter...giving in to that deep stillness in the air and the forced slow down of time and energy. These seasons are a blessing--cold air and the rumblings of spring light up even the darkest corners of a hibernating mind. And like clockwork, it makes me want to tear down walls and paint all the things and stick a million donuts in my mouth all at the same time. Comfort and patience, scheming, being, doing.

Happy happy February, friends!

chill in the weather

chilliest days are for no school and double socks...for basking in frosted-over window panes and little ones catching up on quiet messy projects (brought on purely by a boy grounded from all technology in the house and a phoebe who discovered the allure of the clicky pen).
these kinds of days stretch and stretch...for better or worse. fingers are crossed for normalcy tomorrow...in the meantime, i wonder what my chances are of tricking the kids into a nap?

p.s. new year, new blog design! isn't it something special? this one is for keeps. a million thank you's to suzana at THISGIRLDESIGN. i can't recommend her services enough...best $35 i've ever spent. hooray!


i can hardly believe it's the end of january! it's been a quiet month here...and at home. and it's funny how even a seemingly slow month can fly by. january is odd like that. this week has been spent at home...dodging rain and fending off colds...reading lots of books and taming week-long-pony tail hair...pinning wedding whatnots left and right and trying to get phoebe's nursery done already! (i'm a little embarrassed how long i've put it off. although the timing is alright...she's just now starting to spend time in there playing and rolling around).

i'm excited for all the things february brings...renewed senses, new work projects, lots of lovin', and hopes of a closer and closer spring.

sending you all lots of goodness this week. i hope it's been sweet to you.

winter picnic

there's a little place in the woods nearby that i've been aching to go to while the snow is fresh...pack along some firewood and warm food and a blanket...have a winter picnic! it was so nice to stay huddled up and warm together for an afternoon. sis stayed mesmerized by the fire flame light while matt smoked on his pipe and the whole thing made me feel nostalgic for my grandpa. oh, the happiness.

there's so much about this part of year that can bring about blues...it's a comfort to know that all it takes to wake me up on the inside is a couple of good people, cold air to breathe, and some warm soup.

hoping you all had a happy happy weekend!

white winter hymnal

(illustrations from children's books the snowy day and deer in the snow)
max and i have been aching for a bit of snow around here...something to stick to the grass and buoy plastic sleds. in the meantime though, we're enjoying cold walks outside with plans to strewn the house with paper snowflakes...keeping woolens close...and reading dreamy books of whitest white winters. we're wintery ohio folk through and through.

have a lovely lovely weekend, friends! 

p.s. i'm so glad you guys like the new layout! it still needs tweaked here and there, but it feels so good to start the year off with something new and fresh. i've also decided to bite the bullet already and start accepting sponsors! it's something i've been meaning to do for years but have been too afraid. i'm so excited to start working with other artists and small businesses...knowing that taking this step will help justify the time i spend here...and insure that i will be able to continue to in the coming years! thank you all much and much for making that possible!

if you're interested in partnering up visit my sponsor page here...


winter berry

i don't know that i've known a prettier january day than today. bright shining and cheery...lending light to dust bunny discoveries every which way you look while making room for the perfect spot on the couch with a good book that i'll never get to.

today has been spent field tripping with max and lunch dates in the kitchen with matt...napping baby toes and ignoring the mounting list of things to do to pop in and say hello. hello!

hoping you are having a wonderful week!

winter break

we've been laying low these past few days...celebrating the new year with dinner and friends at home...taking cat nap afternoons after sleepless teething baby nights...and soaking up every last bit of having both boys home for winter break. we're slowly getting back into the regular. i put christmas away yesterday and the house seems as bare as the trees outside. but there is something really spectacular in a blank canvas of a room...or how the new year brings new eyes to the place and something is bound to get painted or bangs might regrettably get cut. january does it to me every year!

this is my last week of my 20's. i turn 30 on wednesday and feel the itch to do something wild and reckless. pass the black hair dye and the open road, please! but more realistically, it has me in a state of reflection and dreaming. who does 30 year old katie want to be? what does she want to do and see? 

anyways, there's something really amazing about being on the cusp of a scary birthday. where it seems to light a fire under you all while quietly urging you into bed with a bakers dozen of donuts. it's a funny time...with beautiful weather and snowy trees and sweetest babies and happiest life.

just please don't let me cut bangs...


Hearing- Bee cooing from her crib // Herb Alpert on the record player
Touching- Messy bedhead and cold branches brought indoors
Seeing- The winter volume of Kinfolk // dust bunnies under the couch
Tasting- Hot chocolate from scratch and too many pieces of buttered toast
Smelling- Pine sap and baby oil

bits of our week/ Q&A's

1/baby's first snowfall watching 2/sweetest packages from kindest friends 3/view from above (boots and a rattle) 4/jack o lantern bee 5/ clown hat making (and) toe-dialing daddy 6/tea and a scone and a read 7/papa's chair 8/ last bits of leaves 9/ ornery halloween boy

i can hardly believe how quickly october came and went. 
she ushered in all sorts of craziness...heat and snow and november before we knew it.
the house is littered with balled up tissues and empty candy wrappers. a sure sign of the season. 

wishing you all a happy happy november and wonderful weekend!
and a little side note: i feel like i've done a rotten job at letting you all know how much i appreciate you...your kind comments and emails and just visiting here in general! a lot of your questions have gone unanswered and i would love to fix that! i think life has just swallowed up this blog and i need to clean house around here a bit...my "about" page hasn't been updated in 2 years for goodness sake! 

i'm working on a Q&A post of sorts...to answer common questions i get! so if there are any questions you've been wondering about please feel free to leave them here!
i'll start answering them next week...


be mine

happy happy valentine's day, lovers!
it's been a snowy one for us here...i couldn't ask for a better gift!
oh how i love this day...if only for the colors and the sweets. (but i do love a little gift-giving)

today i shamelessly wear red and white and pink and call everyone "valentine" until they can't stand to be around me anymore. matt and i are sneaking away for the afternoon while bubb is in school...then we're going to swoop up our guy and have donuts for dinner. my kind of day!

i blow kisses and kisses to all of you..and send lots of love your way.

sunny sunny

i'm celebrating the last day of the month with open windows and shaved legs (well, the bottom half anyway..haha). no time for mourning the lack of snow to sled and snowman and angel with. today is for sun baths and dusting off shelves...taking pale legs out for a spin and flirting with this faux-spring a bit.

happy things today: i'm 17 weeks! baby is a turnip now...and i swear i feel a little squirm when i reach over or bend down // getting the best hug from max this morning...and getting pulled back into bed by matt for 5 extra minutes with my face tucked in his neck//  potential root beer floats and some lady time with a dear friend // wearing lots of red to match lots of sun...and finding old lady skirts at the goodwill that make space for my belly perfectly! //

happy last day of january! 

p.s. i've been loving seeing everyone's beautiful january photos from fat mum slim's photo a day challenge...i'm going to join for february! it kicks off tomorrow. 

good grief i can't believe how quickly the month went.